Rachel Sermanni — „Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea“ EP (16 June, 2022)SCOTLAND FLAG                     Rachel Sermanni — „Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea“ EP (16 June, 2022)
↵   Krátká novinka od edinburské Rachel Sermanni je radostným shrnutím všeho, co dělá její hudbu tak výjimečnou. Láska je křehká. Přichází a odchází a vše, co můžeme udělat, je pokusit se žít s okamžiky, které máme. To, co Rachel Sermanni dokazuje na EP Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea, je, že v těchto chvílích můžeme jen zkusit. Na ničem jiném nezáleží.
Born: 7 November 1991
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Release date: 16 June, 2022
Label: Jellygirl Records
Duration:     15:55
01. Aquarium Kisses   3:43
02. Soak Me   3:17
03. Silk Dart   3:32
04. Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea   5:23
⊇  Nick Pini — Bass
⊆  Charlie Cunningham — Classical Guitar
⊇  Tim Lansford — Drums
⊆  Rachel Sermanni — Instruments [Everything Else]
⊇  Patrick J Pearson — Producer, Instruments [Everything Else]
⊆  Courtney Hartman — Vocals, Guitar
Recorded: Middlefarm Studios, Devon

Album Review by Katie Cutforth | 15 Jun 2022 | Score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
↵   Almost exactly a year on from the release of her EP Swallow Me, Edinburgh~based singer~songwriter Rachel Sermanni returns with another four~song collection, curiously titled Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea. Echoing the short format of its predecessor, the new release feels like an answer to a question; it’s comparable in its wisdom and fierce empathy, and while it lacks the dark and brooding edge of Swallow Me, the songs and Sermanni’s delivery brim with playfulness and childlike wonder.
↵   The EP is in many ways a celebration of water. We find Sermanni in a mystical dream, kissing an old school friend in the watery glow of an aquarium. Later, she’s swimming in the River Dart, where she spent time resetting and creating music. At the record’s centre are two bright, joyful indie~rock songs where Sermanni’s vocals are wild and sparkling, bookended by the softer and more curious Aquarium Kisses and the title track.
↵   Arriving just as the season turns to summer, Every Swimming Pool Runs to the Sea feels like a gift: a joyful quartet of songs that encapsulates everything that’s precious about Sermanni’s music.
↵   https://www.theskinny.co.uk/music/reviews/albums/rachel-sermanni-every-swimming-pool-runs-to-the-sea
Bob Fish | 15 June, 2022:
↵   https://www.folkradio.co.uk/2022/06/rachel-sermanni-every-swimming-pool-runs-to-the-sea/
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