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Rupert Hine — Immunity (1981) [Remastered 1989]

Rupert Hine — Immunity (1981) [Remastered 1989]

   Rupert Hine — Immunity (1981) [Remastered 1989]
•  Producentsky se podílel na 104 albech. Svých vlastních má 16, album Immunity má v tomto katalogu poř. č. 7. Kdysi jsem ho vlastnil jako vinyl, teď se rozhoduji opět mít dovezený z Japonska. The album was dedicated to Liam Byrne. The song "Misplaced Love" features a brief chorus by British singer Marianne Faithfull.Born: September 22, 1947 in London, UK
Notable instruments: keyboards, harmonica, guitar, drums
Location: UK
Album release: 1989
Recorded: Farmyard Studios, Buckinghamshire, England
Genre: Electronic, New Wave, Synth–pop
Record Label: A&M Records Ltd.
Duration:     46:15
01. I Hang On To My Vertigo      5:00
02. Misplaced Love      4:14
03. Samsara      5:10
04. Surface Tension      4:21
05. I Think A Man Will Hang Soon      4:25
06. Immunity      3:53
07. Another Stranger      4:44
08. Psycho–Surrender      4:12
09. Make A Wish      6:20
10. Scratching At Success (Bonus track)      3:52
• All tracks composed by Rupert Hine and Jeannette Obstoj
• Produced by Rupert Hine and Stephen W. Tayler
Rupert Hine — vocals, keyboards, instrumentation, sound co–ordinator
Phil Collins — percussion on "Immunity" and "Another Stranger"
Trevor Morais — drums on "I Think a Man Will Hang Soon", percussion on "Another Stranger" and "Make a Wish"
Marianne Faithfull — vocals on "Misplaced Love"
Geoffrey Richardson — viola on "Make a Wish"
Ollie W. Tayler — clarinet and recorder on "Psycho Surrender"
Phil Palmer — guitarNotes
•  Produced at Farmyard Studios, Buckinghamshire, England.
•  Tracks 5 and 9 are original (uncut) versions.
•  Track 10 is a bonus track.
•  The extra track "Scratching At Success" as available as a B Side for a limited period in 1982.
•  This album is dedicated with love to Liam Byrne (Who always told a good joke).
•  Audio Master Plus Series
•  Phil Collins Guest Artist, Percussion
•  Marianne Faithfull Guest Artist, Vocals
•  Rupert Hine Composer, Instrumentation, Keyboards, Liner Notes, Processing, Producer, Sound Coordinator, Vocals
•  Ian Morais Assistant Engineer, Engineer, Mixing
•  Trevor Morais Drums, Percussion
•  Jeannette Obstoj Composer
•  Phil Palmer Guitar
•  Chris Parker Photography, Treatments
•  Geoffrey Richardson Viola
•  Michael Ross Art Direction, Design
•  Simon Ryan Design
•  Stephen W. Tayler Clarinet, Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Recorder
•  Ollie W. Taylor Wind                      © (l to r) Rupert Hine, Sir Bob Geldof, Sir George Martin
AllMusic Review by François Couture;  Score: ****½
•  Immunity marked a return to solo work for Rupert Hine after a few years with Quantum Jump. Early–'80s synth–pop did not age very well as a genre, but this album (like maybe Jon Anderson's Animation) is a stellar exception. As a producer, Hine's vision had been sharpened by his work with, among others, Anthony Phillips. One finds here an atmosphere similar to the latter's LP Sides, but also to Peter Hammill's solo albums from the same period. Of course, Hine's approach was closer to pop, but he favored disquieting moods, oblique accompaniments, poetic lyrics, and dramatic effects. Highlights include the gloomy "I Think a Man Will Hang Soon," the catchy title track, the delicate "Samsara," and the progressively schizophrenic masterpiece "Make a Wish," although each of the album's original nine tracks is a gem, full of clever ideas and daring artistic choices. Hine handles most instruments. Guest musicians include Phil Collins (drums on two tracks), Marianne Faithfull (back vocals on one track), while guitarist Phil Palmer can be heard throughout the album. The 2001 CD reissue on Voiceprint's imprint Misplaced added the B–side "Scratching at Success" and "Introduction to the Menace," the stage walk–on music Hine used for his shows at the time. It also features the original "scarier" mixes of "I Think a Man Will Hang Soon" and "Make a Wish," both rejected by the record label in 1981. For anyone interested in Hine's singer/songwriter career, Immunity is the place to start. •  http://www.allmusic.com/
•  The Sounds of Silence, 7" single (Decca F.12306) as Rupert and David (1965)
•  Pick Up a Bone (1971)
•  Unfinished Picture (1973)
•  Quantum Jump (as Quantum Jump) (1975)
•  Barracuda (as Quantum Jump) (1977)
•  Mixing (as Quantum Jump) (1979)
•  Immunity (1981)
•  Waving Not Drowning (1982)
•  The Wildest Wish to Fly (1983)
•  Better Off Dead (Soundtrack)
•  The Formula (as Thinkman) (1985)
•  Life is a Full–Time Occupation (as Thinkman) (1988)
•  Hard Hat Zone (as Thinkman) (1990)
•  The Deep End (1994)
•  Spin 1ne 2wo (1995)
•  Unshy on the Skyline — The Best of Rupert Hine (Compilation) (2015)
Website: https://rupert-hine.squarespace.com/
•  Rupert's career as a producer spans more than 45 years and some 125 albums. So his wide–ranging musical perspective and accomplishments — which are commercial and eclectic — made him the obvious choice to write the foreword for the definitive reference work on music producers: Billboard's 'The Encyclopedia Of Record Producers'.
•  In fact, the encyclopedia states: 'Few producers have worked with as wide a stylistic range of gold and platinum–selling artists as Hine including Tina Turner, The Fixx, Howard Jones, Chris de Burgh, Rush, Bob Geldof, Stevie Nicks, Thomson Twins, The Waterboys, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, Underworld, Milla Jovovich and Duncan Sheik'. •  It goes on to talk of Rupert's significant work under the commercial radar that includes The Velvet Underground's Nico, supermodel Milla Jovovich and techno–pioneers Underworld, concluding with: 'and, of course, Hine himself (6 albums under his own name, 3 under the alias Thinkman plus 2 with his 70s band Quantum Jump.'
•  As a leader rather than a follower when it comes to technology, Rupert pioneered electronic musical instrument interfaces with the fledgling MIDI. Invited by Apple in the 90s to help demonstrate the powers of their ground–breaking software engines to the music–world's creative thinkers, Rupert has consistently championed the incorporation of the digital environment into art and creativity.
•  He is a founder member of the Music Producers Guild, the International MIDI Association and a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in the US. In 2011 he received an APRS Fellowship Award from the legendary Sir George Martin.

Rupert Hine — Immunity (1981) [Remastered 1989]


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