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Red House Painters
Songs For A Blue Guitar

Red House Painters — Songs for a Blue Guitar (July 23, 1996)

 Red House Painters — Songs for a Blue Guitar (July 23, 1996)
Birth name: Mark Edward Kozelek
Born: January 24, 1967
Origin: Massillon, Ohio, United States
Album released: July 23, 1996 (UK)
Record Label: Supreme Recordings, CD/Plain Recordings, Double LP/Island/UMe, double LP reissue.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Duration:     70:14
01. Have You Forgotten      6:10
02. Song For A Blue Guitar      5:58
03. Make Like Paper      12:02
04. Priest Alley Song      4:32
05. Trailways      6:39
06. I Feel The Rain Fall      2:34
07. Long Distance Runaround      4:42
08. All Mixed Up      5:49
09. Revelation Big Sur      5:47
10. Silly Love Songs      10:57
11. Another Song For A Blue Guitar      5:04

Written by:
→   Mark Kozelek     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11
→   Jon Anderson     7
→   Ric Ocasek     8
→   Paul McCartney     10
→   Performed and produced by Mark Kozelek.
→   Backing vocals on “Song for a Blue Guitar” and “All Mixed Up” performed by Stephanie Finch.
Recorded at:
→   Record Two Studios, Mendocino County, Comptche, California.
→   Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco.
→   Polk Street Recording, San Francisco.
→   Mixed at Madhatter Studios, Los Angeles.
→   “Another Song for a Blue Guitar” recorded and mixed at Polk Street Recording.
→   Mark Needham — recording engineer.
→   Billy Anderson — engineer.
→   Darren Mora and Dale Lawton — second engineers at Madhatter.
→   Mastered by John Golden at John Golden Mastering, Newbury Park, California.
→   Photography by Michele Turriani.
→   Art direction and design by Paul McMenamin at v23.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen. © → Mark Kozelek performing with Sun Kil Moon at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 in Austin, Texas. Author: Ralph Arvesen
Have You Forgotten lyrics
01. I can’t let you be
Cause your beauty won’t allow me
Wrapped in white sheets
Like an angel from a bedtime story
Shut out what they say
Cause your friends are fucked up anyway
When they come around
Somehow they feel up and you feel down
02. When we were kids
We hated things our parents did
We listened low
To Casey Kasem’s radio show
That’s when friends were nice
To think of them just makes you feel nice
The smell of grass in spring
In October leaves covered everything
03. Have you forgotten how to love yourself
I can’t believe
All the good things that you did for me
Sat back in a chair
Like a princess from a faraway place
Nobody’s nice
When you’re older your heart turns to ice
And shut out what they say
They’re too dumb to mean it anyway
04. When we were kids
We hated things our sisters did
Backyard summer pools
And Christmas trees were beautiful
And the sentiment of color mirrored ornaments
And the open drapes
Look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes
Final: Have you forgotten how to love yourself
Have you forgotten how to love yourself
Website: http://www.sunkilmoon.com/Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                       © → David, Mark and Owen at Swedish American Hall. December 13, 2016

Red House Painters
Songs For A Blue Guitar


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