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Patrick Watson — Wooden Arms [Deluxe Limited Edition] (March 15, 2010/2015)

Patrick Watson — Wooden Arms [Deluxe Limited Edition] (March 15, 2010/2015)

 Patrick Watson — Wooden Arms [Deluxe Limited Edition] (March 15, 2010/2015)
♣   Montreal singer/songwriter with a penchant for emotionally charged songs and lush chamber pop arrangements.
♣   The album was nominated for the 2009 Polaris Music Prize, an award that Watson won in 2007 with the sophomore release, Close to Paradise.
♣   The song "Big Bird in a Small Cage" was chosen as the Starbucks iTunes Pick of the Week for August 25, 2009.
♣   The song "Beijing" was inspired by the movie Being John Malkovich, and the idea of finding oneself in someone else's life in Beijing.Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Album release: April 28, 2009
Record Label: Secret City Records
Duration:     56:19
A01. Fireweed      3:35
A02. Tracys Waters      3:47
A03. Beijing      4:06
A04. Wooden Arms (feat. Lhasa)      3:08
B05. Hommage      2:04
B06. Traveling Salesman      3:42
B07. Big Bird in a Small Cage      4:03
B08. Down at the Beach      5:18
C09. Man Like You      4:11
C10. Where The Wild Things Are      3:52
C11. Machinery of the Heavens      7:26
D12. Sit Down Beside Me (Bonus Track)      4:30
D13. Hearts in the Park (Bonus Track)      3:03
D14. Summer Sleeps (Bonus Track)      3:35
Members: Patrick Watson, Mishka Stein, Robbie Kuster, Joe Grass
Written by:
♣   Mishka Stein / Patrick Watson     A01, A04, B06
♣   Simon Angell / Mishka Stein / Patrick Watson     A02, B08
♣   Patrick Watson     A03, B07, C09, C10
♣   Robbie Kuster     B05
♣   Nagy / Oscar / Patrick Watson     C11
Billboard Albums
♣   2009 Wooden Arms      Top Canadian Albums      #6                         © Photo credit: Nadia Nasyr, Patrick Watson Band
♣   Erika Alexandersson Vocals (Background)
♣   Simon Angell Arranger, Banjo, Charango, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel, Pedal Steel Guitar, Sound Effects
♣   Carla Antoun Cello, Strings
♣   Mélanie Bélair Strings, Violin, Violone
♣   Louis Pierre Bergeron French Horn, Horn
♣   Louis–Jean Cormier Banjo
♣   Annie Gadbois Cello, Strings
♣   Joe Grass Pedal Steel Guitar
♣   Max Henry Piano
♣   Robbie Kuster Arranger, Composer, Drums, Guitar (Acoustic), Horn Arrangements, Marimba, Percussion, String Arrangements, Wine Bottle
♣   Jace Lasek Percussion, Vocals (Background)
♣   Philippe Legault Horn, Tuba
♣   Lhasa Vocals
♣   Manuel Marie Mixing
♣   Jean Massicotte Mixing
♣   Katie Moore Vocals, Vocals (Background)
♣   Ryan Morey Mastering
♣   Nagy Composer
♣   Oscar Composer
♣   Sarah Pagé Harp
♣   Ligia Paquin Alto, Strings
♣   Mathieu Parisien Engineer, Mixing
♣   Mathieu Persan Audio Engineer, Mixing
♣   Mishka Stein Arranger, Bass, Bass Instrument, Composer
♣   Jean–Nicolas Trottier Trombone
♣   Mélanie Vaugeois Strings, Violin, Violone
♣   Patrick Watson Arranger, Audio Production, Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Horn Arrangements, Megaphone, Mellotron, Mixing, Organ, Piano, Plunger Mute, Producer, Sound Effects, String Arrangements, Vocals
♣   Wooden Arms Audio Production, Producer, Vocals (Background)Description:
♣   Wooden Arms is the third album by Patrick Watson, released April 28, 2009 on Secret City Records. The album's first single, "Tracy's Waters", was released on March 5 and the group performed a new song, "Beijing", on CBC Radio's Q radio show on April 6. "Fireweed" was also released as a single and a music video was filmed, which features both live action and animation.
♣   The album was nominated for the 2009 Polaris Music Prize, an award that Watson won in 2007 with the sophomore release, Close to Paradise.
♣   The song "Big Bird in a Small Cage" was chosen as the Starbucks iTunes Pick of the Week for August 25, 2009.
♣   The song "Beijing" was inspired by the movie Being John Malkovich, and the idea of finding oneself in someone else's life in Beijing.
♣   “Wooden Arms”
I wish I'd be in your wooden arms
That swallowed me into a thousand dreams
And help me close my woolen eyes
That weep just like a willow tree
I wish it would be in black and white
But at least I will sleep in your wooden arms tonight
In your wooden arms                                   © Garanti Caz Yesili, Patrick Watson
Editorial Reviews
Product Description
♣   Wooden Arms is Patrick Watson s highly anticipated follow–up to the critically acclaimed Close to Paradise, which vaulted the man and his band to international stardom in 2007. The Montreal band toured non–stop for two years following initial Canadian release of Close to Paradise in 2006, and in many ways Wooden Arms is the story and sound of a band waking up in strange places all around the world.
♣   Whether it s the bicycle–city sound of Beijing, or the warmth of a hole in the wall in sweet New Orleans on Big Bird in a Small Cage, or the haunting European waltz of the title track, you can t help but feel in listening to Wooden Arms like you re on the road with the band.
♣   Close to Paradise won Canada s prestigious Polaris Prize in 2007, turning more than a few heads in beating out offerings from Arcade Fire and Feist, among others. By the time it saw release in the United States, Europe and Japan, the band was flying all over the world, garnering rave reviews for the album and their blistering live show alike.
♣   When the dust had settled the band had written enough songs on the road to lay down a new record in a few short months at the end of 2008 in Montreal. On the album s opener,
♣   Fireweed, Watson sings, So we dug ourselves a hole, and planted all our skin; like a seed in the ground, to grow again. And you can hear stripped down rejuvenation all over Wooden Arms; Watson s voice and orchestrations shine brighter against a rhythmic percussive foundation that has been brought to the forefront.
♣   But Wooden Arms isn t just the sound of a band learning how to build a slicker wall of sound together. The playful album closer Machinery of the Heavens is almost a full on swing–tune; Big Bird in a Small Cage proves they re capable of producing a perfect country–pop song, and fans of The Great Escape from Close to Paradise will have a hard–time resisting the heart–wrenching just–voice–and–guitar of Man of Like You.
♣   Perhaps most importantly though, Wooden Arms showcases both Watson and his bandmates as genuine composers, and the serious musicians that they are from the orchestral pull of Tracy s Waters, to Simon Angell s noise–twang on Traveling Salesman to drummer Robbie Kuster s jaw–dropping performances and his string piece Hommage, to the anchor of Mishka Stein s bass on the instrumental freak–out number, Down at the Beach.Reviews:
Anthony Thornton, 8TH MAY 2009; Score: 9
♣   From the same tight–knit artistic scene in Montreal that birthed Arcade Fire and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Patrick Watson has been quietly earning a fearsome live reputation in the last three years. On this third album, the musical settings delve deeper into the atmospherics of previous records. The spontaneous–sounding arrangements — topped by Watson’s uniquely mercurial voice — are at turns ornate, grand and subtle, but never less than totally bewitching. From the poised and elegant chanson of the title track through to the clanging Tom Waits–style carnival atmosphere of ‘Travelling Salesman’ and the heart–meltingly beautiful, banjo–driven duet of ‘Big Bird In A Small Cage’, these woozily intoxicating songs deserve your attention. ♣   http://www.nme.com/
♣   “Exquisite and thrilling ... Wow.” — San Francisco Chronicle
♣   “… A beguiling, bewitching treat, like absinthe–laced gumdrops: part rickety graveyard waltz, part hand–overheart chamber pop, part avante garde piano theater.” — Entertainment Weekly
♣   “Jaw–dropping depth and invention ... Wooden Arms is up there with the best in cracked–mirror pop music. It's out there — almost defiantly so at times — yet it makes such a lustrously tuneful bid for the fringes that any mainstream curiosity has no choice but to follow.” [3.5 stars out of 4] — Toronto Star
Website: http://patrickwatson.net/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/patrickwatson
Twitter: https://twitter.com/patrickwatson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patrickwatsonofficial_____________________________________________________________

Patrick Watson — Wooden Arms [Deluxe Limited Edition] (March 15, 2010/2015)



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