Polly Paulusma Leaves From The Family Tree (2012)

Polly Paulusma — Leaves From The Family Tree (2012)

Polly Paulusma Leaves From The Family Tree
Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Album release: 2012
Record Label: Wild Sound Recordings / WLDSND001
Duration:     50:39
01. Last Week Me      4:26
02. Blood-Red Coat      3:32
03. Hallelujah      2:12
04. Story of My Life      4:06
05. Most of It      3:46
06. Two Houses      4:01
07. Don't Ask Me      4:06
08. Ocean      2:34
09. Lynch Pin      4:05
10. All Is Well      4:45
11. Wedding Day      3:29
12. Take Me Home      5:01
13. Don't Ask Me (Radio Edit)      4:08                      / © 2012 Polly Paulusma
Producer: Bee Lavender, and Marisa Anderon

Website: http://pollypaulusma.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/pollypaulusma
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/polly.paulusma
Bandcamp: http://pollypaulusma.bandcamp.com/
≡  In 2003 Paulusma was happily putting the finishing touches to shed-recorded debut album 'Scissors in my Pocket' when Bjork's label One Little Indian signed her up and catapulted her round the world for 6 years, supporting Bob Dylan, Jamie Cullum, Joseph Arthur, Coldplay and many others. Now she's set up her own label Wild Sound and is releasing her third offering, 'Leaves from the Family Tree'.

Polly PaulusmaAcousticity, March 2006    Polly Paulusma March 2006From album cover shoot for Fingers  Thumbs - nine months pregnant!    Polly Paulusma "Fingers & Thumbs"

Polly Paulusma, Padova 24.10.2007  http://www.flickr.com/photos/streetspirit73/sets/72157602694062404/ in  by  © Padova, October 24, 2007My Photos by Polly PaulusmaPhoto by Ian Spain, Bush Hall London, 22 June 2005    Polly Paulusma © Photo credit by Ian Spain, Bush Hall, London, June 22, 2005

Live in Scotland The Loft, Forres 10 June 2005    Polly Paulusma © Live in Scotland, The Loft, Forres, June 10, 2005Unter den Linten, Berlin 2007    Polly Paulusma Berlin 07 © Rory Lindsay

Polly Paulusma Leaves From The Family Tree (2012)