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Pat Metheny Group
Essential Collection: Last Train Home

Pat Metheny Group — Essential Collection: Last Train Home (March 4, 2015)

 Pat Metheny Group — Essential Collection: Last Train Home (March 4, 2015)Pat Metheny Group — Essential Collection: Last Train Home (March 4, 2015)★   Guitar virtuoso whose accessible, original style and extraordinary sense of technique bridged the gap between jazz and rock. Birth name: Patrick Bruce Metheny
Born: August 12, 1954, Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States
Notable instruments: Gibson ES–175, Ibanez PM20 Signature Model, Ibanez PM100 Signature Model, Ibanez PM35, Roland GR–300, Pikasso guitar, Synclavier
Location: MO
Album release: March 4, 2015
Record Label: Nonesuch
Duration:     78:10
01. Last Train Home     5:40
02. Have You Heard     6:26
03. Minuano (Six Eight)     9:27
04. Third Wind     8:35
05. Here to Stay     7:39
06. As It Is     7:42
07. Better Days Ahead     3:05
08. Follow Me     5:58
09. Stranger in Town     6:13
10. Letter from Home     2:36
11. The First Circle (live version)     9:03
12. The Road to You (live version)     5:46★  The first greatest hits compilation for Pat Metheny Group, spanning from 1987 to 2002 and including selections from STILL life (talking); Letter from Home; The Road to You; We Live Here; Imaginary Day; and Speaking of Now. The titular piece "Last Train Home" was used as the second ending theme for the Starlight Crusaders arc of the Japanese anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and preceded the release of this album as a standalone single. Essential Collection Last Train Home was released exclusively in Japan through Nonesuch and Warner Bros. and features two booklets: a wrap–around book featuring images from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (pictured); and a book of liner notes, with a cover photograph of a train in the desert.
01. "Last Train Home" (Metheny) Still Life (Talking)      5:40
02. "Have You Heard" (Metheny) Letter from Home      6:26
03. "Minuano (Six Eight)"   Still Life (Talking)      9:27
04. "Third Wind"   Still Life (Talking)      8:35
05. "Here to Stay"   We Live Here      7:39
06. "As It Is"   Speaking of Now      7:42
07. "Better Days Ahead" (Metheny) Letter from Home      3:05
08. "Follow Me"   Imaginary Day      5:58
09. "Stranger in Town"   We Live Here      6:13
10. "Letter from Home" (Metheny) Letter from Home      2:36
11. "The First Circle (live)"   The Road to You      9:03
12. "The Road to You (live)" (Metheny) The Road to You      5:46
Website: http://www.patmetheny.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PatMetheny

Pat Metheny Group
Essential Collection: Last Train Home