EMILY ASEN — PROOF (20 May 2008)                      EMILY ASEN — PROOF (20 May 2008)
Location: Fairfield County, Connecticut.
Recording Location:
•    Acoustic refuge, LLC, Easton, CT
•    Violet Maiden Records,
•    LLC, Fairfield, CT
Album release: 20 May 2008
Label: Violet Maiden Records, LLC
Genre: Folk Rock, Indie, Americana
Duration:     44:39
01 I Walk Alone   5:19
02 Mistake (Disregarded)   4:03
03 Caroline   2:32
04 Treading Water   4:35
05 Play With Fire   4:13
06 Microphone   4:52
07 Not The One   4:00
08 Back From Dark   3:51
09 Stone~Dry   3:31
10 Proof   3:53
11 Yellow   3:50
Emily Asen Arranger, Composer, Engineer, Instrumentation, Layout, Mixing, Producer
Coldplay Composer
Linda Jean Fisher Artwork
Grekim Jennings Drums, Mixing
•   Emily Asen is a singer~ongwriter and aspiring producer. Fusing her classical cello background with a love for guitars, gear, and pop music, Emily writes acoustic~driven songs with richly layered, eclectic arrangements. She is known for her powerful, personal storytelling especially on the subjects of love, loss, marriage equality, and creative struggle.
•   For the last six years Emily has been working as a true solo artist. She writes, performs, records, and produces her albums and releases them on her own label, Violet Maiden Records. She released her debut album Proof LP in 2008 and To The Marrow in 2010.
•   Since 2010 Emily’s been experimenting with the “videosong” format (see examples here) and re~imagining beloved pop songs like Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome” and Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. She has also been taking time to hone her engineering skills and indulge other passions including photography and design.
•   In 2014, Emily will be merging her many passions into a new music project. Join her email list to get updates about new events, releases and projects.
•   Emily lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut. When she’s not writing or producing music, Emily is admiring architecture, reading Science Fiction, or wrestling with her two rescue pups.
♠     50 dnů po vyhlášení výsledků 3. ročníku Tais Awards přicházím s novinkou. Je jí 11. cena, která je určena hudebnímu dílu z „Overseas“.
♠     Vítězkou se stala Emily Asen (Fairfield, CT, USA).
♠     Cena je udělena zejména za album „Proof LP“, s přihlédnutím na přicházející album.
To The Marrow — New Album Details!
♠     Alright, I’ve been hesitating to do this, but I think I’ve finally gotten up the guts.
Why is it called that? Well, first off — a few years ago, I was supposed to release a record called „To The Marrow“ — but for a variety of reasons, ended up releasing Avalanche EP instead. So the idea was born a long time ago. And it has finally come into fruition.
♠     The timing and concept worked out nicely because this is my most intimate record to date. Lyrically and musically, I have never been this honest before. I want people to feel a lot closer to me after this record.
♠     I’m an independent artist and I don’t do a ton of promotion for my record releases, so I could literally release this record the day it is finished — if I wanted to. I hope to be done recording/arranging in May — and after mixing/mastering, the record will probably be done mid~summer. This record is very seasonal… and I don’t want people to hear lyrics like „spring will teach my heart to grow“ and „it’s new years eve…“ in July!!! Plus, three months lead time is good for doing a little press. Thus, the record will be released in October.
♠     If things aren’t too crazy, I’m hoping to release a little something in between now and then. We’ll see how things go…
♠     Anyhow… that’s the latest. If you have more questions for me about the record or ANYTHING ELSE — I just created a formspring.
AH! Don’t ask me anything too weird please…
xo, Emily
♠    „With her gorgeous brand of indie folk, Connecticut~based singer~songwriter, Emily Asen is on to something big... With a nod to the old, a la Dylan, and a hint at contemporaries such as Ani DiFranco, Coldplay and Feist — Emily Asen has indeed carved out her own musical path!“ — Myxer.com
♠    „A young voice with the songcrafting wisdom of a veteran. We’ll be watching her for great things to come.“ — Bill Frank (The Michigan Songwriters)
♠    „A remarkable full~length debut.“ — WomenFolk.net
♠    „Asen’s lyrics have an intensity about them that doesn’t let go...“ — IndieMusic.com
Website: http://www.emilyasen.com/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emilyasen 
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