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Rory Block Turning Point (1989) 

Rory Block - Turning Point (1989)

       Rory Block Turning Point
Birth name: Aurora Block
Born: November 6, 1949, Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Album release: 1989
Record Label: Munich / Zensor
Website: www.roryblock.com
Location: NYC
Runtime:    42:13
01. Turning Point   5:13
02.  Holdin' On   3:46
03.  Far Away   3:02
04.  All Of My Life   4:09
05.  Spider Boy   3:57
06.  Gedachtentrein   2:45
07.  All As One   6:18
08.  Heather's Song   2:22
09.  Old Times Are Gone   1:35
10.  Leavin' Here   2:14
11.  Down The Highway   2:05
12.  Tomorrow   4:48
Rory Block (Acoustic, Slide Guitar, Vocals)
Arlen Roth (Slide Guitar)
Alan Gorrie, Steve Khan (Electric Guitar)
Scott Spray, Mark Egan (Bass)
Ron Bach (Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Organ)
Willie Wilcox, Steve Gadd (Drums)
Warren Bernhardt (Strings, Piano)
Hans Theessink (Harmonica, Mandolin)
Recorded in 1989, this wasn't released in the United States until 1996.
Aurora "Rory" Block (born November 6, 1949, Princeton, New Jersey) is an American female blues guitarist and singer, a notable exponent of the country blues style.
Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I want to say a very special thank you to all the wonderful people who write to us about the site, the shows, and about their own profound personal experiences. Please know that without you, good friends, fans and web surfers, there could be no career, just pickin' and singin' on the porch (which ain't half bad in itself as that is where all good music started).
"Today she is widely regarded as the top female interpreter and
authority on traditional country blues worldwide."
The Blues Foundation
Love, Rory
 "... Rory Block is currently stretching the limits...
hugely talented... She is one of our national treasures."
The New York Blues & Jazz Society
“Rory Block is the blues... one of the music’s few living legends.”
All Music Guide album pick
"A living landmark, the finest contemporary purveyor of the
Mississippi Delta Country Blues tradition..."
Berkeley Express
"...one of the world's most important preservers of the roots of American music... a national treasure in the form of an uncompromising mature blues artist."
Guitar Extra
"Her playing is perfect, her singing otherworldly as she wrestles
with ghosts, shadows and legends."
The New York Times
"...Rory Block is one of the greatest living acoustic blues artists... she can hold her own with the legends who inspired her."
Blues Revue
"If you like music steeped in tradition and genuine feeling, this is your woman."
People Magazine
"Some of the most singular and affecting Country Blues anyone, man or woman, black or white, old or young, has cut in recent years."
Rolling Stone
"Rory Block has been an inspiration to me since we started out years ago. Her guitar playing, singing and songwriting are some of the most soulful in traditional and modern blues."
Bonnie Raitt
“Rory Block should have a Doctorate in my grandfather’s music.”
Steven Johnson, grandson of Robert Johnson
“When I hear Rory Block’s music, it’s as if my grandfather is here all over again.”
Greg Johnson, grandson of Robert Johnson
Year  /   Title  /   Label  /   Number  /   Notes
1967 How to Play Blues Guitar Elektra 324 Credited as "Sunshine Kate", with Stefan Grossman, reissued in 1978 as Kicking Mule 109
1975 Rory Block RCA Victor 0733 
1976 Rory Block (I'm in Love) Blue Goose 2022 
1977 Intoxication, So Bitter Sweet Chrysalis 1157 
1979 You're the One Chrysalis 1233 
1981 High Heeled Blues Rounder 3061 Recorded at Bearsville Sound Studios, Produced by John Sebastian
1983 Blue Horizon Rounder 3073 
1983 Rhinestones & Steel Strings Rounder 3085 
1986 I've Got a Rock in My Sock Rounder 3097 
1987 Best Blues and Originals Rounder 11525 
1987 House of Hearts Rounder 3104 
1990 Color Me Wild Alcazar 1003 Children's album
1991 Mama's Blues Rounder 3117 Live
1992 Ain't I A Woman Rounder 3120 
1994 Angel of Mercy Rounder 3126 1994 Adult Contemporary Album of the Year
1994 Women In (E)motion Tradition & Moderne 107 Live, 1988
1995 When A Woman Gets The Blues Rounder 3139 1996 Acoustic Blues Album of the Year
1995 Turning Point Munich 145 
1996 Tornado Rounder 3140 1997 Adult Contemporary Album of the Year
1997 Gone Woman Blues: The Country Blues Collection Rounder 11575 
1997 The Early Tapes 1975-1976 Alcazar 111 
1998 Confessions Of A Blues Singer Rounder 3154 1999 Acoustic Blues Album of the Year
2002 I'm Every Woman Rounder 3174 
2003 Last Fair Deal Telarc CD-83593 
2004 Sisters & Brothers Telarc CD-83588 With Eric Bibb and Maria Muldaur
2005 From The Dust Telarc CD-83614 
2006 The Lady and Mr Johnson Rykodisc RCD 10872 2007 Acoustic Blues Album of the Year
2008 Blues Walkin' Like a Man: A Tribute To Son House Stony Plain SPCD 1329 
2008 Country Blues Guitar - Rare Archival Recordings 1963-1971 Guitar Workshop SGGW103 With Stefan Grossman, reissue of How to Play Blues Guitar plus 16 additional tracks                             / MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/roryblock#! Delta Slider: Rory Block LiveRory Block / RAWARory BlockRory Block – Turning Point (1989)

Rory Block Turning Point (1989)