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Ramona Lisa — Arcadia (2014)

Ramona Lisa — Arcadia (28 April, 2014)

USA Flag                Ramona Lisa — Arcadia
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Album release: 28 April 2014
Record Label: Pannonica/Terrible Records
Duration:     40:45
01. Arcadia     4:11
02. Backwards and Upwards     4:00
03. Getaway Ride     3:56
04. Avenues     2:41
05. Lady's Got Gills     4:34
06. Hissing Pipes at Dawn     2:14
07. Dominic     3:57
08. Reprise     0:57
09. Izzit True What They Tell Me     5:16
10. Wing of the Parapet     3:14
11. I Love Our World     5:45
Product Description:
°≡°   Ramona Lisa is the current alias of Chairlift's Caroline Polachek. Her new album Arcadia is Polachek’s first self-produced solo record and the first release by Pannonica, part of the Bella Union family. Completely composed in MIDI, it is a concept album of love songs that are nature allegories, and vice versa, which Polachek calls "Pastoral Electronic Music".
°≡°   The making of Arcadia was a year¬long process that began and ended in an empty studio in Rome's Villa Medici and while on tour with her band, Chairlift. The record was made entirely on a laptop without instruments or external microphones — all vocals were sung directly into the computer, making use of hotel closets, quiet airport gates, and spare dressing rooms.
°≡°   Although the album was created on a laptop, the result is a lush and uncannily tangible world of warm textures, reminiscent of analog tape processes rather than a hard drive. Virtual oboes and organs interweave with synthetic insects and quivering sine waves, animated by Polachek's vocal at it's most delirious and intimate yet.
Tim Jonze
The Guardian, Thursday 10 April 2014 20.59 BST; Score: ****
°≡°   This solo album from Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek was apparently recorded on a laptop in various hotel room cupboards, airport terminals and — if we’re to believe Caroline Polachek herself — aeroplane toilets, presumably mid-flight when you’re allowed to turn on your electronic devices.
°≡°   It certainly has a portable feel to it: there’s running water on Hissing Pipes at Dawn, while the ringing bells of the title track make you feel as if you’re overlooking a town square in some grand European city. Fans of Chairlift should find it both familiar and confounding: for every song that features Polachek’s trademark lilting sighs and the purest of pop melodies (Backwards and Upwards), there’s another that comprises random bursts of organ, mobile phone interference and the occasional tingle of bells (I Love Our World). The end product is a beguiling side project that feels organic and experimental. Quite what passengers hovering over the Atlantic waiting to have a wee made of it, however, is anyone’s guess. — Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/
°≡°   Brooklyn-via-Boulder group marry heavy synths and folk melodies with singer Caroline Polachek's Kate Bush-ian pipes.
Artist Biography by Chris True
°≡°   Hailing from Brooklyn, New York (by way of Boulder, Colorado, where they originally came together in 2006), the avant-pop outfit Chairlift formed for the unusual purpose of crafting music for haunted houses. After finding that their work transcended its original purpose, bandmates Aaron Pfenning, Caroline Polachek, and Patrick Wimberly pulled up stakes and headed east, eventually settling in that most musical of locales — not to mention one always looking for new and unique ideas — New York City. Chairlift made a name for themselves during their first two years in the Big Apple, playing shows with similar up-and-comers like MGMT, Yeasayer, and Mixel Pixel while inking a contract with the independent label Kanine. Chairlift's first release on the label, a single entitled "Evident Utensil," featured a remix by the aforementioned MGMT and was a precursor to the group's debut full-length release. Issued in 2008, Does You Inspire You melded the band's space rock influences with a poppy indie aesthetic. The album also received an extra promotional boost when "Bruises" appeared in an iPod commercial. By early 2009, major labels came calling and Chairlift signed to Columbia, which re-released Does You Inspire You that April. Sophomore album Something, recorded in Brooklyn and London over the course of 18 months (and marking the recording debut of Chairlift as a duo of Polachek and Wimberly following the departure of Pfenning), arrived in January 2012, elevating the band's kaleidoscopic pop to a grander scale with assistance from Dan Carey (Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, La Roux).
°≡°   Brooding alter ego/solo project of Chairlift frontwoman Caroline Polacheck.
Artist Biography by Matt Collar
°≡°   Ramona Lisa is the side project/alter ego of Chairlift keyboardist and vocalist Caroline Polacheck. Taking on the dark, brooding persona of her Ramona Lisa alter ego, Polacheck sings and plays all of the music in the band. Focusing on laptop recording with MIDI instrumentation, Polacheck's music as Ramona Lisa has a stark, ambient quality influenced by the film soundtracks of '70s horror director Dario Argento. In 2014, Polacheck released Ramona Lisa's debut album, Arcadia, on Terrible Records.                                                                                                   Also: Feb 18th '14 by Tom Breihan @ 12:32pm; STEREOGUM
••   Caroline Polachek has spent nearly a decade leading the great Brooklyn indie-pop group Chairlift, and now she’s stepping out on her own. Polachek has adapted the alter-ego Ramona Lisa for a new solo project, and she’ll release her solo debut Arcadia this spring. Polachek recorded the album in Rome, using only a laptop — composing in MIDI and singing into the computer’s internal mic. She calls the result “pastoral electronic music.” First single “Arcadia,” which opens the album, is an uncanny creeper of a song; it positively drips with ominous atmosphere, and Polachek’s voice floats beautifully above her dark synthetic tones. She co-directed the video with Ross Menuez, and it has her looking straight out of an Argento movie, with horrifying close-up images of cicadas repeating throughout.
Website: http://www.theramonalisa.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/carolineplz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theeramonalisa
Agent: sam@windishagency.com
Gen. dir.: jason@wearefree.com


Ramona Lisa — Arcadia (2014)



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