Scoundrels — Music From The Arch (Sept. 11, 2020)

UK FLAG                                                    Scoundrels — Music From The Arch (Sept. 11, 2020) Scoundrels — Music From The Arch (Sept. 11, 2020)⊕   For that, I’ll always be grateful. Za to budu vždy vděčný.
Location: London, England
Album release: Sept. 11, 2020 
Record Label: Self Produced
Duration:     33:08
01. The Arch   4:53
02. Always Get Your Own Way   3:54
03. Bury Your Heart — Live At The Arch   2:58
04. I Still Can’t Dry My Eyes   3:50
05. Loose   3:19
06. I Love It When It Rains   4:50
07. Mr Nice Guy   3:46
08. No Soul   3:21
09. One Minute Lover   2:13
■  George Elliot — lead guitar, backing vocals
■  Alex „Billy“ Hill — bass guitar
■  Joshua Martens — drums
■  Ned Wyndham — lead vocals, rhythm guitarScoundrels — Music From The Arch (Sept. 11, 2020)
■♣♦■  I like a band with a sense of humour. A couple of weeks into the release of their debut digital EP, Sniff It Up, Scoundrels frontman Ned Wyndham took a few minutes to answer a couple of questions for me by email. Have a read, and a listen to the music (blues~infused proper rawkstar style), below.
■♣♦■  Scoundrels already count some big names among their promoters: they’ve just been signed to recently~revived 60s label Blue Horizon by Sire Records founders Seymour Stein and Richard Gottehrer, and their forthcoming self~titled album was recorded with Steve Albini.
Q:  Who’s in the band, and how did you get together?
♣♦  The band is — George Elliot (lead guitar), Joshua Martens (drums), Alex “Billy” Hill (bass) and Ned Wyndham (rhythm guitar/lead vocals). Josh, Billy and I all went to music college (London’s LCCM) together and were in the search for a new guitarist after our old one left. George was making a real name for himself on the London blues circuit and we had mutual friends. We asked him to come and try out for us and he was amazing. Since then (almost 2 years ago) we’ve never looked back.
Q:  Give us three adjectives to describe your music.
♣♦  Groovy. Hip. SaucyScoundrels, Pillow The Flex (Nettwork)Q:  Why do you make music?
♣♦  All of us have been music obsessed throughout our lives one way or another. It may sound cliché but it really does come naturally to all of us. I’d like to believe it’s what we do best and what we all draw the greatest of satisfaction from. That, and Morris Dancing…
Q:  What influences you?
♣♦  Apart from our musical tastes which range from Blues, 50’s Doo Wop, Rock n’ Roll, Rock, Hip Hop to Metal, Funk and classical I’d say the single greatest influence on the bands growth has to be our time in Louisiana. We were sent there to record our debut album for two months and to live on a house boat on a swamp. Each and every night we’d go and catch local musicians playing live at Jook Joints and join them up on stage. We were schooled in the ways of southern groove, feel and introduced to things like Zydeco which we’d never heard before. It was completely inspiring.
Q:  What releases/shows do you have planned at the moment?
♣♦  At this very moment we’ve just released our debut EP since signing with Blue Horizon. It’s called the “Sniff It Up” EP and is a right old corker. Think of it as a tasty appertizer for our album which’ll come out at the beginning of June amidst a flurry of singles. As for gigs we’ve got one upstairs at Ronnie Scotts on Tuesday, 5th April which should be awesome. Then on the 7th we’re doing “Station Sessions” at St. Pancras, by the Eurostar platforms which should be interesting. As people arrive from Paris we’ll be serenading them. Perhaps an Edith Piaf cover is in order. Lastly, on the 28th April we’re playing at The Wheelbarrow in Camden. This is all with a May tour in mind, watch this space…
Q:  What’s the most scoundrelly thing you’ve ever done?
♣♦  A Scoundrel never tells but I will tell you this. The incident included a building site, a cement mixer, Eindhoven train station, a twix, a fez and a pair of Wilderbeest.
Q:  And what are you listening to at the moment?
♣♦  Loads of stuff. We’re all big fans of Austin band White Denim so anything by them is fine by us. Also Louisianan legend Lil Bob & The Lollipops, (think a rawer version of Sam Cooke). And the legend that is Huey “Piano” Smith.