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Ryan Adams — Ryan Adams (September 8, 2014)

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ψ   Ryan Adams je zpátky v sedle, nejdříve si ovšem otestoval nový materiál s celou kapelou živě. Album se povedlo!
ψ   Zdroje Billboard.com říkají, že Adams se spojil opět s top producentem jménem Glyn Johns (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Clash), který pracoval na jeho posledním albu, “Ashes & Fire” (2011). Nový soubor má “více orchestrální zvukovou vizáž”, než ten poslední.
ψ   Britští diváci dostali jako první možnost poslechnout si nové písně. Adams provedl nové skladby dne 19. března, během první noci na Teenage Cancer, charitativních koncertech v londýnské Royal Albert Hall.
Podle hodnocení přehlídky publikované britským bulvárním plátkem The Mirror, první z těchto písní jsou “velmi odlišné, je tam více uptempa a elektrických pasáží v podobě horror movie storyline.”
ψ   Poprvé od roku 2009, Adams se objevil na pódiu s plnou doprovodnou kapelou. Říká se, že pět mužů, kteří se k němu připojilo na jevišti — Benmont Tench na klávesy, Don Was na basu, Cindy Cashdollar na havajskou steel kytaru, Jeremy Stacey na bicí a syn Glyna Johnse — Ethan Johns na kytaru — jsou stejní musos, kteří hrají na new~new albu. Nakonec kytaru obsadil Johnny Depp a na basu hraje skvělá Tal Wilkenfeld.
ψ   Ryan Adams je album sklíčeného triumfátora. Portrét umělce jako frustrovaného člověka, který touží po vysvobození z okolní temnoty, i když naděje jsou velmi zamlžené: budoucnost je nejistá. Album to sice není nijak povznášející, je však určitě vynikající. Jim Beviglia z American Songwriter mu dává téměř maximální hodnocení: 4.5 out of 5 stars.Ryan Adams ©Noah Abrams, 2017
Born: November 5, 1974, Jacksonville, North Carolina United States
Origin: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Location: Los Angeles CA
Occupations: Musician, singer~songwriter, producer, poet, painter
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, bass guitar, drums, banjo, mandolin, ukulele
Album release: Sept. 9, 2014
Recorded: PAX AM Studios, California
Record Label: PAX~AM/Blue Note
Duration:     42:39
01. Gimme Something Good      3:55
02. Kim      3:27
03. Trouble       3:47
04. Am I Safe     4:33
05. My Wrecking Ball      3:09
06. Stay With Me     3:06
07. Shadows     5:23
08. Feels Like Fire     4:25
09. I Just Might     3:2)
10. Tired Of Giving Up     3:40
11. Let Go      3:44
Notable instruments:
≡   Gibson ES~355
≡   Fender Telecaster
≡   1974 Guild D~25
≡   Harmony Sovereign H1264
≡   Buck Owens American
≡   Fender Stratocaster
≡   Fender Princeton Reverb
◊   All songs written and composed by Ryan Adams unless otherwise stated.    
≡   Noah Abrams Photography
≡   Ryan Adams Composer, Guitar, Photography, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
≡   Alice Baxley Photography
≡   Julia Brokaw Back Cover Photo, Cover Photo
≡   Johnny Depp Guitar, Vocals
≡   David Labrel Engineer
≡   Mandy Moore Vocals
≡   Jeremy Stacey Drums
≡   Charlie Stavish Engineer, Mixing, Producer
≡   Gentry Studer Mastering
≡   Benmont Tench Organ, Piano
≡   Mike Viola Contribution, Producer
≡   Marshall Vore Drums, Percussion
≡   Don Was A&R
≡   Howie Weinberg Mastering
≡   Andy West Artwork
≡   Tal Wilkenfeld Bass
Billboard Singles:
≡   2014 My Wrecking Ball Rock Songs     #41                                                                                                                                                                  Writing and composition:
≡   Regarding the writing process for Ryan Adams, Adams noted that the compositions were inspired by both The Smiths and The Velvet Underground. He stated: “[I would] go in with a couple bros at seven o'clock and just jam. We would, like, smoke a bowl and drink some tea — and the words came free~flowing out of me. It gives me chills just talking about it.”
≡   “Ryan Adams’ new album is a self-titled affair and the first to be released on the combined Pax Am/Blue Note imprint. Produced by Adams himself at his own Pax Am Studios in Los Angeles, the new record is the NC~born singer/songwriter s first full length since 2011’s acclaimed Ashes & Fire. The first single ‘Gimme Something Good’ has already elicited wide praise with Stereogum exclaiming ‘he doesn’t seem to have lost a songwriting step. This thing is a total knockout.’ The vinyl is available as a single LP 180 gram edition and comes with a download card with for a free 320 kbps mp3 ripped directly from the vinyl.”
≡   Following the release of Ashes & Fire (2011), and its successful accompanying tour, Adams returned to the studio in 2012 to record its follow~up with producer Glyn Johns. The planned album was set to include “more orchestral flourishes” than its primarily stripped~back predecessor. In March 2013, Adams debuted two new songs, “Where I Meet You In My Mind” and “In The Shadows”, at a one~off live performance.  The concert was Adams’ first with a backing band since the dissolution of The Cardinals in 2009. The band included Ashes & Fire session musicians, Benmont Tench (keyboards) and Jeremy Stacey (drums); former Cardinals member Cindy Cashdollar (pedal steel); Adams’ regular collaborator Ethan Johns (guitar) and Don Was (bass). This performing line~up were reported to be the musicians performing on Adams’ forthcoming studio album.
≡   News of the album’s recording and eventual release began to fade, with Adams becoming a prolific record producer at his studio PAX AM. During this time, Adams produced Fall Out Boy’s PAX AM Days (2013), Ethan Johns’ The Reckoning (2014), and Jenny Lewis’s The Voyager (2014). In 2013, Adams also formed a punk rock band entitled Pornography, releasing a limited edition EP, 7 Minutes in Heaven, for Record Store Day 2013.
≡   In 2014, it was revealed that Adams had scrapped the Glyn Johns~produced successor to Ashes & Fire, and had started afresh at his studios, PAX AM, with his recording partner Mike Viola, and bass guitarist Tal Wilkenfeld, who had previously performed in Jeff Beck’s band.
≡   Ryan Adams was recorded at Adams' home analogue studio, PAX AM, which he described as “like the Millennium Falcon. So many possibilities.”
By STEPHEN THOMPSON, August 31, 2014, 11:03 PM ET
Δ   Once known as a poster child for heedless prolificacy, Ryan Adams now seems to have discovered how to live at a human pace. His self~titled 14th album is his first in three years — a span that would have seemed inconceivable a decade ago. But the former Whiskeytown singer has settled down in several ways in recent years, for reasons both healthy (sobriety, marriage) and less so (a painful and career~threatening inner~ear disorder).
Δ   It’s only natural that, like 2011’s Ashes & Fire, Ryan Adams sands down some of the singer~songwriter’s rough spots, in ways that can affect peaks and valleys alike. But Adams still hits terrific highs here — most notably in “My Wrecking Ball,” which locates the singer’s blood~and~guts barrenness, and “I Just Might,” during which he channels early Springsteen in a way that suits him.
Δ   Adams’ output was erratic for so long — not to mention checkered with unlikely detours, including the occasional ragged punk record — that albums this sure~handed actually take a little getting used to. But Ryan Adams rewards the extra attention: It’s the sound of a genius who’s only recently relearned what it's like to walk on steady footing. Fortaken: http://www.npr.org/
Written by Jim Beviglia, September 4th, 2014 at 8:45 am, Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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