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Say Yes Dog
Plastic Love (September 4, 2015)

Say Yes Dog — Plastic Love (September 4, 2015)

 Say Yes Dog — Plastic Love (September 4, 2015)
♣•♦   Celé album je technologické mistrovské dílo. Hot Chip–style synthpop that sounds simultaneously despondent and jolly. Berlin synthpop trio Say Yes Dog, often compared to the likes of Metronomy and Hot Chip, are soon to release their...Location: Luxembourg, The Hague, Netherlands ~~  Berlin, Germany
Album release: September 4th, 2015
Record Label: Diskodogs Records
Duration:     40:32
01. Talk      3:41
02. Hold Me      3:41
03. How      3:46
04. Plastik      3:18
05. A Friend      4:21
06. You Want My Love      3:21
07. Stronger (Album Version)      4:01
08. Remember      1:05
09. Open Wide      3:34
10. Girlfriend      3:40
11. Before I Go      2:48
12. Focus      3:20
13. Stronger     4:46
℗ 2015 Diskodogs Records
The lineup:
•♦♣   Aaron Ahrends, Pascal Karier, Paul Rundel.
♣•♦   Berlin synthpop trio Say Yes Dog, often compared to the likes of Metronomy and Hot Chip, are soon to release their debut album ‘Plastic Love’, but what’s all the talk about? Their lyrics are known around Europe as being infectiously catchy and this debut album proves that to be correct.
♣•♦   The opening track ‘Talk’ delves straight into the core of their purpose: to immerse the listener in rhythmic electronica music. Although the track is largely comprised of instrumentals, the trio provide a snapshot into what they are all about and what is to come in the rest of the album. ‘Hold Me’ is a very similar track, but the tempo of the melody is much slower and they focus heavily on the lyrics.
♣•♦   For me, the stand out track on the album is ‘How’. It’s mesmerising rhythm along with the gentle vocals fuse perfectly to create a track that is very aesthetically euphonious.
♣•♦   In fact, it goes without saying the whole album is a technological masterpiece. If this is what the future of music is, then we’re in very safe hands.
♣•♦   http://www.new-reviews.co.uk/Review
By Jessica Thomas, Published On August 25, 2015;  Score: ***½
♣•♦   Starting out on a whim, as a means of getting into the sold out Fusion Festival in Germany (2012) Say Yes Dog was created on hope and a love for electronic music. ♣•♦   Somehow the 3 lads behind the electro group got themselves a spot on the stage and thus they began writing and crafting music and they just haven’t stopped since their unique beginnings. Plastic Love will be Say Yes Dog’s debut album after the success of their first EP, with the title track becoming a digital hit With the release of Plastic Love, the Berlin based trio are proving that they’re not one hit wonders and have provided the world with 12 songs that can only be categorised as electro synth with an edge. While most of the tracks sound the same, songs like A Friend, Girlfriend and, Before I Go have a distinct edge: there’s some funky keystrokes and some echo choruses that make these stand out a bit more above the rest. Now you might think that this is an entirely computer made product, but no that’s not a robot you’re hearing that’s the vocalists dry, monotonous and digitally reworked vocals. The entire feel is kind of robotic, but in a funky android dance party kind of way. The combination of rhythmic drumbeats and intoxicating vocals means you’ll be reprogramming yourself for movement. Say Yes Dog definitely has an ear for a good melody and knows how to produce some killer electro, indie synth that makes them so hard to label. Listening to their debut Plastic Love is definitely a wild experience that’s going to have you lose control of your limbs, as they’ll be moving along to each track all on their own. The beats are infectious, the vocals are refreshing and the tempo is pretty much spot on. ♣•♦   http://renownedforsound.com/
♣•♦   Say Yes Dog were a band formed out of necessity. Unable to score any tickets to Germany's Fusion festival then just bandmates–to–be Aaron, Pascal and Paul asked a friend to video them playing music, submitting the video in an attempt to get a spot performing. That got them in, but left them needing to write enough songs to fill a set. The end result was their 2013 EP A Friend, and now their debut album Plastic Love.
♣•♦   Say Yes Dog create the kind of introspective electronic pop records fans of Hot Chip and Metronomy swoon over. If there is a clear difference between the Say Hes Dog and those bands it is that the production on Plastic Love favours function over form.
♣•♦   The bouncy electronic melodies on single Stronger feel like they are there in support of the band's vocal harmonies — propelling the track whilst making space for those big hooks. The electronic instrumentation is still a core part of the band's appeal — it just feels a little less contrived, clean and timeless where others mimic and riff.
♣•♦   Plastic Love is packed with a kind of bespectacled and studious style of music. Ernest, eager and emotionally open — on Hold Me falsetto vocals croon "Hold me tonight before I give myself up" recreating a heartfelt plea for support. You Want My Love attempts to assert confidence in its refrain of "you want my love so bad / I want your love so bad" yet the lyrics elsewhere betray a nervous feeling of love slipping gently slipping through your fingers.
♣•♦   And so Plastic Love will appeal to fans of a certain style of emotive electronic pop. Much like the early work of their aforementioned contemporaries it doesn't feel like this debut album has enough to stand–out as a crossover album... The sophisticated pop ambitions hinted at on Stronger, Girlfriend and the beautifully vulnerable Before I Go are never quite realised in full... Yet that almost makes me appreciate this album more — it is a simple, touching mission statement from a band with huge promise... An album made for gloomy autumnal evenings, cherished memories, pining and ransom pangs of mild melchanoly.  ♣•♦   http://blackplastic.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sayyesdog
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sayyesdogband
CONTACT: joschawrobel@aol.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sayyesdog

Say Yes Dog
Plastic Love (September 4, 2015)



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