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Quantic — Magnetica [2014]

 Quantic — Magnetica [May 5, 2014]

GBR Flag Portal icon Quantic — Magnetica

Ξ   Jazz sensibility, dance floor orientated grooves, deep funk & tough drums.
Ξ   Quantic, aka Will Holland is a British born Musician, Producer & DJ making Soul, Electronic & Latin Music saturated in the tropical soundwaves of the Carribean. Currently working from his Sonido del Valle studio base in the highlands of Bogota, Colombia, Holland has developed a sound that bridges heritage and progression, marrying spontaneous musicianship with deep, exciting tonality.
Formed: 2000 in England
Born: Bewdley, Worcestershire, UK
Location: Bogotá, Colombia Portal icon
Album release: May 5, 2014
Record Label: Tru Thoughts
Duration:     58:26
01. Magnetica      (2:51)
02. You Will Return (feat. Alice Russell)      (3:59)
03. Descarga Cuantica (feat. Fruko & Michi Sarmiento)      (4:11)
04. Duvido (feat. Pongo Love)      (4:19)
05. Arada (feat. Dereb The Ambassador)      (3:25)
06. La Plata (feat. Nidia Gongora)      (4:46)
07. Sol Clap      (3:51)
08. Spark It (feat. Shinehead)      (5:27)
09. Caruru (feat. Iara Renno)      (3:30)
10. La Callejera (feat. Anibal Velasquez)      (5:25)
11. Muevelo Negro (feat. Nidia Gongora)      (7:02)
12. Aguas De Sorongo (feat. Thalma De Freitas)      (6:18)
13. Painting Silhouettes      (3:23)
℗ 2014 Tru Thoughts
◊   ‘Magnetica’ is the first studio album from Quantic under his main solo moniker since ‘An Announcement To Answer’ in 2006 so the anticipation is running high. He has, of course, been far from quiet in that time, with releases from many significant side-projects including The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro, Flowering Inferno, Quantic & Alice Russell, and Ondatrópica, and a host of thrilling live bands to match.
◊   The ‘Magnetica’ album is a truly exciting listen, taking in all the influences that trailblazing troubadour Will “Quantic” Holland has soaked up from his travels — including the last seven years spent living in Colombia — and collaborations with musicians from Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and beyond; blended with the innate talent for trend-setting electronic club music that has always made him one to watch.
◊   The first official single from the LP, announced among much fanfare, with a video premiere on THE GUARDIAN is “Duvidó” featuring Angolan born, Portuguese resident singer Pongo Love. The fiery vocal delivery, and lyrics in Portuguese heavily dosed with slang from Portugal and Angola, makes this intoxicating party cut all the more unique.
◊   The eclectic array of guests to appear on the ‘Magnetica’ album also includes Alice Russell, Shinehead, Nidia Góngora, Dereb The Ambassador, Thalma De Freitas and Anibal Velásquez.
◊   For the new album Quantic has put together a bespoke live outfit which is simply known as the Quantic live band, so look out for dates soon.
In french:
◊   Nouvel album de Will Holland, avec comme toujours des influences très variées en provenance principalement d'Amérique Centrale.
◊   Quantic, aka Will Holland is a British born Musician, Producer & DJ making Soul, Electronic & Latin Music saturated in the tropical soundwaves of the Carribean. Currently working from his Sonido del Valle studio base in the highlands of Bogota, Colombia, Holland has developed a sound that bridges heritage and progression, marrying spontaneous musicianship with deep, exciting tonality.
◊   Holland is currently at work on his fourth Quantic record, which will be his fifteenth studio album to date. The album is to feature influences from Ethiopian Jazz to Haitian Compas, Salsa Dura from his Colombian homestead to Detroit techno, with electric sub bass and beat programming, All part of Quantic’s trademark sound. Holland records and mixes from his own Sonido del Valle studio where he utilises a range of vintage studio equipment, working as part sound engineer, musician and producer to procure a rich and original sound.
◊   Worcestershire born, Will Holland began his musical career at the age of 16, encouraged by his father, a Welsh born folk musician who worked in mechanical engineering & computer programming and his English born mother, a talented singer and folk enthusiast. By his early teens Holland had been introduced to home recording by his father and started to experiment with sequencing and programming. This, combined with a developing habit for record collecting, a household full of instruments and two older, musical sisters,  it was only natural for Holland to setup a makeshift studio in the bedroom of their timber framed home beside the river Severn. After much experimentation, Holland developed a strong repertoire, eventually attracting the attention of ‘Breakin Bread Records’, a London based record label through which Holland released his first 45 ‘We Got Soul’. It was at this point his work as a DJ began to flourish and through a visit to Brighton he was introduced to label ‘Tru Thoughts’. In 2001 TT released his debut album ‘The 5th Exotic’ a collection of sample based songs mined from various lunchbreak trips to record shops and the diverse selection of instruments found in the Holland household, his two sisters also featured as guests.
◊   Shortly after the success of ‘The 5th Exotic’ Holland began work on the first Quantic Soul Orchestra record ‘Stampede’, combining live drum loops with Funk & Soul riffs to pay homage to the american Rhythm & Blues 45s spun in Quantic DJ sets. This was the era of the deep funk sound in the UK & the focus was on a raw, hard and incisive dancefloor sound. In that same year ‘The Limp Twins’ were born, a collaboration with Worcester based singer Russell Porter that saw their debut album ‘Tales from Beyond the Groove’ also released on Tru Thoughts records.
◊   Following this success and a closer working relationship with label Tru Thoughts, Holland moved his studio operations to Brighton, from which five more studio records flourished: ‘Pushin On’, ‘Apricot Morning‘, ‘Mishaps Happening‘, ‘An Announcement to Answer’ & ‘I’m Thankful’ with legendary US Soul Singer Spanky Wilson. Many of these records featured fellow Brighton resident & talented soul singer Alice Russell. During this time Quantic also toured extensively as a DJ and the Quantic Soul Orchestra circulated internationally as a twelve piece live band.
◊   In 2005, Quantic collaborated with long time friend and NY based producer Nickodemus on Latin hit ‘Mi Swing es Tropical’. The song was recorded in San Juan following an invite to Puerto Rico from Candela records and eventually receiving worldwide exposure through its use in an Itunes television advertising campaign. After a year of travelling and recording through Puerto Rico, Panama & Colombia the album ‘Tropidelico’ was released, a sonic adventure through Cumbia, Soul & Salsa. It was around this time that Holland upped and left for Colombia, basing himself in the western city of Cali, to explore the rich musicianship leftover from the Salsa heyday and infuse his productions in the discotecas back alleys of one of Latin America’s finest musical cities. Although drawn into Colombia by the sound of Cumbia & Porro, Holland soon found himself in a city steeped in ‘Pacifico’ identity (a Afro Colombian genre hailing from Pacific coastal villages), melomanos (record collectors who preserve the sounds of Cuban, Puerto Rican & NY Salsa) and an overwhelming wealth of studio musicians. It was here he began working with Peruvian born virtuoso pianist Alfredito Linares, Percusionist Freddy Colorado and Pacifico folklorist singer Nidia Gongora, with whom The Combo Bárbaro was formed, Quantic Soul Orchestra drummer Malcolm Catto also featured in this group. The studio album ‘Tradition in Transition’ was soon released, parallel to this,  Holland produced two more records ‘Death of the Revolution’ and ‘Dog with a Rope’. Both were released by Tru Thoughts under his Dub production guise Flowering Inferno and featured Reggae rhythms combined with Cumbia & Curulao inflections.
◊   After a pause in collaborations with singer Alice Russell, Russell travelled to Cali and embarked on a new record with Quantic, utilising the tight Sonido del Valle studio band with violinist Mike Simmonds as invited guest. Shaping an authentic, soulful and psychedelic sound, the pair released their first entire full length collobaration ‘Look Around the Corner’ in 2011. In 2012 Quantic went on to produce and record ‘Ondatropica’, a collobative project with Bogota producer Mario Galeano aka Frente Cumbiero. Featuring a cast of more 40 musicians, the British Council funded project was received with great acclaim both in Colombia and Europe. In 2012 Ondatropica embarked on an international tour, garnering attention at their performance during the 2012 London olympic celebrations and at New York’s prestigious Lincoln Centre.
Quantic’s enigmatic productions and musical expressions as Guitarist, Accordionist & Studio engineer have earned him a large international fanbase and constant engagements as a music selector, remixer & band director. Quantic’s fifteenth studio record is planned for release in late 2013.
UK & Rest of World DJ Bookings: www.futureboogie.com
USA DJ Bookings: autonomousmusic.org
Ondatropica bookings: www.bacana.dewww.futureboogie.com
Tru Thoughts: http://www.tru-thoughts.co.uk/
Soundway: www.soundwayrecords.com
Website: www.quantic.org
MySpace: https://myspace.com/quanticmusic
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/quantic
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/quanticmusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quanticmusic
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/quanticmusic
◊   Quantic ‘The 5th Exotic’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Quantic ‘Apricot Morning’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Quantic ‘Mishaps Happening’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Quantic ‘An Announcement to Answer’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   The Limp Twins ‘Tales from Beyond the Groove’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra ‘I’m Thankful’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   The Quantic Soul Orchestra ‘Stampede’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   The Quantic Soul Orchestra ‘Pushin on’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   The Quantic Soul Orchestra ‘Tropidelico’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro ‘Tradition in Transition’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Quantic & Alice Russell, Combo Bárbaro ‘Look Around the Corner’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Flowering Inferno ‘Death of the Revolution’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Flowering Inferno ‘Dog with a Rope’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Various ‘The Best of Quantic’ (Tru Thoughts)
◊   Los Miticos del Ritmo ‘Los Miticos del Ritmo’ (Soundway)
◊   Ondatropica ‘Ondatropica’ (Soundway)
◊   Various ‘Worlds Rarest Funk Vol.1’ (Jazzman)
◊  Various ‘Worlds Rarest Funk Vol.2’ (Jazzman)
◊  Various ‘Tropical Funk Experience’ (Nascente)
◊  Various ‘Colombia!’ (with Beto Gyemant & Miles Cleret) (Soundway)
◊  Various ‘Palenque, Palenque’ (with Miles Cleret & Lucas Silva) (Soundway)
◊  Various ‘Cartagena’ (with Beto Gyemant & Miles Cleret) (Soundway)
◊  Various ‘Panama 2’ (with Beto Gyemant & Miles Cleret) (Soundway)
◊  Various ‘Panama 3’ (with Beto Gyemant) (Soundway)
◊  Various ‘The Original Sound of Cumbia (Soundway)
Bookings: Steve Nickolls, aka Futureboogie's Joe90
USA Bookings: Chris Richards
Licensing & Publishing: Trevor Heath@Tru Thoughts
+44 (0)1273 694617
Press: Tru Thoughts

Quantic — Magnetica [2014]



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