“Carpe Diem” Album Artwork UK FLAG                                                                                     Saxon — „Carpe Diem“ (Feb. 4th, 2022)
Vlákna Saxonu předvádějí známé teritorium na albu „Carpe Diem“. Uspokojí dlouhodobé fans? Občas čerpá příliš mnoho inspirace ze své minulosti, ale nikdy není málo působivé, kapela jasně zná své silné stránky, odmítá spoléhat na minulou slávu a dává si záležet na vydávání nového materiálu, kdykoli je to možné. Vezměte si na turné lidi, svou džínovou bundu, bílé tenisky jsou připraveny! Produkce 9, originalita 7, muzikantství 8, songwriting 7. „Všechno to začíná riffem,“ říká frontman a spoluzakladatel Biff Byford, „pokud na mě riff promlouvá, pak jsme na cestě. Je to velmi intenzivní album a to vše je způsobeno skutečností, že podstatou skvělé metalové písně je riff, který ji začíná, a toto album jich má spoustu.“
⊗   „Miluji tento druh rychlého metalu. Miluji Princess of the Night a 20 000 FT a snažím se vnést tento styl do hudby nyní, ale v trochu modernějším stylu,“ potvrzuje Byford, „ale hraje a zpívá to pět stejných chlapů, takže si myslím, že my to neděláme. Opravdu nezníme jako stará kapela na nahrávkách, protože ve skutečnosti nesedíme na svém minulém úspěchu. Vždy se snažíme udělat skvělé album.“
Location: Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England
Album release: Feb. 4th, 2022
Record Label: Silver Lining Music
Duration:     44:20
01. Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)   4:42
02. Age of Steam   4:09
03. The Pilgrimage   6:29
04. Dambusters   3:20
05. Remember the Fallen   5:16
06. Super Nova   4:21
07. Lady in Gray   5:13
08. All for One   3:43
09. Black is the Night   4:12
10. Living on the Limit   2:55
Paul Quinn / Guitars
Biff Byford / Vocals
Nigel Glockler / Drums
Nibbs Carter / Bass
Doug Scarratt / Guitars
Produced by Andy Sneap and Biff Byford
Album mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap

Review by RODRIGO ALTAF | Feb. 4, 2022 | Score: 7.8 VERY GOOD  
Four years shy of reaching their fiftieth anniversary, the South Yorkshire metal institution Saxon is about to release their new album — the first of original material since 2018’s “Thunderbolt,” on February 04th. Entitled “Carpe Diem,” this release is a perfect representation of their brand of metal, and brings a few new ideas here and there, whilst maintaining the quality of their output of late.
If you’re a metal fan, you’re probably familiar with their story, and Saxon has surely been through a lot of ups and downs in their career. From the rapid rise of the late 70’s with seminal albums like “Wheels of Steel” and “Strong Arm of the Law”, to attempts at commercial success with “Innocence is no Excuse”, a split in two bands of similar name (“Saxon” and “Oliver/Dawson Saxon”) and a resurgence in the late 2000’s, these Brits have definitely many tales to tell. For better or worse, all their scars and victories are apparent on “Carpe Diem”.
Saxon are no strangers to alluding to their other releases, either in musical form or in their visual identity. As such, the cover of the new album brings a vibe reminiscent of one of their best efforts, the seminal “Crusader”. Speaking of the title, singer Biff Byford adds: ““In Latin it means ‘seize the day’ and I think it’s a great thing to say. It’s what the Romans used to say to each other on a regular basis, apparently, never having met one, I wouldn’t know! But we’re gonna do the Seize the Day world tour, the album’s Carpe Diem, this song’s called “Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)” and it’s such a powerful thing to say.” Considering the fact that he had a heart attack in 2019 and then humanity was hit with Covid a few months after that, the idea of making the most out of your time on Earth fits perfectly with the current state of the band, on many levels.
The title track marks the beginning of the album, with a cinematic intro that alludes to armies lining up for battle, followed by a thunderous drum fill and a scream from Biff. The razor~sharp guitars and captivating chorus immediately bring you the feeling that yes, they still got it, and that’s exactly what you came looking for when you pressed play. Follower “Age of Steam” continues that pattern, with Nigel Glockler’s drums driving the tune forward, inspired guitar solos, and lyrics that talk about the industrial revolution.
The band hit the brakes on “The Pilgrimage” and deliver a mid~paced slow burn number, with a solemn and cadenced riff on a minor scale, reminiscing of Judas Priest’s “Never the Heroes” and AC/DC’s “Back In Black.” There’s definitely an 80’s vibe here, and the break before the guitar solo implies the feeling of loneliness of desolation experienced in a long lasting pilgrimage.
“Dambusters” picks up the pace with a quasi~thrash riff, a bridge that perfectly represents the whole NWOBHM era and a pedal~to~the~metal approach. If you were to listen to this song not knowing anything about the band, you would never guess these dudes are in their seventies. Clearly a highlight of this release, hopefully this will become a staple of their setlists moving forward.
Sam Khaneka | Feb. 3, 2022 | Score: 7
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