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Richard In Your Mind

Richard in Your Mind — Ponderosa (29 August 2014)

   Richard in Your Mind — Ponderosa (29 August 2014)  Ξ****  “Australané svírají svůj vlastní podpis v přístupu k hudbě. I v tomto albu je tomu tak. Všechny ostatní velmoci by v jednotlivých případech vedly rukopis jinam. Nemluvím o vnitřní kubatuře alba ((hloubka, výška, šířka, délka). A proto jsem nucen uznat, že se na tom zřejmě podepisuje přírodní prostředí. Umělci vidí souhvězdí jiná a jinak, než zbytek světa; určitá osamocenost světadílu přijde na mysl také. Richard In Your Mind přivedli na svět nejsilnější album. “Skull Sized Kingdom” jen potvrzuje, že když je u nás zima, tam je léto a naopak. Flétna v poslední písni “Leaf” je slušivou tečkou za jedním z alb roku 2015. Ešte verím, že raz príde dobrý kráľ. Tie zvery nestihly všetko roztrhať”.                                                                                               Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Album release: 29 August 2014
Record Label: Rice Is Nice/Inertia More Sharing Services
Duration:     45:42
01. Love Grows     3:30
02. Hammered     2:30
03. Look You Gave     4:09
04. Four Leaf Clover Salad     4:04
05. Ponderosa     3:06
06. What It’s All About     1:20
07. My Volcano     3:23
08. Shooting Star     3:51
09. This Is House Music     3:48
10. Crew Of The Neptune     2:56
11. Byrdman     4:09
12. Good Morning     3:17
13. Skull Sized Kingdom     3:59
14. Leaf     1:42
Ξ   All songs by Richard In Your Mind
Ξ   Produced by Richard In Your Mind and Spod
Ξ   Mixed by Spod
Ξ   Mastered by Don Bartley                  
Aug 22nd 2014  | Score: ****
Ξ   “Me and my baby get hammered in the daytime.” — Hannah Story
Ξ   Did anyone think it was possible for Richard In Your Mind to become more of a psych band? No? Well you were wrong. Because they have (with added synth!). Ξ  Ponderosa kicks off with sitar on Karma (Love Grows) and then the bliss–outs escalate from there, with lyrics like opening line “You receive a high–five when you give a high–five,” setting the tone for what will obviously be a deep album.
Ξ   First single Hammered sums up the album easily: “Me and my baby get hammered in the daytime.”                                                                               Ξ  It’s an album that continues the oh–so–Australian tradition of not taking itself too seriously. And there’s something very fitting about basing an entire song on another great Australian tradition: day–drinking. Tongue–in–cheek songwriting again rears its head for the genuinely funny This Is House Music, with its deck scratching, surprisingly danceable synth break (which does bring to mind the flashing strobes of a house club) and lyrics that don’t mean to mean much at all: “Melody ripples across the surface of the moon.” The same synth break is brought back for Good Morning, which thanks to vocal effects and, yes, more deck scratching, is an unlikely grimy highlight.
Ξ   But the obvious highlight is Look You Gave which is catchy, but not in an obvious way; you’ll find yourself murmuring along before long. It and Shooting Star are two tracks that are good song–songs, utilising funky bass lines, harmonies and chilled surf–style lead guitar. Ξ   http://themusic.com.au/
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Ξ   Richard In Your Mind’s catalogue boasts 5 releases through Rice Is Nice, each and everyone cherished and adored.
Ξ   Their latest album Ponderosa is the band’s most melodic, dynamic and fun release yet.
Ξ   Created over the last 2 years the album is a meticulously crafted, joyous, and bizarre collection of songs showcasing a plethora of strengths from this unique band.
Ξ   Sitars, synthesizers, vocal harmonies, groovy beats and an array of found sounds combine to create a kaleidoscopic pop dream of an album. From the singalong pop gem ‘Hammered’ to the beautiful and dreamy ‘Shooting Star, Ponderosa is a journey of exploration, discovery, spontaneity and escapism.
Ξ   Recorded by the band at their ever faithful Super Love Brain studio in the Blue Mountains, Ponderosa is a giant leap forward for the group in terms of performance and craftsmanship. Mixed and co–produced by regular cohort SPOD, the album features guest appearances from good friend Emily Wilton, former band–mate Jordy Lane, Alyx Dennison and even Richard’s wife Katie on the bittersweet duet ‘Crew of the Neptune’.
Ξ   Band leader Richard Cartwright explains the album’s name: “Ponderosa is the name of the ranch where the Cartwright family live on the old TV show Bonanza,” he says. “Being a Cartwright myself, people often make references to my distant television cousins, so Ponderosa to me is a quest to find the elusive imaginary ancestral ‘home’. Like most quests, it is the journey that is important, and often what one seeks outwardly, one can only find within.”
Ξ   If that sounds too heady don’t worry. Cartwright and his core band of surrealists (Conrad Greenleaf on bass, synth and guitar and Pat Torres on drums) have always found a way of taking the slightly off–kilter and converting it into beautifully relatable art and Ponderosa is no exception.
Ξ   Richard In Your Mind’s Ponderosa is a wild ride… one that makes perfect sense while you’re on it.

Richard In Your Mind