Pierre Favre DrumSights — Now (Apr 2016)SWITZERLAND FLAG                                                                           Pierre Favre DrumSights — Now (Apr. 2016)
↔  Pozoruhodné perkusivní skladby. Favre vytvořil v roce 1984 album na ECM s názvem Singing Drums a stále vede skupiny, které vrství více rytmů s vřelostí a vokálně laděnou přirozeností, ukrývající jejich úžasnou složitost. Pierre Favre hrál několikrát i v Praze.Pierre FavreBorn: 2 June 1937, Le Locle, Switzerland
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Album release: Apr. 2016
Record Label: Intakt Records ‎
Duration:     56:53
01. Again   7:58
02. Brushes Flock   7:25
03. Roasting Syncope   2:03
04. Dance of the Feline   8:29
05. Sycamore   0:52
06. Along   2:24
07. Pow Wow   5:46
08. Painted Face   1:34
09. Tramping   7:32
10. Woolly Jumper   1:47
11. Nuevel   1:28
12. Games   9:35
↔  Favre   1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 12  
↔  Chris Jaeger   3
↔  Lauterburg, Zangger   5
↔  Markus Lauterburg   10
↔  Valeria Zangger   11
↔  Recorded May 14 &15, 2015, at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany. 
↔  Recorded, Mixed, Mastered — Adrian von Ripka
↔  Mixed and mastered at Bauer Studios.
↔  Artwork [Cover Art], Graphic Design — Jonas Schoder
↔  Liner Notes [French] — Pierre Favre
↔  Liner Notes [German] — Balts Nill
↔  Liner Notes [Translation (English) (Balts Nill)] — Steph Morris
↔  Liner Notes [Translation (English) (Pierre Favre)] — Thierry Quénum
↔  Photography — Pino Ninfa
↔  Producer — Intakt Records, Patrik Landolt, Pierre FavreWarm, natural, complex … Pierre Favre (second from right) and his DrumSights Quartet
♣   Swiss by birth, Pierre Favre recorded his first solo drum record in 1971. As a purveyor of Western improvised music rooted in jazz, Irene Schweizer, Peter Brötzmann and John Surman were his immediate peers. His scope soon expanded exponentially to encompass traditions from around the globe. These revelations led to an embrace of percussion as group activity, not just the province of a single player behind a single kit relying rudiments and regimens as the basis for expression.
♣   NOW and DrumSights, the cooperative percussion choir behind it, have direct antecedents in Favre’s earlier ensemble Singing Drums, which formed in 1984. The guiding philosophy is essentially the same in the gathering of like~minded players to devise composition~based challenges and above all preserve a sense of fun. Chris Jaeger, Markus Lauterburg and Valeria Zangger are Favre’s compatriots in the enterprise bringing a blend of classical and in~the~field training along with keen ears and deft appendages.
Favre structures the disc into twelve discrete pieces taking the lion’s share of compositional space with seven tracks and the leaving the remainder to his colleagues. “Again” and “Games” as galvanizing bookends with tumbling polyrhythms converging and diverging in call and response patterns around a resilient core beat. “Brushes Flock” sets tight instrumental parameters around the titular implements and the players respond with a whisking barrage of peripatetic commotion that rises and recedes in relative volume.
Jaeger’s “Roasting Syncope” is one of several pieces that recoup absence of length with a concision of executed ideas as a bass drum serves as anchor for revolving parade of percussive suitors from cymbal to snare to cow bell. Less than a minute long, “Sycamore” merges implements of metal and wood in an atmospheric amalgam while along does the same with bells and scraped surfaces in twice the time. Favre’s pliantly~deployed “Pow Wow” is designed to evoke Native American intimations without ever referencing such rhythms explicitly.
♣   “Tramping” builds on the basic framework of its terser predecessor “Painted Face” with a phalanx of tom toms forwarding martial cross~rhythms that build to a booming echo within the German studio space. There’s a palpable feeling of delight here and elsewhere that cuts to the crux of the appeal of this sort of specialized aural adventure for both players and listener. Pounding on a drum or bearing immediate witness to the same even if one isn’t a direct participant taps something primal and vibrant in both constituencies. A natural response from the audience end is dance, something that is outright encouraged by a lot of what joyously develops here.
♣   http://www.intaktrec.ch/rev260-a.htm
John Fordham ⌊Tue 14 Feb 2017 17.42 GMT⌋ Score: ★★★
♣   https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/aug/11/pierre-favre-drumsights-now-review
Label: http://www.intaktrec.ch/260-a.htm
Website: https://www.pierrefavre.ch/