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Sean Nicholas Savage — Other Death (September 18th, 2015)

Sean Nicholas Savage — Other Death (September 18th, 2015)

   Sean Nicholas Savage — Other Death (September 18th, 2015)Sean Nicholas Savage — Other Death (September 18th, 2015)♦   Savage nehraje do středu. Opatrnicky. Alibisticky. Předtím jsme četli: Jiný život. Teď: Jiná smrt. Sofistikované, jemné, odvážné, podmanivé. Je to mistr něhy, reflexe a projekce. In contrast to Sean Nicholas Savage’s usual introspection, Other Death is immediately more upbeat, uptempo, confident, inspired and delivers more consistent pop singles than any of his previous records. Prolific Montreal–based songwriter offers a warped take on flimsy ’80s R&B tones and new romantic songwriting.
♦♦♦   Sean Nicholas Savage is a Canadian Singer and Balladeer. Savage’s gift for bracing, timeless song craft and prowess as a philosopher reaches a new zenith with Bermuda Waterfall.
♦♦   Perhaps the pinnacle attraction of his work are these observations, learned wisdoms, the ongoing adventures shaping Savage himself, the Artist, the Performer, the Narrator.
Born: May 30, 1986 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Album release: September 18th, 2015
Record Label: Arbutus Records
Duration:     39:47
01 Death     2:03 
02 Propaganda     3:33 
03 Casablanca     3:15 
04 Dont B Sad     4:02 
05 Promises     3:44 
06 Romeo     3:00 
07 1 More Chance feat: Agor / Nite Jewel     3:18 
08 Suburban Nights     4:34 
09 Delta Fresh N Breezy     2:34 
10 SOS     3:31 
11 Why I Love U     2:33 
12 Young Again     3:40
Written by:
♦♦♦   Sean Nicholas Savage     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
♦♦♦   Nite Jewel / Sean Nicholas Savage     7
♦♦♦   Agor Featured Artist, Producer
♦♦♦   Jasper Baydala Concept
♦♦♦   Jeremy Dabrowski Artwork
♦♦♦   Errhead Keyboards
♦♦♦   Moritz Freudenberg Photography
♦♦♦   Santa Monica Engineer
♦♦♦   Nite Jewel Composer, Featured Artist
♦♦♦   Jane Penny Vocals
♦♦♦   Sean Nicholas Savage Composer, Photography, Producer
♦♦♦   Tops Producer
♦♦♦   Richard White MasteringDescription:
♦♦♦   Sean Nicholas Savage, a master of tenderness, reflection and projection, has released and toured relentlessly in pursuit of the rarer beauties found only in the nuance of pop song and performance.
♦♦♦   Other Death was recorded in Santa Monica, Los Angeles as a collaboration with Agor, of Savage’s Arbutus labelmates Blue Hawaii, while Errhead of Doldrums plays on much of the record. Ramona Gonzalez Nite Jewel also makes an appearance, as do TOPS‘ Jane Penny and David Carriere. This is Savage’s highest fidelity recording to date, with daring, captivating, and as always minimal and soft production style. In contrast to his usual introspection, Other Death is immediately more upbeat, uptempo, confident, inspired and delivers more consistent pop singles than any of his previous records.
♦♦♦   Savage is not playing to the middle. Here he gives his listeners, those who crave a harder SNS smack, the energy they crave. This is the release fans will turn to when they want to feel the sophisticated, delicate, and enchanted music of Sean Nicholas Savage at its most brave, free and loud. It’s as if upon being tossed a copy of Other Life, Savage reads the message; “Other Life?” and throws it back at us in blood red, “Other Death”.Review
Von Anne–Sophie Balzer;  September 16, 2015
♦♦♦   Blubbernde Eighties–Keyboards, jaulend–näselnde Stimme, bedeutungsschwanger profane Zeilen — der erste Gedanke: Meint der das ernst?
♦♦♦   Es zuckt und kribbelt in den Mundwinkeln. Die Gesichtsmuskulatur will, nein, sie muss sich zu einer sarkastischen Grimasse verkrampfen. Man sieht damit vielleicht nicht so hübsch geschniegelt aus wie Sean Nicholas Savage auf dem Cover seines neuen Albums, aber beim Hören desselben bleibt einem nicht viel anderes übrig. Also gibt man dem nihilistischen, ironischen Giftzwerg in sich nach und zieht eine hässliche Schnute. Der erste Gedanke: Meint der das ernst? Diese blubbernden Eighties–Keyboardklänge, die nach Kuschelrock–Compilation klingen? Diese jaulend–näselnde Stimme, die bedeutungsschwanger profane Zeilen ins Mikrofon haucht und dabei vor lauter Gefühlsüberschwang zittert wie ein magersüchtiges Mädchen? Und diese Streicher, die natürlich keine echten sind, sondern per Knöpfchen auf dem E–Piano ständig zugeschaltet werden?♦♦♦   Ganz in Ordnung ist der zweite Song »Propaganda«, der mit einer Mac–DeMarco–Gitarre und dem Refrain »I’m a freak / Wild and free / I am not a country / I’m a freak / Wild and free / Propaganda / You can’t have me« nett vor sich hin plätschert. Überraschend ist auch »Delta Fresh N Breezy«, weil es mit ein paar ungewöhnlichen und trotzdem eingängigen Akkorden aufwartet, sogar Moll ist darunter. Dann geht’s aber auch schon weiter mit Glitter–Softporno–Ästhetik und murmelnden Orgeln, Synthie-Sounds und Kopfstimmensirene. In den guten Momenten haben das Album und das Tremolo in Savages Gesang etwas von Michael Jackson. In den schlechten ist es ziemlich käsige und belanglose Musik, die einer musiktechnisch zumindest fragwürdigen Zeit nachhängt. Auch nicht sonderlich hilfreich für ein Erweckungserlebnis sind Songs wie »Why I Love You«, in dem zu Beginn im Sprechgesang von »Trying leaving / Leaving trying« erzählt wird, während der sprechsingende Erzähler dabei fast einzuschlafen scheint.
♦♦♦   Auf der Bühne zeigt sich der aus Montreal stammende 29–jährige Wahlberliner Savage bevorzugt in Unterhemd und zu weiter Anzughose und wirft sich beim Singen gerne auf den Boden. Irgendwie auch wieder schlüssig: der Romeo mit Schnurrbart und Unterhemd. Mit dem Weichspüler–Synthie–Funk von Other Death läutet Savage das postironische Zeitalter ein. Aber will man in dem denn leben? In Zeiten von Dagobert und Wanda könnte man natürlich mit Recht einwenden, die große Ära der Schnulze sei zurück. Lang lebe die Schnulze! Wer dieser Idee etwas abgewinnen kann, dessen Gesichtshaut wird definitiv länger straff bleiben. Allen anderen sei dieses Album nicht empfohlen. Es sei denn, der innere Giftzwerg möchte mal wieder so richtig abhaten. ♦♦♦   http://www.spex.de/AllMusic Review by Marcy Donelson;  Score: ***½
♦♦♦   In line with the smooth R&B–crooned, arty synth pop of 2013’s Other Life and 2014’s Bermuda Waterfall much more so than his earlier lo–fi takes on brighter ’50s and ’60s (and even early–'80s) pop, and with a title that’s a clear reference to Other Life, 2015’s Other Death may or may not mark the end of a slinky trilogy in Sean Nicholas Savage’s catalog. The album opens with a wistful piano instrumental titled "Death" before plunging into funky, smarmy R&B with "Propaganda" ("I’m a freak, yeah/Wild and free/Propaganda can’t have me"). Exaggerated, overly sincere groans and yelps come off a lot like Jemaine Clement delivering a Flight of the Conchords tune, but Savage is nearly always performing with a little wink and a little weirdness, so that’s not to undermine intention. Neither should we be afraid to smile at the whispered "Look at you/Miracles happen every day" in "Casablanca," the poetry–slam word association in "Why I Love U," or the Bee Gees–inflected "Dont B Sad." ♦♦♦   Soundwise, in addition to Savage's Green Gartside–like vocal delivery, the pingy, early–’80s keyboards and syncopated basslines of new wave appear throughout the record, but especially on the drum machine–teeming "Promises." Though Other Death features collaborators such as Agor of labelmates Blue Hawaii and Errhead of Doldrums, the album really feels like the work of a sole lonely fellow in an after–hours corner of his bedroom, with the exception of the relatively upbeat but still yearning "1 More Chance" with Nite Jewel co–writing and joining him on vocals. The late–night intimacy hits a crescendo on "Romeo" ("Maybe I would lose my mind without you"), which quotes Shakespeare and reaches peak falsetto. An uptempo (for him) affair that may belie its title, Other Death delivers a consistently wacky coveter of hearts with sensuality and panache to spare.                              © Sean Nicholas Savage. Credit: Angus Borsos
Artist Biography by Fred Thomas
♦♦♦   Other Life Prolific songwriter and lush indie balladeer Sean Nicholas Savage came up as part of a thriving Montreal underground scene, unleashing his warped takes on new romantic pop beginning around 2007, shortly before the release of his 2008 album, Summer 5000. Savage recorded and released music often, doing scads of cassette albums, culminating with a highly active 2011 wherein he released three albums: Tripple Midnight Karma, Won Ton Jaz, and Flamingo. Part of the scene of friends that gave rise to artists like Mac DeMarco, Grimes, and Doldrums, Savage performed often at the Lab Synthèse performance space and was one of the first artists signed to Lab Synthèse–affiliated label Arbutus Records. He also co–wrote and sang many of the songs on the debut album of his friends’ band Silly Kissers. Extended touring and 2013's fantastic Other Life brought Savage to the attention of a larger fan base, and he followed in 2014 with the similarly R&B–rooted Bermuda Waterfall. Recorded in Santa Monica, California and released in 2015, the more uptempo but still spectacularly slinky Other Death saw him collaborate with Agor of Blue Hawaii and Errhead of Doldrums, among other guests. ♦♦♦   http://www.allmusic.com/
Label: http://arbutusrecords.com/
Bandcamp: https://seannicholassavage.bandcamp.com/album/other-death
Website: http://seannicholassavage.com/
♦  2008: Summer 5000
♦  2009: Sunshine Melodies / Weird Daze
♦  2009: Spread Free Like A Butterfly
♦  2010: Movin Up in Society
♦  2010: Mutual Feelings of Respect And Admiration
♦  2011: Tripple Midnight Karma
♦  2011: Won Ton Jaz
♦  2011: Flamingo
♦  2013: Other Life
♦  2014: Bermuda Waterfall
♦  2015: Other Death

Sean Nicholas Savage — Other Death (September 18th, 2015)



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