Rachael Sage — Character (March 6, 2020)Rachael Sage — Character (March 6, 2020)      Rachael Sage — Character (March 6, 2020) Rachael Sage — Character (March 6, 2020)
•★•   Album Rachael Sage „Character“ je inspirativní poctou přežití, sbírka odráží takové koncepty jako vděčnost, identita, soucit, autentičnost, optimismus a všímavost. Tato kniha 2~CD Deluxe obsahuje další CD exkluzivních zvukových stop a design masky s výřezem / nositelnou maskou od Rachael! Celkově vzato, „Character“ je poněkud ohromující album, protože v něm Sage ukazuje hlubokou lásku k životu a empatii nejen se sebou a svým bojem proti rakovině, ale způsob, jakým strukturuje své písně znamená, že to není album zahleděné do sebe sama, protože mluví o větších zkušenostech s traumatem a přežitím. Rachael Sage — Character (March 6, 2020)
Birth name: Rachael Sage
Born: Port Chester, NY, U.S.
Location: New York
Genre: Alternative Singer~Songwriter/Rock/Pop
Instruments: Vocals, piano, keyboards, hammond organ, guitar
Album release: March 6, 2020
Record Label: MPress Records/ILS/Caroline
Duration:    56:27
01 Blue Sky Days   4:04
02 Bravery’s On Fire   3:45
03 Both Hands   3:14
04 Damaged   4:48
05 Ohio   3:30
06 Cave   4:04
07 When I Was Young   3:37
08 Open The Door   3:55
09 Character   6:38
10 Be The Same   3:10
11 Atmosphere   3:42
12 Catch The Light   4:39
13 Blue Sky Days (Acoustic)   4:03
14 Bravery’s On Fire (Acoustic)   3:43
Review Choreographic:
•★•   What inspires artists to produce an album is always something that catches my attention and helps new listeners understand where he or she is coming from and to relate better to their intentions regarding their approach to creating the record.
•★•   New York City~based contemporary artist Rachael Sage’s latest album titled “Choreographic” gives us a pretty rare source of muse: dance, as the album title suggests. Rachael’s early connection to her ballet beginnings brings an insightful perspective to how she purportedly envisions each song as a “fully~choreographed multimedia experience”, and yes, I can definitely picture a ballroom crowd dancing to each and every one of these piano~driven songs under bright yellow chandeliers and marble ceilings.
•★•   The chamber~pop album starts out with slightly grand fanfare in “Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk), an intriguing song about hopes and dreams that is a pretty good introduction to what the rest of the album is all about. And they are mostly made up of ballroom numbers like the soft pop tunes “Loreena” and “French Doors”, the latter being a beautifully slow~paced ballad that has one of the better progressions and melodies on the album.
•★•   Rachael branches out to other genres tastefully as heard on the folk pop song “Five Alarms” that best displays her solid songwriting lyrics~wise, as well as on the psych rock~ish “I’ve Been Waiting” the most alien track here.
•★•   Towards the end of the album is where things get more personal and up~close, most notably in the stripped~down “7 Angels feat. Peter Himmelman” that has a graceful interaction between a flowing acoustic guitar and droning cellos. The following track “It Would Be Enough” carries the intimate vibe further on, this time with light percussions and a piano chords working with the strings. Although the chorus melody sounds borrowed from somewhere else, as my gut feeling tells me.
•★•   “Home (Acoustic)” gives “Choreographic” a somber finale as the album ends on a bittersweet note. It’s an easy~going tune with contrastingly introspective lyrics about being homesick and what home really is.
•★•   Rachael Sage had a creative idea on how to approach making her first album, and I think she pulled it off decently with a unique record in “Choreographic” that is capable of sending you to that marble ballroom I was talking about earlier. Alternatively, it can do a good job for anyone who wishes to practice their ballroom dancing on their own alone in their bedrooms.
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Kirk Stauffer Photos: 
■   Rachael Sage hrála na vyprodané show v Benaroya Hall na podporu svého 14. alba, Choreographic. Přehlídka byla první nocí sedmtýdenního turné s Howardem Jonesem. Doprovázená Kelly Halloran (housle a vokály), bývalá baletka v komiksových odkazech na svůj židovský původ.
■   EP „Nový cíl“ bylo inspirováno návštěvou muzikálu Broadway s Carole King. „Krásný,“ říká Sage. „Vrátila jsem se domů s Feel Feel Earth Move ve své hlavě a rozhodla se napsat klasický popový motiv na piano. Nakonec jsem skončila s písní pro blízkého přítele, který prošel špatným rozchodem, navíc potřeboval velký pep~talk a zcela novou perspektivu. „Je to o něco více pop~rocku, než některé z mých minulých nahrávek a je to první píseň, na které jsem kdy pracovala s producentkou Barb Morrison (born Barbara Jean Morrison on May 22, 1967 / Deborah Harry, Rufus Wainwright, Franz Ferdinand), kterou jsem roky obdivovala. Byla to pohodová zkušenost, když jsem s ní pracovala — má velkou úctu k popovému řemeslu a je také fest zábavná, což ve studiu vždy oceňuji!“
Rachael Sage — Character (March 6, 2020)