Send Medicine — „By Telepathy And Reputation“ (July 16, 2021) (2)

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Máte~li rádi dětskou hravost, podobnou éře Syda Barretta raných Pink Floyd, pak ve Scorpio Long Ago ji uslyšíte. A podivuhodné vokální linky, odrážející více napjaté Happy Mondays ze Salfordu (pokud je to vůbec možné) v dalším videu Second Biggest Fan. ALBUM OF THE MONTH of this issue.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Album release: July 16, 2021
Record Label: Very Possible Records
Duration:     40:37
01. Trouble   5:24
02. Photograph Mary   3:14
03. Scorpio Long Ago   4:04
04. Roses are Contagious at Dawn   4:01
05. Alligator Lady   3:53
06. Second Biggest Fan   4:49
07. High In the Rain   5:04
08. Evangelic Designer   5:14
09. Days Go By   4:54
The LA~based 5 piece bring top class psychedelia to the forefront with their 3rd album. By Telepathy & Reputation is a lesson on how to create a standout psych~rock masterpiece. Released on their independent label, Very Possible Records, the group brings various influences to the mix. These influences range from 60s Brit~Psych bands, to Neo~Psych contemporaries, and back to the British Isles with sprinklings of 80s/90s Manchester Psych tropes.
The 9 track album has everything you could want in a full~blown psychedelic rove. Trouble kicks the album off, with the raw guitar~heavy rhythmic soup that sets the scene for what you are about to hear. As you mosey through the album, you pick up on other nuances that make the experience one of sheer enjoyment. You have the child~like playfulness similar to Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd in Scorpio Long Ago, and the wondering vocal lines that echo a more strung out Happy Mondays (if that’s even possible) in Second Biggest Fan. Like all true Psych musicians, the sweetly woven tune is placed spectacularly in the mix, as you are invited to let Evangelic Designer take you away near the end of the album.
All in all, By Telepathy & Reputation is wonderfully crafted and has fantastic charm surrounding it. Plainly put, it’s one that you won’t want to miss out on this summer!