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Shawn Mullins
My Stupid Heart

Shawn Mullins — My Stupid Heart (October 23, 2015)

   Shawn Mullins — My Stupid Heart (October 23, 2015)
♠  Hlas má jako předurčen pro americanu a roots. Vyznává však klasičtější podobu/odnož, která se vyznačuje kytarovými sóly, průhlednou a intuitivní strukturou písně, baladičností a melancholií. Některé písně  v závěru už přecházejí do šmrncnutého mexicana/honky–tonk/little bit dixieland/blues stylu. Jako celek nadprůměrné album.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Album release: October 23, 2015
Record Label: Sugar Hill Records / Rounder Records
Genre: Alternative Folk, Singer/Songwriter
Duration:     48:20
01. The Great Unknown     5:04
02. It All Comes Down To Love     4:16
03. Ferguson     5:57
04. My Stupid Heart     3:26
05. Roll On By     3:58
06. Go and Fall     5:12
07. Gambler’s Heart     4:48
08. Never Gonna Let Her Go     4:44
09. Sunshine     4:55
10. Pre–Apocalyptic Blues     6:00
Written by:
♠   Christina Aldendifer / Chuck Cannon / Shawn Mullins     1
♠   Chuck Cannon     2
♠   Chuck Cannon / Shawn Mullins     3, 4, 6, 8
♠   Max Gomez / Shawn Mullins     5, 7
♠   Patrick Blanchard / Shawn Mullins     9
♠   Shawn Mullins / Tom Ryan     10
♠   Roy Agee Trombone
♠   Christina Aldendifer Composer
♠   Shandra Bennett Vocals (Background)
♠   Patrick Blanchard Composer
♠   Tom Bukovac Guitar (Electric)
♠   Chuck Cannon Bazouki, Choir/Chorus, Composer, Guitar (Ac.), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
♠   Jaxon Cannon Choir/Chorus
♠   Kyra Cannon Choir/Chorus
♠   Jim DeMain Engineer, Mastering
♠   Dan Dugmore Guitar (Steel)
♠   Max Gomez Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
♠   Gerry Hansen Drums, Percussion
♠   Austin Hoke Cello
♠   Jimmy Hole Cover Design
♠   Mills Logan Engineer, Mixing, Tracking
♠   Radoslav Lorkovic Accordion, Vocals, Wurlitzer Piano
♠   David McClister Photography
♠   Jerry McPherson Guitar (Electric)
♠   Shawn Mullins Choir/Chorus, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Resonator), Melodica, Percussion, Vocals, Wurlitzer Piano
♠   Michael Rhodes Bass
♠   Matt Rollings Piano
♠   Tom Ryan Composer, Sax (Baritone), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
♠   Guthrie Trapp Bazouki, Mandolin
♠   Maria Villar Package Design
♠   Lari White Choir/Chorus, Engineer, Overdubs, Producer, Vocals
Editorial Reviews
♠   Forging influences from folk and punk to jazz and Broadway musicals with pop–leaning melodic sensibilities, Shawn Mullins crafts memorable, affecting tunes that cross many genres on his all new album, My Stupid Heart. Mullins’ discography includes 1998’s Soul’s Core, the album that shot him to fame on the strength of its GRAMMY–nominated No. 1 hit, ‘Lullaby,’ and 2006’s 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor, which contained his AAA/Americana No. 1, ‘Beautiful Wreck.’ He also co–wrote the Zac Brown Band’s No. 1 country tune, ‘Toes.’ But in the years since his last release, 2010’s Light You Up, Mullins has experienced more ups and downs on his romantic roller–coaster a ride he’s decided to step off for a while. On My Stupid Heart, the GRAMMY nominated, platinum selling artist, deftly balances songs of suffering from the title tune and ‘Go and Fall,’ to the powerful, yet subtle social commentary of ‘Ferguson’ with songs such as ‘Roll on By,’ which strikes an upbeat note of hope. The Levon Helm–influenced ‘Never Gonna Let Her Go’ reveals the thrills of riding that afore–mentioned roller–coaster, and even the sigh of resignation that is ‘The Great Unknown’ contains lines so striking, you can’t help but smile at their brilliance and depth.
BY ANDREW LEAHEY, September 2, 2015
♠   Nothing fires up the muse as readily as heartbreak. Shawn Mullins recently relearned that lesson, via a divorce from his third wife that left him both crushed and inspired. Sitting on his porch in Atlanta one afternoon, the newly single Mullins found himself searching for some sort of scapegoat. “Dealing with the split would be so much easier,” he thought, “if I could just blame the whole thing on my stupid heart.” With that, the title track for his new album was born, kickstarting the creation of a new studio album that will arrive next month on Rounder Sugar Hill Records.
♠   It’s been five years since Mullins released Light You Up. My Stupid Heart picks up where that record left off, whipping up its own variation of Americana with Mullins’ baritone at the helm. The tracklist cuts a wide swath, veering from Levon Helm–inspired roots–rock to New Orleans–worthy Dixieland. On “My Stupid Heart,” Mullins even splits the difference between two of the 20th century’s biggest pop architects — the Beatles and the Beach Boys — with help from a soaring string section and some thickly–stacked harmonies.
♠   “This album is my most personal in years,” he tells Rolling Stone Country. “It’s about love: the romantic kind, the family kind and the love I have for my country. The constant theme throughout is to follow your heart.”
♠   One of the first records to be released via Sugar Hill’s new merger with Rounder Records, My Stupid Heart will hit stores October 23rd, during the tail end of a cross–country tour that takes Mullins from a hometown show in Atlanta to a string of cities across the Pacific Northwest. It’s also his fifth album to follow 1998’s Soul’s Core, whose biggest hit — the half–spoken, half–sung chart–topper “Lullaby” — briefly made Mullins a Top 40 titan, with shows at Madison Square Garden and gigs alongside other late–Nineties kingpins like the Backstreet Boys and Destiny’s Child. In the aftermath of that short time in the spotlight, he’s held on to a devoted cult audience by taking his own advice and following his heart. . .even if it’s broken. ♠  http://www.rollingstone.com/
♠   Whether he’s singing at a festival, in a roadhouse or on a pool deck, well–traveled troubadour Shawn Mullins knows how to command an audience. Alas, past studio albums failed to capture the knowing warmth of his smoky baritone.
♠   “My Stupid Heart” is different, and Mullins sounds terrific in a wide range of styles, summoning gospel fervor on “Ferguson,” leading a singalong on “Sunshine,” and settling into a sultry sway on “Go and Fall.”
♠   The Georgia–based singer–songwriter follows his jazz muse down to low F on “Pre–Apocalyptic Blues,” a hilarious mix of survivalist paranoia and Dixieland feel–good that rings too true. Mostly the thrice–divorced Mullins contemplates love sweet and soured, wearing his heart on his album sleeve.
♠   An excellent supporting cast includes Chuck Cannon, who helped compose six of the 10 songs, and stellar guitarist Tom Bukovac. Credit producer Lari White, who doubles as Cannon’s wife, for getting Mullins at his best on the record.
♠   http://abcnews.go.com/
AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine; Score: ***½
♠   Unbeknownst to the average listener who never heard anything beyond his 1998 AAA hit “Lullaby,” Shawn Mullins spent the better part of the next two decades deepening, undergirding his sighing melodicism with an underpinning of country–rock. ♠   Such Americana leanings mean he’s at home on Sugar Hill, the renowned folkie label that released My Stupid Heart in the fall of 2015. Despite this connection, My Stupid Heart isn’t a simple singer/songwriter record, one where he supports himself with nothing more than an acoustic guitar. It’s a fairly full–blooded album, one where Mullins is as at ease with burnished ballads and shuffling showtune blues as he is with broken–in country–rock and elegant tunes that echo his big hits. Despite a protest song for Ferguson, Missouri, what’s striking about My Stupid Heart is how it doesn’t feel explicitly connected to its time: it draws from Americana traditions and finds new elements to explore within that vein. ♠   http://www.allmusic.com/

Shawn Mullins
My Stupid Heart


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