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Sharon Van Etten
I Don’t Want to Let You Down (EP)

Sharon Van Etten — I Don’t Want to Let You Down EP (June 9th, 2015)

    Sharon Van Etten — I Don’t Want to Let You Down EP Sharon Van Etten — I Don’t Want to Let You Down EP (June 9th, 2015)♦   Indie singer–songwriter/avantgarde artist and singer/songwriter with releases on Drag City and Jagjaguwar.
Birth name: Sharon Van Etten
Born: February 26, 1981, Clinton, New Jersey, United States
Location: Brooklyn, New York, NY by way of New Jersey
Instruments: Vocal, guitar, piano, percussion, omnichord, harmonium
Album release: June 9th, 2015
Record Label: Jagjaguwar
Duration:     22:18
1. I Don’t Want To Let You Down     4:03
2. Just Like Blood     4:41
3. I Always Fall Apart     3:20
4. Pay My Debts     5:16
5. Tell Me [Live]     4:58
2015 Jagjaguwar
♦   Sharon Van Etten (voice, producer)
♦   Heather Woods Broderick (keyboards, strings, vocals),
♦   Doug Keith (guitar),
♦   Zeke Hutchins (drums),
♦   Brad Cook (bass),
♦   Darren Jesse (drums),
♦   Peter Broderick (strings),
♦   Stuart Bogie (woodwinds),
♦   and The War On Drugs’ Adam Granduciel (guitar)
♦   and Dave Hartley (bass).
♦   Stewart Lerman (co–producer)
♦   Van Etten has many tattoos: “three black armbands in memory of relatives who have died, an African violet symbolising her maternal grandmother, a fairy, a guitar and a number of others.”
♦   Before becoming a musician, she was training to be a sommelier, working as a manager at a New York City wine store for three years.  
By Andrew, April 8th, 2015
♦   Sharon Van Etten has never needed much room to make a grand statement. With four albums diligently released during the last six years, she’s become one of music’s most astute new cartographers of the heart, able to capture emotional trials and triumphs with incisive lines and a voice that loses nothing in the translation and transmission of feelings. Her second record, epic, needed only seven tracks to live up to its title. Her subsequent albums, 2012’s Tramp and last year’s Are We There, went longer, but Van Etten managed still to squeeze enormous sentiments into especially small spaces. From start to rising stardom, Van Etten has forever understood the impact of economy.
♦   It should come as no surprise, then, that Van Etten’s forthcoming five–song EP, I Don’t Want to Let You Down, functions as much more than some between–albums, on–tour stopgap. In only 22 minutes, Van Etten offers documents of surrender and disappointment, admission and longing. The songs are as sophisticated and evolved as anything Van Etten has ever done. Produced by Van Etten and Are We There producing partner Stewart Lerman, the EP features a sterling crew of collaborators: Heather Woods Broderick (keyboards, strings, vocals), Doug Keith (guitar), Zeke Hutchins (drums), Brad Cook (bass), Darren Jesse (drums), Peter Broderick (strings), Stuart Bogie (woodwinds), and The War On Drugs’ Adam Granduciel (guitar) and Dave Hartley (bass).
♦   Sharon Van Etten I Don’t Want to Let You Down EP is out June 9th on Jagjaguwar. ♦   An instant free download of the title track, debuted in January on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Surrounding the release of the EP, Sharon will play select festivals and tour South America. Full tour dates after the jump. ♦   http://jagjaguwar.com/                   
Artist Biography by Andrew Leahey
♦   Although she was born and raised in suburban New Jersey, Sharon Van Etten's folk music evokes the open landscapes of a more expansive America. A dedicated choir student during her childhood, she studied clarinet, violin, and piano before moving on to guitar. She began writing songs as high school student and sang in a choir group, the Madrigals. She credits her choral experiences as indispensable in learning to musically notate, as well as to sing harmonies.
♦   Upon graduation, Van Etten moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to attend Middle Tennessee State University. There she studied recording until she dropped out a year later. She remained in the city for over four years, working at Red Rose, a combination coffee house, record shop, and music venue. She wrote songs during the entire period, but never performed.
♦   After a personal crisis, she briefly moved back home to New Jersey where she worked as a sommelier in a wine and dining establishment. After finally making a move to Brooklyn, she began to play in small public spaces, and to record her songs on own individually hand–painted CD–Rs. She sold them at shows and via her website. At one show, she handed one to Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio. (She had known his brother in high school.) After hearing it, he enthusiastically encouraged her to pursue a musical career.
♦   Van Etten continued to perform, but was determined to learn about the business of music. To that end, she secured an internship with Ba Da Bing Records through a college friend. She would later earn a role as a full–time publicist. While working there she continued to write, play publicly, and record privately.
♦   Van Etten's first nationally released album was 2009's sparsely orchestrated Because I Was in Love, recorded for Language of Stone, a label manufactured and distributed by Chicago–based Drag City. Reviews were almost universally positive and helped secure her opening slots on other artist's tours, and headline her first shows outside of the East Coast. This effort was followed by the lush, more band–oriented Epic in 2010, which was greeted by more praise.
♦   Van Etten signed to Jagjaguwar late that year. She began opening for the National on tour and working with the band's Aaron Dessner as a producer in the studio. Their collaboration resulted in her third album, Tramp, issued in early 2012. In support, she toured the United States as a headliner and also played clubs and festivals in Europe. In 2013, she sang on the National's Trouble Will Find Me. When Van Etten returned to the studio to record her fourth album and co–produced it with Stewart Lerman. Are We There was released in May of 2014. She followed it in 2015 with the five–track EP I Don't Want to Let You Down. ♦   http://www.allmusic.com/
♦   2009 Because I Was In Love   Language Of Stone
♦   2010 Epic   Ba Da Bing Records
♦   2012 Tramp   ADA / Jagjaguwar
♦   2014 Are We There   Jagjaguwar
♦   2015  I Don’t Want to Let You Down EP     Jagjaguwar
Website: http://www.sharonvanetten.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sharonvanetten
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SharonVanEttenVEVO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SharonVanEttenMusic
Press: Jessica Linker / jessica@pitchperfectpr.com
Agent: Matt Spinner / matt@groundcontroltouring.com

Sharon Van Etten
I Don’t Want to Let You Down (EP)



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