Rosanne Cash — The River & The Thread (LTD. ED. DELUXE) (2014)

 Rosanne Cash — The River & The Thread (LTD. ED. DELUXE) (2014)

Rosanne Cash — The River & The Thread (LTD. ED. DELUXE)

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→  “I went back to where I was born, and these songs started arriving in me,” says Rosanne Cash. All these things happened that made me feel a deeper connection to the South than I ever had. We started finding these great stories, and the melodies that went with those experiences.”
→  The Chicago Tribune hailed Cash’s 2010 bestselling memoir, Composed, as one of the best accounts of an American life you will likely ever read.” With The River & The Thread, Cash turns her attention to other American lives and locations. The album richly evokes the Southern landscape — physical, musical, emotional — and examines the indelible impressions it has made on our own collective culture and on Cash.
Born: May 24, 1955
Origin: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Genres: Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Country, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Contemporary Country, Blues, Acoustic Blues
Location: Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City
Album release: January 14th, 2014
Record Label: Blue Note Records
Duration:     38:18 + bonusses
01. A Feather’s Not A Bird     3:18
02. The Sunken Lands     2:57
03. Etta’s Tune (featuring John Paul White)     3:44
04. Modern Blue     3:02
05. Tell Heaven     2:40
06. The Long Way Home     3:17
07. World Of Strange Design (featured guitar Derek Trucks)     3:25
08. Night School     3:48
09. 50,000 Watts (featuring Cory Chisel)     2:59
10. When The Master Calls The Roll     5:07
11. Money Road (featuring Allison Moorer)     3:59
12. Two Girls (Bonus Track)
13. Biloxi (Bonus Track)
14. Your Southern Heart (Bonus Track)
2013 Blue Note Records
°  Produced and arranged by John Leventhal
°  Co–produced by Rick DePofi
DELUXE: This beautiful limited edition version of the album comes as a 36 page hard cover book filled with photos and mementos from Rosanne s musical journey through the American South that resulted in THE RIVER & THE THREAD. It also has 3 bonus studio tracks not included on the standard edition, including covers of songs by celebrated songwriters Townes Van Zandt (Two Girls) and Jesse Winchester (Biloxi) along with the Cash/Leventhal original Your Southern Heart.
°  Nearly eight years after Rosanne Cash last released a set of original songs, 2014's The River and the Thread finds her in a reflective mood, and just as 2009's The List saw her looking back with a set of classic songs recommended by her father, the late country legend Johnny Cash, The River and the Thread is dominated by thoughts and emotions that occurred to her as she was involved in a project to restore Johnny's boyhood home. This doesn't mean that Cash has returned to the spunky, country–accented sound of her most popular work — this is still Rosanne Cash the mature and thoughtful singer/songwriter we've come to know since the late '90s, and the tone of this album is unfailingly literate. But though this music isn't country, it's certainly Southern, and road trips from Alabama to Tennessee, visits to the Tallahatchie Bridge and Money Street, and vintage gospel music on the radio embroider these songs as Cash immerses herself in the places that were once close to home as if she's reuniting with long lost family. And two of the songs cut especially close to home — "Etta's Tune" was written in memory of Marshall Grant, a longtime family friend and member of Johnny Cash's band, while "When the Master Calls the Roll" is a tale of love torn apart during the Civil War that Cash wrote in collaboration with her former husband Rodney Crowell and current spouse John Leventhal, and they rank with the best material on the album, genuine and heartfelt, and written and performed with a genuine passion that never sinks into sentimental histrionics. Just as Cash's songs are crafted with a subtle intelligence, her vocals here are superb, getting to the heart of the lyrics without painting herself into a corner, and the production is rich but elegant and to the point. Rosanne Cash hasn't been especially prolific in the 21st century, and at under 40 minutes, she wasn't crafting an epic with The River and the Thread. But she's learned to make every word and every note count, and this album confirms once again that she's matured into a singular artist with the talent and the vision to make these stories of her travels in the South come to vivid and affecting life.
by ANN POWERS; January 05, 201411:00 PM
°  It's tempting — and, really, accurate — to describe Rosanne Cash's new album as a literary effort. The singer–songwriter is also a published author, and her last album, 2009's The List, was a writer's game: Its 12 tracks abridged her famous father Johnny's 100–song lexicon of essentials, which he gave to his then-teenaged daughter as a legacy and a challenge. A set of originals, The River & The Thread features a similarly strong formal structure, but it expands where The List contracts.
°  Each song is rooted in the Southern soil connecting the old Cash homestead in Arkansas to the family's ancestral Virginia homeland, expanding to survey the family's artistic roots in Alabama and Tennessee. Some narratives are fictional, while others mine family lore. Each unfolds in a subtle arc made three–dimensional by Cash's introspective lyrics and the genre–dissolving blend of country, soul and torch songs that she and her husband and producer, John Leventhal, cultivate.
°  So go ahead, compare The River & The Thread to Lee Smith's hardscrabble domestic tales or historical fiction like Cold Mountain. But you can also approach the album as an interactive map, the kind that lights up when you touch it, revealing hidden details along the stopping points on a regional pilgrimage.
°  From the bluesy opening salvo "A Feather's Not a Bird" through the peaceful, countrified "Etta's Tune" and the majestic "When the Master Calls the Roll" — an original take on sentimental Civil War balladry that has Cash enlisting an inter-generational choir which includes her ex-husband (and the song's co-writer) Rodney Crowell, Kris Kristofferson, Tony Joe White, John Prine and Levon Helm's daughter Amy Helm — Cash matches styles to stories, showing her mastery of Southern music's many dialects. The contemporary "Night School" has a jazzy feel, but it also looks back to Stephen Foster; "50,000 Watts" is gospel with a spirited vocal by the young vagabond Cory Chisel. The overall effect of the album's gentle turns is rich and deep, like the rivers that define Cash's trajectory.
°  The most clearly autobiographical songs on The River & The Thread mesh seamlessly with Cash's fictions; at 58, she fully understands herself as both creator and character. Nothing feels forced or too clever. The delicacy of Cash's vision and Leventhal's production allows them to tell a Southern story that never gets lost in broad accents. "All you did was figure out how to take the long way home," she sings in her resolute, empathetic alto. On The River & The Thread, she lights the way so that we can follow. (
Studio albums:
1978: Rosanne Cash
1979: Right or Wrong
1981: Seven Year Ache
1982: Somewhere in the Stars
1985: Rhythm & Romance
1987: King's Record Shop
1990: Interiors
1993: The Wheel
1996: 10 Song Demo
2003: Rules of Travel
2006: Black Cadillac
2009: The List
2014: The River & the Thread
Personal life:
°  Cash's parents, Johnny Cash and Vivian Liberto, were married in San Antonio, Texas in 1954. She has three younger sisters, Kathy, Cindy and Tara. Johnny and Vivian divorced in 1966, and he married June Carter in 1968. Cash's stepsisters are country singers Carlene Carter and Rosie Nix Adams, also known as Rosey Carter, June Carter's daughters from her first two marriages. Johnny and June's son John Carter Cash is Rosanne's half brother. Cash's stepmother and father died in 2003.
°  Cash married country music singer–songwriter Rodney Crowell in 1979. They have three daughters: Caitlin, Chelsea and Carrie. Cash also raised Crowell's daughter, Hannah, from a previous marriage. Cash and Crowell divorced in 1992. She married her second husband, John Leventhal, in 1995, and they have one son, Jakob Cash lives with her husband, son and youngest daughter in Chelsea, Manhattan.
Photo: Rosanne Cash during the presentation of her book at the Miami Book Fair International 2011, photo credit: Rodrigo Fernandéz.

Rosanne Cash — The River & The Thread (LTD. ED. DELUXE) (2014)


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