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Scheherazade & Other Stories

Renaissance — Scheherazade & Other Stories [SACD Remastered July 15, 2014][July 1975]

      Renaissance — Scheherazade & Other Stories 
Δ   Audio Fidelity série znovu vydaných nugetů progresivního rocku (Marshall Blonstein) je obohacena reedicí Renaissance! Klasická Šeherezáda a jiné příběhy (1975), zveřejněna 15. července 2014 na omezené číslované edici Hybrid SACD! Šeherezáda a jiné příběhy (1975) je krásně uštrikované album, v době zrodu již vyzrálé kapely. Nahrávka je plná svěžího, orchestrálního, progresivního, symfonického rocku a je považována většinou hudebních kritiků za jejich nejlepší album.
Formed: 1969 in London, England
Location: London, England
Album release: July 15, 1975
Recorded: at Abbey Road Studios during May 1975.
Genre: Progressive rock, symphonic rock
Label: Sire Records (US), BTM Records (UK)
Duration:     46:09
01. Trip To The Fair      10:55
02. The Vultures Fly High      3:10
03. Ocean Gypsy      7:09
04. Song Of Scheherazade      24:55
Completely tracklist:
01 Trip To the Fair     10:50
02 The Vultures Fly High     3:07
03 Ocean Gypsy     7:06
04 Fanfare     2:36
05 The Betrayal     4:55
06 The Sultan     2:44
07 Love Theme     2:30
08 The Young Prince and Princess     4:02
09 Festival Preparations     1:10
10 Fugue for the Sultan     2:11
11 The Festival     2:13
12 Finale     2:30
℗ 1975 Warner Bros. Records. Marketed By Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved.
Producer: David Hitchcock, Renaissance
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.
Written by:
•    Michael Dunford / Betty Thatcher / John Tout 1
•    Michael Dunford / Betty Thatcher 2, 3, 6, 8, 11
•    John Tout 4, 10
•    Jon Camp / Michael Dunford / John Tout 5, 9, 12
•    Jon Camp 7
•    Jon Camp Bass, Bass Pedals, Composer, Vocals
•    Tony Cox Orchestral Arrangements
•    Michael Dunford Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Liner Notes, Vocals
•    Colin Elgie Illustrations
•    Annie Haslam Liner Notes, Vocals
•    Hipgnosis Cover Design, Photography
•    David Hitchcock Coordination
•    John Kurlander Engineer
•    Mike Pela Assistant Engineer
•    Annie Plant Assistant Engineer
•    Dick Plant Engineer
•    Joe Reagoso Mastering
•    Renaissance Arranger, Primary Artist, Producer
•    Patrick Stapley Assistant Engineer
•    Terence Sullivan Drums, Percussion, Vocals
•    Betty Thatcher Composer
•    John Tout Composer, Keyboards, Vocals
Billboard Albums
1975 Scheherazade and other stories The Billboard 200 #48
Review by Bruce Eder; Score: ****½
•    "1975’s Scheherazade and Other Stories was the group’s magnum opus in the perception of many onlookers and fans, and it still plays well, though its flaws are more evident than they were at the time. The “Song of Scheherazade,” really a suite for the group supported by the London Symphony Orchestra and a chorus, started with guitarist-composer Michael Dunford, who had a personal fascination with the medieval literary work Tales of 1,001 Arabian Nights, and was realized by Dunford and his composing partner Betty Thatcher, with bassist Jon Camp and pianist John Tout.
•    The piece, really nine sections assembled together, was one of the more ambitious works to come out of the progressive rock boom — it fits together nicely and does have some gorgeous passages and many lyrical, powerful sections, although it also seems slightly repetitive, overstaying its welcome somewhat; additionally, it never uses the orchestra quite as effectively as one senses it might have, for anything except embellishment.
•    Less ambitious and more completely successful are “Ocean Gypsy,” “The Vultures Fly High,” and “Trip to the Fair” on side one, all relatively unpretentious pieces which feature extraordinary singing by Annie Haslam."
•    On me reproche de ne pas proposer assez souvent de prog rock, erreur réparée à l'occasion de la reissue en version SACD de ce très bel album du groupe anglais Renaissance datant de 1975, époque à laquelle le prog rock était souvent brillant et créatif, ni pompeux ni pompant comme c'est trop souvent le cas aujourd'hui.
•    The history of Renaissance is essentially the history of two separate groups, rather similar to the two phases of the Moody Blues or the Drifters. The original group was founded in 1969 by ex–Yardbirds members Keith Relf and Jim McCarty as a sort of progressive folk-rock band, who recorded two albums (of which only the first, self-titled LP came out in America, on Elektra Records) but never quite made it, despite some success on England's campus circuit.
•    The band went through several membership changes, with Relf and his sister Jane (who later fronted the very Renaissance–like Illusion) exiting and McCarty all but gone after 1971. The new lineup formed around the core of bassist Jon Camp, keyboard player John Tout, and Terry Sullivan on drums, with Annie Haslam, an aspiring singer with operatic training and a three–octave range.
•    Their first album in this incarnation, Prologue, released in 1972, was considerably more ambitious than the original band's work, with extended instrumental passages and soaring vocals by Haslam. Their breakthrough came with their next record, Ashes Are Burning, issued in 1973, which introduced guitarist Michael Dunford to the lineup and featured some searing electric licks by guest axeman Andy Powell. Their next record, Turn of the Cards, released by Sire Records, had a much more ornate songwriting style and was awash in lyrics that alternated between the topical and the mystical.
•    The group's ambitions, by now, were growing faster than its audience, which was concentrated on America's East Coast, especially in New York and Philadelphia — Scheherazade (1975) was built around a 20-minute extended suite for rock group and orchestra that dazzled the fans but made no new converts. A live album recorded at a New York concert date reprised their earlier material, including the "Scheherazade" suite, but covered little new ground and showed the group in a somewhat lethargic manner. The band's next two albums, Novella and A Song for All Seasons, failed to find new listeners, and as the 1970s closed out, the group was running headlong into the punk and new wave booms that made them seem increasingly anachronistic and doomed to cult status.
•    Their '80s albums were released with less than global or even national fanfare, and the group split up in the early '80s amid reported personality conflicts between members. During 1995, however, both Haslam and Dunford made attempts to revive the Renaissance name in different incarnations, and Jane Relf and the other surviving members of the original band were reportedly planning to launch their own Renaissance revival which, if nothing else, may keep the courts and some trademark attorneys busy for a little while.
ANNIE HASLAM (born: June 8, 1947, Bolton, Lancashire, England ~ Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
is a singer-songwriter with credits worthy of some of the most well known entertainers in the world. Primarily known for her role as the lead singer with the English classical rock band ‘Renaissance’ she later became equally heralded as a solo artist. Annie has traveled the world delighting audiences, most recently as far off as Japan and Brazil with her five octave voice and warm personality. Despite such a busy and varied life in music, Annie recently has been bestowed with an entirely new gift; she has embarked on a whole new journey in the form of oil painting. This came as a complete surprise and wondrous discovery, both to her and her fans. On somewhat of a mission, Annie has been painting fervently for a little over a year, with colors and movement that make you want to walk right into the canvas. She has been described as a ‘Dream Expressionist’. Her art is organic, yet with a dream-like feel, it is contemporary but does not seem to be influenced by anything other than her own feelings and thoughts. •    A painting called ‘Whales Tale’ was used for the cover of her recent CD, ‘One Enchanted Evening.’ She hopes to make people feel good with her artwork as she has with her voice. Annie hopes to combine music and art together sometime in the near future.
Website: http://renaissancetouring.com/
Annie Haslam: http://www.anniehaslam.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnieHaslamArt
Label: http://www.audiofidelity.net/
Booking Agents:
Wayne Forte • Entourage Talent Associates
236 West 27th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10001, USA
Worldwide Management:
Rob Kos Entertainment

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