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Rabbit Island — Deep in the Big (Aug 17, 2018)

Rabbit Island — Deep in the Big (Aug 17, 2018)

                   Rabbit Island — Deep in the Big (Aug 17, 2018) Rabbit Island — Deep in the Big (Aug 17, 2018)Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style: ambient~psych~folk
Album release: Aug 17, 2018
Record Label: Bedroom Suck / Remote Control Records
Duration:     44:20
01. Boxing Day     5:47
02. Interstate     5:38
03. Deep in The Big     5:28
04. Zigrid     4:43
05. 11, 12, 13     8:50
06. The Gold Hall Beckons     4:41
07. Louie’s Song     4:05
08. Jonah’s Dream, On the Rocks     5:08
℗ 2018 Bedroom Suck Records
♠♠      All tracks written by Amber Flynn.
♠♠      Nicholas Allbrook (Pond) plays a large part in adding guitar and vocals,
♠♠      while Tristen Parr (Schvendes), Benjamin Witt and Peter Bibby all drop in.
Texty nejsou vždy zcela jasné, ale Fresh má na každé stopě, která přitahuje srdce, zničující, jakýsi přízvučný, povzdech vzbuzující přístup a to i tehdy, když jsou pojmy nejasné. Tichá Interstate, připomínající bolestivé, klavírně orientované stopy You Are Free od Cat Power, nastaví hlas v útlaku, aniž by obětoval emoční rezonanci. Zigrid přivádí její hlas mnohem blíže, přetvářejí je nad šumivými perkusemi a hravými efekty, zatímco téměř devětminutová 11, 12, 13 podobně budí dojem, že je přímo v místnosti s námi, šeptající jako psychologický důvěrník, cizáci by řekli trusted confidant. Albová obtížná intimita je právě tím, co dělá Rabbit Island mimo výseč a oddělenou v říši indie popu. Fresh nahrála album v roce 2015, ale strávila několik let, kdy zdokonalilovala své umělecké dílo, sekvencováním a dalšími menšími detaily. Toto odhalení dodává ten nezaměnitelný pocit, že Deep in the Big je něco drahocenného, ručně vyráběného, ​​třpytivé záblesky s malým tajemstvím.
Christopher H James, Score: ****
♠    Hal David and Burt Bacharach once wrote that „what the world needs now is love, sweet love“. Maybe they’re right, but surely a large dose of Rabbit Island would run a close second.
♠    Perthling Amber Fresh finally follows up 2011’s O God, Come Quick with another group effort. Nicholas Allbrook (Pond) plays a large part in adding guitar and vocals, while Tristen Parr (Schvendes), Benjamin Witt and Peter Bibby all drop in.
♠    Fresh has a pure approach to writing music, shunning verse~chorus, verse~chorus conventions and instead embracing free flowing forms that capture fleeting moods. Boxing Day opens the album like a statement of intent as rippling piano lines that cut straight through to the heart of the song. Deep In The Big has a much fuller, richer sound compared to her debut and it’s all the better for it. Fresh’s voice too has strengthened and developed just a touch of Hope Sandoval’s ability to effortlessly convey a gut~load of emotion with only a few soft notes; an intimate coo that almost sounds like a reassuring friend just off your shoulder offering the gift of harmonic wellness. The overall effect is calming, healing and ultimately inspirational. ♠       http://themusic.com.au/
♠       “Rabbit Island has made me cry more times than funerals. That’s testament to how many shows I’ve seen and how effecting the performance is. I listened to ‘Deep in The Big’ while walking the Bibbulmun track. I cried. It moved with the birds and trees and little streams and made me think it was probably a good idea to jump in water naked. It flows with the curves of The Big into shapes and sounds that might be the Fibonacci sequence or the eternal flow of consciousness. It is very hard to give Rabbit Island’s music a genre. It feels an immoral slight of pen — so let’s go hyphen crazy and say ambient~psych~folk.” — Nicholas Allbrook (Pond)
♠       August 17 will see Perth’s angelic Rabbit Island release her newest album; Deep in The Big via Bedroom Suck / Remote Control. Today to celebrate the news, Rabbit Island have shared the title track, which premiered on RTR FM this morning. Catch Rabbit Island perform live in Melbourne playing five shows from Friday 29 June — Wednesday 4 July. Full tour details are below.
♠       Deep in The Big is a pure experience that will take listeners somewhere beautiful and new. It is a culmination of the music Amber Fresh is known and adored for in her hometown Perth, and beyond. Amber’s approach is more multifaceted than any press release can indicate (experimental / bedroom pop / dream pop / psych~folk / ambient / alternative / lo~fi / indie would be deemed too long to attach to most record spines). Imagine psych~pop without the drums, or Arthur Russell without the cello (actually there is some cello). Her new album recalls Beach House, Cat Power, Julianna Barwick, Grouper, but Rabbit Island shoots for her own constellation of sound, lands there, and doesn’t look back. Deep in The Big is big, lush, ambient, and deep, but as Amber will say “It’s still songs, you know?”
♠       Aden Senycia recorded Deep in The Big and mixed it with Amber who played piano, organ, guitar and many effects. Her friend, band mate and collaborator Nicholas Allbrook played guitar and sang, and a few other friends dipped a sound, a conversation, and a cello (Tristan Parr, Benjamin Witt, Peter Bibby) in too.
♠       The record was recorded in Melbourne and Ocean Beach (Wurundjeri and Whadjuk land) in 2015 in the soft wooden rooms of Soundpark Studio and by the sea at producer Aden Senycia’s Soft Machine studio. The songs were written mainly on Nyoongar land. Mastering was done at Poons Head with Rob Grant (Tame Impala, POND, Jeff Martin, Death Cab for Cutie, Melody’s Echo Chamber).
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rabbitislandperth/

Rabbit Island — Deep in the Big (Aug 17, 2018)


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