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Poco All Fired Up (2013)

 Poco ≈ All Fired Up (2013)

Poco — All Fired Up
Origin: Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres: Country rock, rock, folk rock, soft rock
Years active: 1968–present
Album release: February 27, 2013
Record Label: xx
Duration:     52:53
01. All Fired Up    (3:26)
02. Drink It In    (3:40)
03. That's What Rock And Roll Will Do    (4:46)
04. Regret    (6:16)
05. When She's Mine    (3:17)
06. A Little Rain    (4:43)
07. Hard Country    (7:24)
08. Love Has No Reason    (3:18)
09. Rockin' Horse Blues    (5:18)
10. Neil Young    (4:22)
11. Long Shot    (4:29)
12. Pucky Huddle Stomp    (1:48)
¤¤ Rusty Young – pedal steel guitar, banjo, Dobro, guitar, mandolin, lap steel guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
¤¤ Jack Sundrud – bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
¤¤ George Lawrence – drums and percussion
¤¤ Michael Webb – keyboards, B3, electric guitar, accordion, mandolin, vocals
Past members:
¤¤ George Grantham
¤¤ Richie Furay
¤¤ Jim Messina
¤¤ Randy Meisner
¤¤ Timothy B. Schmit
¤¤ Paul Cotton
¤¤ Al Garth
¤¤ Steve Chapman
¤¤ Charlie Harrison
¤¤ Kim Bullard
¤¤ Rick Seratte
¤¤ Jeff Steele
¤¤ Dave Vanecore
¤¤ Gary Mallaber
¤¤ Richard Neville
¤¤ Tim Smith

All Fired Up (Rusty Young/Mary Young) 3:29
Drink It In (Jack Sundrud/Craig Bickhardt) 3:45
That's What Rock And Roll Will Do (Michael Webb) 4:49
Regret (Rusty Young) 6:20
When She's Mine (Jack Sundrud/Richard Wold) 3:21
A Little Rain (Rusty Young) 4:47
Hard Country (Jack Sundrud/Bruce Miller) 7:28
Love Has No Reason (Michael Webb/Tom Littlefield) 3:21
Rockin' Horse Blues (Rusty Young) 5:22
Neil Young (Rusty Young/Mary Young) 4:31
Long Shot (Jack Sundrud) 4:33
Pucky Huddle Stomp (Rusty Young) 1:51
¤¤ Rick Alter  Direction
¤¤ Michael Esser  Engineer
¤¤ Steve Fishell  Arranger
¤¤ George Grantham  Percussion
¤¤ Bobby Keys  Saxophone
¤¤ George Lawrence  Congas, Drums, Group Member, Percussion
¤¤ David Leonard  Engineer
¤¤ Alex McCollough  Mastering
¤¤ Alan Messer  Photography
¤¤ MPI  Arranger
¤¤ Poco  Primary Artist
¤¤ Georgina Rosenbaum  Artwork
¤¤ Jon Rosenbaum  Artwork
¤¤ Ben Strano  Mixing
¤¤ Jack Sundrud  Bass, Group Member, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Harmonica, Overdub Engineer, Package Layout, Vocals
¤¤ Michael Webb  Accordion, Bass, Clavinet, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Hammond B3, Mandolin, Overdub Engineer, Piano, Vocals
¤¤ Mary Young  Photography
¤¤ Rusty Young  Banjo, Dobro, Group Member, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Website: http://www.poconut.org
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/pocobandmusic#!
Allmusic.com: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/poco-mn0000297894
¤¤ "There is no manual for a 45 year old rock band. This band is not in it for the fame or money anymore. Poco is in it for the music and to tickle peoples’ ears and hearts. They are writing that manual. There are very few bands from the sixties who are still actively recording new original material and developing new listeners. Most bands from that era are content to tour the oldies circuit playing festivals and clubs, with one or two original members who hire young subs to replicate the missing members’ parts on their hit records. Poco has managed to keep from becoming their own “cover band” as they reach the midway point of their fifth decade. They do it by being musicians who feed their addiction to constantly creating - “We play because we must!” to quote jazz drummer Tony Williams. Of course they play the hit songs in concert, but with new arrangements, new grooves, different instrumentation, and without trying to sound exactly like the original recordings. The songs are strong enough to withstand these treatments. Poco’s fan base is diverse and extremely loyal, even though they disagree vehemently about which era of Poco defined the band. It seems that the group’s uncanny ability to elude being defined and pigeonholed is what has kept Poco relevant.
¤¤ There’s nothing on the order of earlier classics like “Rose of Cimarron” or “Crazy Eyes” on Poco’s first studio album in over a decade, but there is plenty to enjoy. Guitarist/vocalist Rusty Young remains the last man standing from the original 1969 combo, an act that may not have invented country rock but were among the first to popularize it. This most recent Poco incarnation — whose constant personnel changes over the past 45 years would make rock family tree artist Pete Frame dizzy– is a solid roots, C&W outfit with sharply written songs and pleasing vocal harmonies that maintain and enhance the band’s breezy vibe. The opening title track is a terrific introduction, a peppy hoedown waiting to happen with a strong bluegrass feel. As the album unwinds the foursome touches on swampy Southern rock, emotional ballads and even a cute satire explaining that Rusty Young is not Neil Young’s brother, apparently a rumor that has been circulated for decades (“the DNA is in and he’s not my kin”). The plight of the contemporary farmer is examined in the melancholy “Hard Country,” about as close as Poco gets to social commentary. ¤¤ The song’s folkie beginning expands into a roaring rock jam complete with sizzling slide guitar from the always dependable Young. The sound also shifts into surprisingly tough blues in the unexpectedly convincing “Rocking Horse Blues.” Even Poco’s cult fans probably didn’t expect an album as strong as All Fired Up this late in the game. While it’s not the place to start for newbies, this is a refreshing, consistently well-crafted comeback that shows there is plenty of gas left in the band’s tank.
¤¤ This new album has all of the trademark Poco attributes; those beautiful high harmonies, memorable melodies, the innocence of heartfelt lyrics in well crafted songs that tell stories, evoke feelings, and paint mood pictures. It’s a deep melting pot of traditional country rock, delta blues, bluegrass, gospel, Dixieland, Americana, Beatles, pop and pure old balls to the wall rock and roll. This new album is a group effort – self produced and financed by the members of the band and their fans with no record company, no distribution deal, and no payola to Walmart or Starbucks."
¤¤ Poco, c'est la troisième branche issue du légendaire "Buffalo Springfield". Le groupe fondé par Richie Furay et Jim Messina a changé fréquemment de personnel, mais l'esprit country rock est toujours vivace.
Poco Contacts:
For community questions or comments, email Mary Young at marylovesrusty@yahoo.com
For merchandise orders or questions, email pocomerch@gmail.com
Skyline Music / Bruce Houghton
(866) 531-2172 ext 108
Management / Private and Corporate Events:
Rick Alter Management / Drifter's Church Productions
P.O. Box 1864
Brentwood, TN 37024
(615) 661-4157
Interviews and Promotions:
Mike Farley
Michael J. Media Group/Bullz-Eye.com
1404 Autumn Knoll Dr.
Hermitage, TN 37076
615-885-3652 office
615-838-0211 cell

Poco All Fired Up (2013)



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