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Rich Hopkins & Luminarios — Enchanted Rock

Rich Hopkins & Luminarios — Enchanted Rock (May 19, 2015)United States             Rich Hopkins & Luminarios — Enchanted Rock
•   Producer, writer, guitarist, singer, humanitarian…
•   Rich Hopkins recently recorded his 14th album BURIED TREASURES with his band THE LUMINARIOS in both his home town Tucson, Az and in Austin, Texas.  The album was released in 2012 on San Jacinto Records and Blue Rose Records.  Rich started the Luminarios in 1991 as a side project with his first album PERSONALITY CRISIS that was released on Germany’s EFA Records.  After the Rubies initially broke up in 1993, Rich decided to keep going with his ever changing cast of Luminarios band members and in 1993 recorded DIRT TOWN and DUMPSTER OF LOVE in 1995 for ENEMT RECORDS in Germany/USA.
Location: Austin, Texas ~~ Tucson, Arizona
Album release: May 19, 2015
Record Label: Rich Hopkins Music / Clay Pasternack
Duration:     48:02
1. Nobody Told You     2:53
2. Darkside of the Sponge     4:31
3. Paraguay     7:22
4. Everything     3:28
5. Hangin' On     3:38
6. Dancing Barefoot     5:18
7. There Must be Someone (I Can Turn To)     3:28
8. Christmastime     4:11
9. Follow The Luminarios     13:23
•   Rich Hopkins — vocals,guitar
•   Lisa Novak — vocals,guitar
•   Jon Sanchez — guitar
•   George Duron — drums
•   Duane Hollis — bass
•   Ken Andree — bass
•   Alan Anderson — drums
•   Damon Barnaby — guitar
•   Enchanted Rock was recorded live at Halversonics Studio in Austin, Texas in two days and mixed in one day. What makes this album different is there is a mix of country covers by the Gosdin Brothers and Patty Smith to a new original song that sounds very Raspberry–esque (Nobody Told You) to acoustic renditions of some of Hopkins' older songs like Paraguay and Dark Side of the Spoon. This album captures the band in a new light.
By Zorn
•   Known for his work in the ’80s with the Sidewinders and in the ’90s with the Sand Rubies, guitarist and songwriter Rich Hopkins formed his own band Rich Hopkins and the Luminarios in the early ’90s. His former side project became his full-time passion, combining the talents of many of the musicians he had been working with in the Tuscon, AZ, area. Their independent debut Personality Crisis was followed by Dirt Town in 1994, Dumpster of Love in 1995, and a solo album entitled Paraguay. The band’s 1996 release, El Paso, was followed by one of many European tours and 1997’s The Glorious Sounds of the Luminarios was the first to feature bassist Mike Davis from the MC5 and a reunion with Bruce Halper from the Sand Rubies. The subsequent tour produced the live album 3000 Germans Can’t Be Wrong and 2000 brought about their sixth studio album Devolver.
Website: http://richhopkinsmusic.com/the-luminarios/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RH_Luminarios
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richhopkinsandtheluminarios

Rich Hopkins & Luminarios — Enchanted Rock


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