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Rare Futures — This Is Your Brain On Love (March 25, 2016)

Rare Futures — This Is Your Brain On Love (March 25, 2016)

  Rare Futures — This Is Your Brain On Love (March 25, 2016)Rare Futures — This Is Your Brain On Love (March 25, 2016)♣   RARE FUTURES is a GrooveRock band from New York City (previously known as Happy Body Slow Brain).
Location: San Jose, CA ~ New York, New York
Album release: March 25, 2016
Record Label: InTheClouds Records
Genre: Alternative, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
Duration:     62:34
01. ////ove      0:39
02. Reminding Me To Live      6:03
03. Ride The Snake      6:04
04. Mercury [And Opposite Planets]      4:33
05. The Pressure      5:00
06. Cool My Mind | Reverie      5:22
07. Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done      6:11
08. This Is Your Future [Lost In A Black Hole]      4:32
09. Your Past      3:39
10. Hope [Feat. Gavin Castleton]      4:23
11. You’re An Island      6:38
12. Standing On The Precipice      0:45
13. Not Giving Up Yet      8:45
♣   Matt Fazzi — Vox / Guitar / Keys
♣   Jason Holthouser — Bass
♣   Javier Torres — Drums
♣   Rich Bozek — Drums / Guitar / Vox Description:
♣   Matt Fazzi has built quite the resume for himself. Formerly a multi–instrumentalist in San Francisco’s progressive Facing New York and more recently in Brooklyn’s A Great Big Pile of Leaves, he spent several years as a guitarist and vocalist in millennial emo institution Taking Back Sunday.
♣   But in 2010, after he parted ways with TBS, Fazzi shifted his focus to his long–gestating side project, Happy Body Slow Brain. Initially envisioned with an electronic, keyboard–based sound, it morphed into something more organic and rock–influenced with hints of R&B and intricate rhythms. That fall, he formally introduced Happy Body Slow Brain with their debut, Dreams of Water, largely praised for its fearless genre–bending.
♣   In the interim, Fazzi played guitar and keyboard for Atlas Genius, Into It. Over It. and the Dear Hunter while releasing two more EPs, all as he worked on a second album. Tomorrow (March 25), he’ll finally release This Is Your Brain On Love — but don’t look for it under the Happy Body Slow Brain name. The band is now Rare Futures and Fazzi told us how the new album (and his new philosophy) came to exist.
♣   “When I originally set out to make this record, I didn’t expect it would take quite so long,” he said. “But life happened and the plan unintentionally morphed and changed several times along the way. I remember at the very beginning of the whole journey, I was still searching for direction and I had lost a couple of family members to cancer, which really put things in perspective and sent me down the path of finding what the true purpose of this album was to be.”
Brian Leak, February 25th, 2016
♣   http://underthegunreview.net/2016/02/25/rare-futures-share-celestial-stop-motion-video-for-the-pressure/
Bandcamp: http://rarefutures.bandcamp.com/
Label: http://inthecloudsrecords.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rarefutures
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rarefutures

Rare Futures — This Is Your Brain On Love (March 25, 2016)


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