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Robinson — Willamina Machine (2013)

 Robinson — Willamina Machine (2013)

               Robinson — Willamina Machine
Location: Worcester, London, England
Album release: July 22, 2013
Record Label: Palawan
Duration:     33:42
01. Superlove      (3:35)
02. Her And The Pancakes      (3:32)
03. Waiting On Cinderella      (2:57)
04. Bury Me Good      (2:57)
05. We Don't Work It's Over      (3:15)
06. If You See Her      (3:17)
07. 100 Miles Per Hour      (3:35)
08. Lady In White      (3:37)
09. Show Me A Sign      (3:12)
10. Home      (3:45)
2010 Palawan Productions Ltd
||   Third album now from singer songwriter Robinson who spent the time in Southern California honing the songs for this album and the results show a strange mix of Americana rooted firmly in the college rock scene. With more than a shade of REM about it, it’s a welcome addition to the genre and one that sticks around for days after you have listened. Such is the talent of Robinson, he delivers wry songs backed up by excellent musicianship that could so easily fall on the side of trite if he didn’t pull it off with such panache. Delivering wry outlooks on life with often amusing consequences, it’s difficult to keep a straight face whilst singing along. ‘Superlove’ starts in moderate style as a classic riff leads into a forbidding REM-style guitar which then explodes in melody on the chorus. This is followed by the off the wall ‘Her and the Pancakes’ which is the first in a sequence of songs which show that sometimes a great title is all you need. It is also the sound of Robinson finding his groove and settling down only to be hit with the joyous burst of ‘Waiting on Cinderella’. ‘We Don’t Work It’s Over’ demonstrates another side of Robinson as we are led into rather maudlin territory, this doesn’t last though as ‘If You See Her’ shows a wonderful side to Robinson’s lyrics. A wry take on arguing and suicide followed by a great singalong, it’s everything that off the wall college rock used to be about.
||   There’s a strange excursion into accordion territory for the next two songs ’100 miles per Hour’ and ‘Lady in White’ which bring to mind Gogol Bordello. It doesn’t quite work and ruins the flow of the album so far. A flat end isn’t helped by final song ‘Show Me a Sign’ which runs out of ideas before it begins. A sorry end to a fantastic first three quarters but that’s life, we can’t have it all.

Website: http://www.robinsonsmusic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/robinsons_music
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Robinsonsmusic
Contact: palawan@me.com

Robinson — Willamina Machine (2013)



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