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Peter Oren — Living By The Light (February 15, 2016)

Peter Oren — Living By The Light (February 15, 2016)

   Peter Oren — Living By The Light (February 15, 2016)                                              χ♦    Zpěvák a singer–songwriter, má ze všech, co znám důkladněji, hlasem nejblíže ke Kevinu Ayersovi a hudebně se nabízí desítky jiných, těch smutnějších a nikam nespěchajících. Peter Oren is a singer–songwriter with folk inclinations, a distinctively deep and warm voice, and thoughtful lyricism.
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Album release: February 15, 2016
Record Label:
Duration:     36:00
01. Lake Crescent     2:53
02. In A Bind     2:59
03. C.A.F.O.     4:24
04. Snake Flag     4:24
05. Leviathan     2:53
06. French Press     3:02
07. Living By The Light     3:45
08. Wilderness     4:46
09. Indecision     3:12
10. I Wish I Were A Tree     3:42
•≈   All songs mixed and mastered by David Beeman. All songs written by Peter Oren.
•≈   Engineering at Blockhouse done by David James and Andy Beargie.
•≈   David Beeman — drums tracks 1, 2, 9, 10
•≈   Ben Lumsdaine — drums tracks 3, 4, 5
•≈   Chip Readrin — drums track 6
•≈   Glenn Myers — bass tracks 3, 4,
•≈   Kevin Bachman — bass tracks 2, 5, 9, 10, aux percussion track 9
•≈   Diederik van Wassenauer — strings (violin+viola) tracks 1, 3, 6, 7,
•≈   Shannon Hayden — cello tracks 1,8
•≈   Buddy Hughen — electric guitars tracks 2, 4, 5
•≈   Drake Ritter — electric/ slide guitars track 4
•≈   Mike Wehlings — electric guitar tracks 4, 5
•≈   Kristian Baarsvik — flute tracks 2, 8, 10, sax track 9
•≈   Charlie Jesseph — aux vocals tracks 6, 9
•≈   Nathan Jatcko — piano, organ 2, 5, 8, 9, 10
•≈   Peter Orenvocals, acoustic guitars all tracks, bass track 7, aux percussion track 2
•≈   Photography and design by Dustin Kilgore                                                                  © Dustin Kilgore 
Album Notes
•≈   Lake Crescent — Recorded at Native Sound by David Beeman. Strings recorded at The Dome by Peter
•≈   In a Bind — Recorded at Native Sound. Additional guitar by Buddy Hughen in Nashville.
•≈   C.A.F.O. — Recorded at Blockhouse except vocals at Native Sound.
•≈   Snake Flag — Recorded at Blockhouse except vocals and additional guitars at NS and except guitars by Buddy in Nashville.
•≈   Leviathan — Recorded at Blockhouse (rhythm section), finished at NS
•≈   French Press — Recorded at The Dome by Peter with Charlie and Chip. Vocals at NS.
•≈   Living By the Light — Recorded at NS except strings at The Dome.
•≈   Wilderness — Recorded at NS. Cello at The Dome.
•≈   Indecision — Recorded at NS.
•≈   I Wish I Were a Tree — Recorded at NS
•≈   Peter was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana. He started writing songs at eighteen, hitchhiked alone in Norway at nineteen, and dropped out of college at twenty. He’d garden if he could stay put long enough. At times he may be found sleeping in the back of his truck by the ocean or up a national forest road.
•≈   Take sandpaper to Tom Waits, and you’ll have the smooth, rich, lyrical voice of Peter Oren. He’s sometimes compared to Arthur Russell, Nick Drake, and Bill Callahan. His writing often focuses on unjust power dynamics and environmental degradation. He was arrested twice for protesting such things in 2011.
•≈   His writing is hardly issue–oriented, however. He’s constantly searching for connections, symbols, and wordplay that paint a broader picture of the dystopian American landscape. For example, a song from his upcoming full–length, “CAFO,” begins, “This white picket cage feels like a CAFO/ Without so much smell/ It’s rigor mortgage and what’s more is/ My house is just one of these cancer cells.” CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.
•≈   Peter is constantly grappling with the issues of the day — climate change, police violence, governmental corruption, homelessness, privilege, gentrification, and beyond. As obligated as he feels to contribute something useful to the world through politically oriented songwriting, he naturally spits out love songs and the likes as well.
•≈   He self–released two EPs in 2013, the first with a band called Swales and the second solo. Since then he’s been working on his first full length, Living By the Light, which is nearly complete. Recording began in fall of 2014.
•≈   Peter has opened for AA Bondy, Joe Pug, Justin Townes Earle, Laura Stevenson, Gill Landry and recently played five shows up the west coast with Elvis Perkins.
•≈   Joe Pug — “I go out and see music quite a bit. But [outside of Austin] actually there’s a guy from Bloomington, Ind., a really, really super young guy. He’s maybe 20 or 21–years–old. He opened for us the last time we were in Bloomington, plays under the name Swales. He writes really cool songs and has a great voice. He came up with us to Chicago to open for us over the summer. He’s got a long way to go, but he’s super young and I think the sky is the limit for him. He’s a really creative writer and he has a really idiosyncratic and beautiful voice.” (Nov. 2013, NUVO.)
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/peteroren
Bandcamp: http://peteroren.bandcamp.com/
Website: http://peteroren.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PeterOrenMusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/peter-oren
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peterorenmusic

Peter Oren — Living By The Light (February 15, 2016)


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