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Raft | HOPE LIES CONSTANT IN THE MOUTH | (February 2015)

Raft | HOPE LIES CONSTANT IN THE MOUTH | (February 2015)

Also known as: Andy Ex
Born: 1962, London, England
Notable instruments: Fender guitar
Location: London, UK
Album release: February 2015
Record Label: Unsounds
Duration:     48:26
1. Tie Me      5:51 
2. Tie Me Swiftly      5:21 
3. Triple Crown      7:05 
4. Bumper      10:23 
5. Bow Line (Snarl and Hitch)     3:15 
6. Halter Bend     5:01 
7. Overhead Lorry     11:30
♣   Andy Moor — Guitar
♣   Steve Heather — Drums
♣   Clayton Thomas — Double Bass
♣   Sofia Jernberg — Voice                                   © Sofia Jernberg, photo Ziga Koritnik
≡   Raft began as a recording project, a trio of Clayton Thomas (double bass), Andy Moor (guitar) and Steve Heather (drums).  They got together to record a set of improvised pieces in a Berlin studio in 2012. Sofia Jernberg (voice) was invited later: she added her vocal improvisations and sung words written by both herself and Steve to the original music.                                    © Steve Heather, photo: Uli Templin
≡   Despite the slightly haphazard birth of this unusual quartet the remarkably coherent sound world that it produces makes it feel really like a band. Steve, Andy and Clayton do have quite a long musicial history together, and they make the music flow. Clayton and Steve provide a dynamic rhythm section over which’s sturdiness Andy’s guitar has great freedom to fly. The addition of Sofia’s vocals simply make all of them sound even better, it has turned the music into wonderful songs.
≡   Hope lies constant in the mouth, by Raft,  is a collection of fresh, lean, catchy rhytmic tunes with no excess: all gristle fat and bones removed.
Label: http://unsounds.com/shop/hope-lies-constant                                                © Andy Moor, photo Matias Corral
♣   Locks (2001, CD, with Kaffe Matthews, Unsounds)
♣   Thermal (2001, CD, with John Butcher/Thomas Lehn, Unsounds)
♣   Red V Green (2004, CD, with Yannis Kyriakides, Unsounds)
♣   Live in France (2007, CD–R, with DJ /rupture)
♣   Marker (2007, CD, solo, Unsounds)
♣   Patches (2008, CD, with DJ /rupture, Unsuitable Records)
♣   Everything But the Beginning (2009, CD, with Colin Mclean, Unsounds)
♣   Le Journaliste (2009, CD, with Anne James Chaton, Unsounds)
♣   Rebetika (2010, CD, with Yannis Kyriakides, Unsounds)
♣   Folia (2010, CD, with Yannis Kyriakides, Unsounds)
♣   Lean Left (2010, CD, with Terrie Ex, Ken Vandermark, Paal Nilssen–Love, live at Bimhuis Vol. 1&2, Smalltwon Superjazz)
♣   Guitargument (2010, CD, with Mia Clarke, hellosQuare Recordings)
♣   Décade (2012, CD, Album, Ltd, Book, with Anne–James Chaton and Alva Noto, Raster–Noton)
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♣   Transfer (2012, CD, with Anne James Chaton, Unsounds)
♣   Lean Left Live at Area Sismica (2013, CD, Unsounds)
♣   A Life is A Billion Heartbeats (2014, with Yannis Kyriakides, Unsounds)
♣   Experiments with A Leaf (2015, with John Butcher, Unsounds)
♣   Raft — Hope lies Constant in the Mouth (2015, download only, with Steve Heather, Clayton Thomas and Sofia Jernberg, Unsounds)_____________________________________________________________

Raft | HOPE LIES CONSTANT IN THE MOUTH | (February 2015)




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