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Rebecca Pidgeon — Slingshot (2012)

Rebecca Pidgeon — Slingshot (2012)

            Rebecca Pidgeon — Slingshot
Born: October 10, 1965, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S
Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S
Album release: April 17th, 2012
Record Label: Decca Label Group
Duration:     47:48
01 Get Up, Get Out     3:33
02 Sweet Hand of Mercy     4:29
03 Disintegration Man     5:01
04 A Lonely Place     3:34
05 Tremble     3:46
06 Baby Please Come Home Again     3:35
07 Kiss Me     5:02
08 Is Anyone?     3:24
09 I Still Feel That     4:28
10 I Loved No One     3:42
11 Searching For A Heart     3:31
12 Slingshot     3:46
13 You Are Not My Mistake     3:16
℗ 2011 Decca Label Group
Website: http://rebeccapidgeonmusic.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/rpidgeon
Web: http://www.rebeccapidgeonrocksthevine.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rebeccapidgeon
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rebeccapidgeonmusic
¬  Critics are calling Slingshot, an intoxicatingly adult pop album that explores the intricate arc of love from desire to longing to despair. Rolling Stone calls Pidgeon one of those rare singers who conveys emotion purely... while the Chicago Tribune says Rebecca Pidgeon plays guitar and sings with appealing authority on her new album Slingshot, a stunning gathering of tunes. Other song standouts include the yearning Sweet Hand of Mercy, the electric, driving Disintegration Man, the jazzy, noir–ish A Lonely Place, and the plaintive Baby Please Come Home. Throughout, Pidgeon displays a newfound confidence in her songwriting and her warm, nuanced vocals.
¬  Working primarily with Klein and David Batteau on the kernel of the record, Pidgeon also penned tunes with Timothy Bracy and acclaimed singer/songwriter, Freedy Johnston including the deceptively jaunty, upbeat I Love No One. I loved writing with Freedy, she says. We [both] tend to like stories about being rather bleak. It seems more interesting.
¬  Slingshot includes a co–production between Pidgeon and her husband, Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright/film director David Mamet. The aching, largely a cappella Baby Please Come Home showcases Pidgeon s vulnerable, intimate vocals.
¬  The lone cover on the set is a stirring, poignant version of Warren Zevon s Searching For A Heart. The chord progression first attracted Pidgeon. Then I was drawn in by the lyrics. It s so enigmatic, she says. It sounds like it s so sparse, but it s so complex. Every time I sing the song, I get something different from what he s talking about. The song recently appeared in an episode of the USA Network TV drama, Covert Affairs, and drew a great response.
¬  Last year Pidgeon performed at Farm Aid alongside Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp; headlined the Wine, Women & Song tour, and toured with acclaimed veteran artist Keb Mo, opening for him during a series of dates at various Performing Arts Centers around the country. Rebecca has also shared stages with such artists as Aimee Mann, Madeleine Peyroux, and Jeffrey Gaines, to name a few.
¬  She’s been recording music for more than 20 years, but acclaimed singer–songwriter Rebecca Pidgeon had a creative breakthrough as she began working on the album “Slingshot,” her compelling sixth solo effort.
¬  “I reached a point where I felt I had to take it more seriously and really make a 100% commitment to it, instead of saying this is something I do that’s not acting,” says Pidgeon. “I finally said to myself, ‘I am a singer and I’m really going to work on my voice. I’m really going to work on my playing, and I’m really going to own it’.”
¬  Pidgeon does, indeed, “own it” on “Slingshot,” an intoxicatingly adult pop album that explores the intricate arc of love from desire to longing to despair. “I love the concept of the word ‘slingshot.’ It’s arresting. It’s such an unusual word to have in a love song,” she says of the buoyant title track: “‘I’m the rock and you’re the slingshot and you sling me into the stratosphere of joy’.”
¬  Other standouts include the yearning “Sweet Hand of Mercy,” that recalls Joan Osborne; the electric, driving “Disintegration Man,” the jazzy, noir-ish “A Lonely Place,” and the plaintive “Baby Please Come Home.” Throughout, Pidgeon displays a newfound confidence in her songwriting and her warm, nuanced vocals.
¬  The deeply melodic “Slingshot” marks the third time Pidgeon and Grammy-winning producer Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell, Madeleine Peyroux, Herbie Hancock) have collaborated together. The two made an often intentionally quiet album that compellingly beckons the listener to lean in and pay attention. “There’s a simplicity and air and space to it,” she says. “That was a conscious decision.”
iTunes Review
¬  After decades of renown as a film and TV actress, Rebecca Pidgeon displays a new level of creative commitment in these tracks, aided by the well–tailored production of Larry Klein. Slingshot seems a good opportunity for Pidgeon to introduce herself to a wider audience — its songs are heartfelt and perceptive, combining stubborn idealism with a mature perspective. Polished pop/rock sounds and simmering rhythms reinforce the yearning spirit within “Get Up Get Out,” “Tremble,” and a poignant cover of Warren Zevon’s “Searching for a Heart.” Pidgeon’s coolly alluring vocals (somewhere between Jewel and Dido in texture) bring out the gospel shadings of “Sweet Hand of Mercy” and strike a playful stance in “I Loved No One.” The most assertive track is the sardonic “Disintegration Man,” a sendup of a messianic superstar with a bluesy bite. Playwright/film director David Mamet (Rebecca’s husband) helps out as cowriter of the haunting country ballad “Baby Please Come Home Again” and coproducer of the uplifting title tune. Slingshot is an album of wisdom and feeling, the work of an artist hitting her stride.
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Rebecca Pidgeon — Slingshot

Rebecca Pidgeon — Slingshot (2012)



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