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Sarah Jarosz — Build Me Up from Bones (2013)

 Sarah Jarosz — Build Me Up from Bones (2013)

Sarah Jarosz — Build Me Up from Bones
±  Singer-songwriter-mandolin wizard, a critical fave from her late teens, her compositions transcend bluegrass into folk and indie pop. Notable instruments: Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin
Born: May 23, 1991 in Austin, TX
Location: Austin, Texas, U.S.
Album release: September 24, 2013
Record Label: Sugar Hill
Duration:     44:13
01 Over the Edge (Jedd Hughes / Sarah Jarosz)     3:21 
02 Fuel the Fire     3:32 
03 Mile On the Moon  (Jedd Hughes / Sarah Jarosz)     3:49 
04 Build Me Up from Bones     3:36 
05 Dark Road     3:32 
06 Simple Twist of Fate  (Bob Dylan)     4:54 
07 1,000 Things  (Sarah Jarosz / Darrell Scott)     3:28 
08 Gone Too Soon  (Alyssa Bonagura / Sarah Jarosz)     3:35 
09 Anything Else     4:57 
10 The Book of Right-On  (Joanna Newsom)     5:36 
11 Rearrange the Art     3:52
±  Brandon Bell  Engineer
±  Alyssa Bonagura  Composer
±  Eric Boulanger  Mastering
±  Wayne Brezinka  Design
±  Eric Darken  Percussion
±  Jerry Douglas  Dobro, Weissenborn
±  Dan Dugmore  Guitar (Electric), Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
±  Bob Dylan  Composer
±  Shani Gandhi  Engineer
±  Alex Hargreaves  Violin
±  Jedd Hughes  Composer, Guitar, Vocal Harmony
±  Sarah Jarosz  Banjo, Composer, Guitar, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Producer, Vocals
±  Viktor Krauss  Bass
±  Tim Lauer  Wurlitzer
±  Kenny Malone  Percussion
±  Joanna Newsom  Composer
±  Aoife O'Donovan  Vocal Harmony
±  Gary Paczosa  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
±  Dirk Powell  Accordion, Bass
±  Kate Rusby  Vocal Harmony
±  Darrell Scott  Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocal Harmony
±  Scott Simontacchi  Photography
±  Nathaniel Smith  Cello
±  Chris Thile  Mandolin
±  Kai Welch  Vocal Harmony
Album Moods: Earnest Earthy Intimate Organic Passionate Reflective Romantic Searching Sensual Sophisticated Yearning
Themes: Heartache In Love Reflection © Sean Murphy 2010
Review by Thom JurekScore: ****
±  The third full-length by 22-year-old Sarah Jarosz reflects not only her growth as a songwriter but her willingness to push the boundaries of country, folk, and Americana to discover connections not necessarily considered before.
±  Build Me Up from Bones reflects years of study in contemporary voice improvisation at the New England Conservatory of Music. She wrote nine of the 11 songs here, and chose two covers: Bob Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate” and Joanna Newsom’s “The Book of Right-On.” Her various backing musicians include Viktor Krauss, Chris Thile, Darrell Scott, and Aiofe O’Donovan, to name a few. Jarosz plays guitar, banjo, and mandolins.
“Over the Edge,” fueled by Dan Dugmore’s lap steel, Jedd Hughes’ acoustic guitar, and her own octave mandolin, walks a roots rock line, while the title track is a slipstream modern folk number that finds her voice accompanied by mandolin, two string players, and O’Donovan’s harmony vocal. “Dark Road” drifts between electric Americana, newgrass, and contemporary folk, kissed by Jerry Douglas’ dobro and Scott’s electric guitar. What all of these songs have in common is a new openness in Jarosz’s singing. ±  She takes chances with her phrasing, allowing one line to bleed just enough to inform the next; she moves her smoky alto around its range, holding dynamics in check in favor of subtle tension. Her songs are looser, more expressionistic lyrically and instrumentally; sound and texture are more important than genre. Her reading of Dylan’s tune is understated, yet reveals empathy for its narrative in its marrow; her vocal is accompanied only by Nathaniel Smith’s plucked cello, revealing the intimate connection. The haunted love song “Gone Too Soon” is one of the most bracing tracks here; Jarosz’s banjo is complemented by a full band that features Douglas’ and Scott complementing her on Weissenborn and acoustic guitars, respectively, with Kate Rusby’s chilling harmony vocal offering support. The slippery, jazz-like take on Newsom’s song finds Jarosz employing a breezy blues delivery in the lyric, while her syncopated mandolin playing engages in rhythmic interplay with cello and violin. O’Donovan rejoins her on closer “Re-Arrange the Art,” an expansive yet impressionistic song about lost love that walks the line between emotional stress, loneliness, and open acceptance. Jarosz’s banjo is the only clearly discernible instrument as pedal steel, strings, and a Wurlizter swirl around the singers. Build Me Up from Bones separates itself from its promising predecessors because it is a songwriter’s record. Jarosz lets her considerable instrumental prowess submit itself to serving the needs of her songs instead of merely adorning them with a precocious imagination. She can do this because she possesses not only self confidence in her material, but in her discernment, which is rare for a musician so young.
Artist Biography by Steve Leggett
±  Song Up in Her Head Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (mandolin, clawhammer banjo, and guitar) Sarah Jarosz was seemingly born a musician — she was already a virtuoso on mandolin by the time she was ten. Born in Austin, Texas on May 23, 1991 Jarosz left no doubt as to where her future was going, and at 12 years old she was jamming with the likes of David Grisman and Ricky Skaggs on-stage. But she wasn’t really bluegrass so much as she was something else: a fine and graceful songwriter with a sweet, timeless voice that gave her songs and well-chosen covers tremendous resonance. Viewed by many as a next-generation version of Gillian Welch, Jarosz signed a deal with Sugar Hill Records when she was just 16. A debut album, Song Up in Her Head, appeared from the label in 2009 and quickly garnered tremendous critical acclaim. That same year, Jarosz began work on a major in contemporary voice improvisation at the New England Conservatory of Music, proving once again that she was no garden variety musician. A second album, Follow Me Down, appeared from Sugar Hill in the spring of 2011. Jarosz recorded her third album, Build Me Up from Bones during her final semester in school. It contained nine originals and a pair of covers: Bob Dylan's "A Simple Twist of Fate" and Joanna Newsom's "Book of Right-On." The set was issued by Sugar Hill in September of 2013.           //  Website: http://sarahjarosz.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/sarahjaroszmusic
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/sarahjarosz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sarahjarosz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarahjaroszmusic
Song Up in Her Head (June 16, 2009; US Grass #1, US Heat #3)
Follow Me Down (May 17, 2011; US Grass #2, US Folk #4)
Build Me Up from Bones (September 24, 2013; US Folk #6)


Sarah Jarosz — Build Me Up from Bones (2013)



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