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Ryan Montbleau — I Was Just Leaving (Mar 3, 2017)

Ryan Montbleau — I Was Just Leaving (Mar 3, 2017)

      Ryan Montbleau — I Was Just Leaving (Mar 3, 2017)Ryan Montbleau — I Was Just Leaving (Mar 3, 2017)•→            A Boston~based singer/songwriter whose soulful mix of rock, folk, R&B, Americana, and funk has drawn comparisons to John Mayer and Martin Sexton.
Born: June 18, 1977 in Peabody, MA
Genre: Rock, folk, R&B, Americana, and funk
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Album release: March 3, 2017
Record Label: Gearbox Records
Duration:     38:12
01 I Was Just Leaving     2:59
02 Bright Side     3:25
03 Time and Again     3:21
04 Warning Bell     2:16
05 Moving Too Fast     3:00
06 Running the Engine     3:20
07 Hope vs. Pray     3:57
08 This Wonderful Place      2:15
09 Never Stopped Loving You     3:27
10 Abigail     3:51
11 Together at Least (The Betterment Blues)     3:58
12 Cue the Majesty     2:23
℗ 2017 Blue’s Mountain
by Lee Zimmerman on May 31, 2017
•→            I Was Just Leaving marks a change in direction for Ryan Montbleau — a solitary effort comprised of lonesome, melancholy ballads conveyed with little more than his fragile vocals, an acoustic guitar and occasional percussion. The downtrodden tone suggests that Montbleau is either bound up in reflection or simply returning to his roots as a solo troubadour who once frequented open~mic nights in his native Boston. Either way, these tunes are tailor~made to be played before an engaged audience, and songs such as “Never Stopped Loving You,” “I Was Just Leaving,” “Moving Too Fast” and “Running the Engine” convey a rare intimacy that was rarely emphasized in prior efforts. The tangled tones and brass on “Abigail” and the sing~along sway of “Cue the Majesty” suggest that he still retains a certain amount of spunk, even if the upturned attitude is only temporary. The yearning and sobriety that pervade the album overall may be best summed up by this snippet of lyric from “Together at Least (The Betterment Blues)”: “Sometimes we sing the blues alone.” Clearly, he appropriates that feeling here, and so it isn’t surprising that Montbleau’s restraint gives the entire set a forlorn feel and sense of deep desire. Consequently, I Was Just Leaving forces the listener to dig deep and give an attentive ear. There are many dispirited individuals sharing the planet these days and, in that respect, Montbleau can at least convey his sentiments with a knowing nod.  •→        https://www.relix.com/
About Ryan Montbleau
•→            A Massachusetts~based singer/songwriter and guitarist whose soulful mix of rock, folk, R&B, Americana, and funk has drawn comparisons to John Mayer and Martin Sexton, Ryan Montbleau received his first guitar at the age of nine, but didn’t set out to make his name in music until his college years at Villanova. A fixture in the Boston music scene, Montbleau honed his skills at coffee shops, folk venues, clubs, and even the Boston House of Blues before forming the Ryan Montbleau Band, who released their debut album, One Fine Color, in 2006. The band would endure numerous lineup changes throughout their career, but still managed to play around 200 shows a year, releasing a slew of well~received studio LPs like Patience on Friday (2007), Heavy on the Vine (2010), For Higher (2012), Growing Light (2015), and I Was Just Leaving (2017), as well as numerous live outings. ~ James Christopher Monger

Ryan Montbleau — I Was Just Leaving (Mar 3, 2017)


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