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Sean Nicholas Savage Yummycoma
Arbutus Records Oct. 13, 2017

Sean Nicholas Savage — Yummycoma (Oct. 13, 2017)

 Sean Nicholas Savage — Yummycoma (Oct. 13, 2017)
•≥•≥        Sean Nicholas Savage is a Canadian Singer and Balladeer. Savage’s gift for bracing, timeless song craft and prowess as a philosopher reaches a new zenith with Bermuda Waterfall.
•≥•≥        Perhaps the pinnacle attraction of his work are these observations, learned wisdoms, the ongoing adventures shaping Savage himself, the Artist, the Performer, the Narrator.
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Born: May 30, 1986
Genre: Indie, Pop, Lo~Fi
Album release: Oct. 13, 2017
Record Label: Arbutus Records
01. Upon The Surf     2:59 
02. Livin It Up      3:01 
03. Lifestyles      4:33 
04. Opposing Truths     4:05 
05. Prairie Days     3:16 
06. Cartoon Days     4:08 
07. It’s Our Time     2:48 
08. Fools Gold     3:39 
09. So It Appears     3:57 
10. The Flow     3:33 
11. Bum Spiritual     1:47 
12. The Last Emperor     3:46 
13. Call Of The Wild     2:44
℗ 2017 Arbutus Records
•≥    Many cassettes into the career of Sean Nicholas Savage, Yummycoma is further indication of an artist with ambitions beyond industry or conventional realities, with ambitions of the heart and soul. A life in song. Awake and dreaming. Yummy gently pursues a myriad of thoughts and emotions, set in a cool and rainy atmosphere, with each genre bending treat, painted upon a cloud of reverb.
•≥    In 2017, Savage’s voice seems distant and deformed, swinging between a Boy George, Roy Orbison, and perhaps even Cher, whilst his signature whisper screams and moon howls are more developed and sober than ever before. Savage is famously known to record with a full take vocal method, in which no comps or cuts are made. This being one of his most unrealistic performances to date, is a statement in itself. As the cassette title Yummycoma suggests, although savage’s melodies and words appear to be full of insight, optimism, and even joy, with upbeat rhythms and sparkling keys, yummy on the tongue — the random deranged tones, drunk with reverb put our protagonist at a distance from the listener, half swallowed tales, half sunk on this dark and stormy horizon.
•≥    Neither drowning, nor surfacing, but frozen, like a photograph. This might imply however, that although Yummy; poppy, bursting with flavour and life; this coma, this snapshot, could be either an evasion, a fantasy, a distraction from some opposition, equal in extremity, or simply a peaceful reflection found only thru boundless
•≥    Hauntingly, Yummycomma is out this Friday the 13th of October on Arbutus Records. Des nombreuses cassettes de la carrière de Sean Nicholas Savage, Yummycomma est le signe supplémentaire d’un artiste avec des ambitions allant au~delà de l’industrie musicale ou des conventions et venant du cœur et de l’âme.
•≥    Une vie en chanson. Réveillé et rêvant.
•≥    Yummy couvre avec douceur une myriade de pensées et d’émotions, posé dans une atmosphère fraîche et pluvieuse, avec un mélange des genres, peint sur un nuage de réverbération.
E•≥    n 2017, la voix de Savage semble distante et déformée,
balançant entre Boy George, Roy Orbison, et peut~être même Cher, tandis que ses chuchotements caractéristiques et ses hurlements sont plus développés et sobres
que jamais auparavant. Savage est reconnu pour enregistrer en une seule prise vocale, sans qu’aucune coupure ou composition ne soit faite. Que cela soit une de ses performances les moins réalistes en date est une prise de position en soi.
Comme le titre de la cassette Yummycomma le suggère, bien que les mélodies et les mots de Savage apparaissent remplis d’introspection, d’optimisme et même de joie, avec des rythmes enlevés et des harmonies graciles, les tons banalement dérangés, ivres de réverbération, mettent notre protagoniste à distance de l’auditeur, avec ces contes à moitié avalés, à moitié plongés dans l’horizon sombre et orageux.
•≥    Ni noyés, ni flottants, mais capturés, comme dans une photographie. Ceci doit cependant impliquer, que bien que Yummy ; sautillant, éclatant de saveur et de vitalité ; ce coma, cet instantané, pourrait être une évasion, un fantasme, une distraction de quelque opposition, égale en extrémité, ou simplement une réflexion apaisante seulement trouvée à travers une méditation sans limite. Envoutant,
Yummycoma sort ce vendredi 13 octobre sur Arbutus Records.
About Sean Nicholas Savage
•≥    Prolific songwriter and lush indie balladeer Sean Nicholas Savage came up as part of a thriving Montreal underground scene, unleashing his warped takes on new romantic pop beginning around 2007, shortly before the release of his 2008 album, Summer 5000. Savage recorded and released music often, doing scads of cassette albums, culminating with a highly active 2011 wherein he released three albums: Tripple Midnight Karma, Won Ton Jaz, and Flamingo. Part of the scene of friends that gave rise to artists like Mac DeMarco, Grimes, and Doldrums, Savage performed often at the Lab Synthèse performance space and was one of the first artists signed to Lab Synthèse~affiliated label Arbutus Records. He also co~wrote and sang many of the songs on the debut album of his friends’ band Silly Kissers. Extended touring and 2013’s fantastic Other Life brought Savage to the attention of a larger fan base, and he followed in 2014 with the similarly R&B~rooted Bermuda Waterfall. Recorded in Santa Monica, California and released in 2015, the more uptempo but still spectacularly slinky Other Death saw him collaborate with Agor of Blue Hawaii and Errhead of Doldrums, among other guests. ~ Fred Thomas
Label: https://www.arbutusrecords.com/

Sean Nicholas Savage Yummycoma
Arbutus Records Oct. 13, 2017