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Rexy — Running Out of Time (1981) [Reissue 2016]

Rexy — Running Out of Time (1981) [Reissue 2016]

   Rexy — Running Out of Time (1981) [Reissue 2016]
Location: London, UK
Album release: 1981/2016
Record Label: Lucky Number [LUCKY090CD]
Genre: Synth–pop, Alternative, New Wave, Electronic, Funk
Duration:     36:02
01 Perfect Day     2:50
02 Heartbreak Hotel     2:21
03 In The Force     3:14
04 Funky Butt     3:04
05 Nervoso     4:23
06 Johnny B. Goode     2:56
07 Sending In The Clones     4:11
08 Running Out Of Time     4:17
09 Alien     4:22
10 Don’t Turn Me Away     4:25
Written by:
Γ   Presley, Axton, Durden     2
Γ   Chuck Berry     6
Γ   Mike Anscombe Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Γ   Rexy (Rex Nayman) voice
Γ   Chris Burne
Γ   Vic Martin Keyboards, Producer, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Γ   Recorded at Ark Studios, Kingston Upon Thames
Γ   Recorded at Freerange Studios
Γ   Mixed at Ark Studios, Kingston Upon Thames
Γ   Jonathan Summers Engineer 
Γ   Tom Johnston Illustration
Γ   Recorded by Freerange Studios
In 1979, Chris Burne of The Rivvits collaborated with noted keyboardist Vic Martin (Eurythmics, Boy George), for a single on Alien Records (7), ‘Don’t Turn Me Away.’ The singer was a striking 19–year–old brunette, an art student at St Martin’s college named Rexy (Rex Nayman), who used the talk–over vocals technique.
Γ   Chris Burne has since studied music compostion at Goldsmith’s College and written chamber music and scores for various media. On the popular music front Burne now records with many excellent UK and Nashville musicians on bluegrass, rockabilly, jazz, New Orelans, folk and Americana–influenced material. His latest incarnation is as lead singer and writer for his band Larry Wilder and the Colts, formed with legendary London–based slide–guitarist Rob Williams, a lifelong friend and collaborator. Burne has a small studio in SW London, where he records all his demos.  Nick Jones lives in rural Leicestershire and makes bespoke musical instruments and furniture, which are very sought after. He is an accomplished accordionist and plays in a folk band at festivals all around the UK. Jones is also a classical music composer and has written much library music. In 1994, Leicester University commissioned Jones to write a piece for the university orchestra which was performed there that year. Martin Godfrey is a very sucessful accountant and property developer based in the UK and Spain. He plays bass in various informal bands. Dave Hawthorn is a dentist, practising in East London. Γ   He still plays drums in a jazz combo. The Rivvits' singles and other vinyl by Alien Records are collectable and are regularly sold on E–Bay and other auction sites.
Peelwiki: http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/Rivvits

Rexy — Running Out of Time (1981) [Reissue 2016]


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