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Pablo Picker
Paper Ships (January 22, 2016)

Pablo Picker — Paper Ships (January 22, 2016)

         Pablo Picker — Paper Ships (January 22, 2016) Pablo Picker — Paper Ships (January 22, 2016)♣   The third studio album from Pablo Picker. The strongest work yet from the Boston based Singer/Songwriter. Upbeat songs with the strong and visual lyrics we've come to expect from this talented Artist.
Location: Boston, Maryland
Album release: January 22, 2016
Record Label: Amor Y Caos
Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative
Duration:     37:23
01. Cleopatra     4:18
02. For the Chorus     3:17
03. Drake     2:54
04. Spinning Wheels     4:08
05. Rolling Rain Cloud     3:15
06. Dry Lips     3:25
07. Nevermind     3:24
08. Sun Ra     4:11
09. Treason Black     4:41
10. Paper Ships     3:49
♣   Pablo Picker is a Boston–based artist and songwriter whose music has been compared to the likes of Damien Rice, Nick Drake, and Elliot Smith. He has played in clubs and coffeehouses across the country, including years of street performing on the famed streets of Harvard Square (Cambridge). In addition to scoring music for short films, Pablo has produced and self–released two albums : Seeking Shadows (2002) and 171 Nails Counted then Dropped (2007)
♣   In 2013, Pablo followed his roots back to Chile settling into the idyllic port city of Valparaiso..and after a few months of intensive writing, returned to Boston to begin recording his third studio album with producer Mike Davidson. Now, almost five years since his last release, Pablo returns to the scene with his new album entitled “YOU.ME” Along with some of the best musicians in Boston, Pablo takes the listener on a musical and lyrical journey through some of his strongest material.
♣   In October of 2014, Pablo hit the road on his original creation “The Meter Tour”. Reminiscent of his days as a street performer, Pablo’s goal was to play a live show out of the bed of his pickup truck (parked at a meter) in all 50 states. (Yes, Alaska and Hawaii too).
♣   In March of 2015, upon returning from a succesful Meter Tour journey, Pablo entered the studio with producer Mike Davidson (You. Me) to start pre–production on his fourth sutdio album, which is set to release on January of 2016.
♣   When not playing music Pablo also owns and runs a construction company in Boston. He recently appeared as the general contractor on the nationally aired HGTV show “House Hunters Renovations: The Ever Expanding Makeover”.
Website: http://www.pablopicker.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pablopicker
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pablopicker
Press: Paula Amato paula@paimedia.com
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/pablopicker6

Pablo Picker
Paper Ships (January 22, 2016)