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United States                             EMILY ASEN — PROOF

♠   50 dnů po vyhlášení výsledků 3. ročníku Tais Awards přicházím s novinkou. Je jí 11. cena, která je určena hudebnímu dílu z overseas.

♠   Vítězkou se stala Emily Asen (Fairfield, CT, USA).

♠   Cena je udělena zejména za album "Proof LP", s přihlédnutím na přicházející album, ze kterého máte ukázku na této stránce pomocí odkazu: http://emilyasen.tumblr.com/

Nahrávací společnost: Violet Maiden Records, LLC

Žánr: Folk Rock, Indie, Americana

Emily Asen - Proof LP

Emily Asen - Proof LP



To The Marrow — New Album Details!

♠  Alright, I’ve been hesitating to do this, but I think I’ve finally gotten up the guts.

Here are some details on the new record.


♠   Why is it called that?  Well, first off — a few years ago, I was supposed to release a record called “To The Marrow” — but for a variety of reasons, ended up releasing Avalanche EP instead. So the idea was born a long time ago.  And it has finally come into fruition.

♠   The timing and concept worked out nicely because this is my most intimate record to date.  Lyrically and musically, I have never been this honest before.  I want people to feel a lot closer to me after this record.

Release: October 2010

♠   I’m an independent artist and I don’t do a ton of promotion for my record releases, so I could literally release this record the day it is finished — if I wanted to.  I hope to be done recording/arranging in May — and after mixing/mastering, the record will probably be done mid–summer.  This record is very seasonal… and I don’t want people to hear lyrics like “spring will teach my heart to grow” and “it’s new years eve…” in July!!!  Plus, three months lead time is good for doing a little press.  Thus, the record will be released in October.

♠   If things aren’t too crazy, I’m hoping to release a little something in between now and then.  We’ll see how things go…

♠   Anyhow… that’s the latest.  If you have more questions for me about the record or ANYTHING ELSE — I just created a formspring.

AH! Don’t ask me anything too weird please…

xo, Emily (Links: http://www.emilyasen.com/; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-Asen/8836784787)

Výsledky TA 10 - 11. kategorie: OVERSEAS COUNTRIES - 2. místo: Susumu Yokota

Výsledky TA 10; 11. kategorie - Overseas Countries; 3rd order: Staff Benda Bilili





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