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Shannon LaBrie — War and Peace (Apr 01, 2016)

Shannon LaBrie — War and Peace (Apr 01, 2016)

    Shannon LaBrie — War and Peace (Apr 01, 2016) Shannon LaBrie — War and Peace (Apr 01, 2016)♠​♠​♠    LaBrie reminds one of an early T Bone Burnett — nudie suit, snarled lip and all — with the sensibilities of Jenny Lewis. LaBrie doesn’t get caught up in all too much in the poetry of what she is conveying; War & Peace is just as concerned with the message as it is the solid landing of Americana music it presents.
♠​♠​♠    “At times I was unhinged from reality and lost as a woman in every way,” says LaBrie. “These songs are small doses of the war I feel inside and the peace I long to find.”
♠​♠​♠    LaBrie certainly presents the views of a wayward America, most notably on the track, “It’s Political.” Prescient and perfectly acerbic, LaBrie’s musings on the unhinged state of politics in the nation could not seem to arrive at a better time. (Jake Tully)
Location: Lincoln, NE ~ Nashville, TN
Album release: Apr 01, 2016
Record Label: LaBrie Records and BUTR Records LLC
Duration:     49:08
01 It’s Political     5:09
02 For You     4:14
03 Took My Whole Life     3:55
04 Heaven Crashed Down     3:29
05 American Dream     4:14
06 Crumble     5:37
07 Alcohol (Acoustic Version)     4:32
08 Against a Wall     3:59
09 War & Peace     3:39
10 Ain’t Just a Feeling     3:17
11 Weight of Your Worlds     3:42
12 Then There’s You (feat. Gabe Dixon)     3:21
By Chris Steffen
​♠  Nashville–based singer–songwriter Shannon LaBrie turns her focus to contemporary America and emotional turmil on her sophomore album, War & Peace. LaBrie’s rich voice anchors the record, atop layers of acoustic guitars, as well as sometimes bursts of electric for emphasis, but the real focus is on the vocal melodies. Songs like “Heaven Crashed Down” put painful emotions on display, while “Weight of Your Words” might feature her strongest vocal performance on the album, and Gabe Dixon shows up on closing track “Then There’s You.”
Website: http://www.shannonlabriemusic.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/shannon-labrie
Reverbnations: https://www.reverbnation.com/shannonlabrie
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shannonlabrie?lang=cs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShannonLaBrie
Jake Tully | April 1st, 2016
​♠  http://www.elmoremagazine.com/2016/04/music-news/stream-shannon-labries-politically-charged-album-war-peace                                                                                       

Shannon LaBrie — War and Peace (Apr 01, 2016)


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