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Silver Apples ‎— Clinging To A Dream (02 Sep 2016)

Silver Apples ‎— Clinging To A Dream (02 Sep 2016)

  Silver Apples ‎— Clinging To A Dream (Sept 2nd, 2016)  Silver Apples ‎— Clinging To A Dream (02 Sep 2016)≡♠≡   ELECTRONIC PIONEERS SILVER APPLES TO RELEASE FIRST NEW ALBUM IN 18 YEARS.
≡♠≡   Coxe’s pioneering use of electronics marked their debut out as a good decade ahead of its time, and featured the “Simeon”, an instrument named after Coxe, which included “nine audio oscillators and eighty–six manual controls…The lead and rhythm oscillators are played with the hands, elbows and knees and the bass oscillators are played with the feet.” The album went on to influence everyone from Suicide to Spacemen 3.
≡♠≡   ... “merge pure, raw electronic sounds with melodic poetic content”.Born: Simeon Oliver Coxe III, 4 June 1938, in Knoxville, Tennessee
Location: New York City, United States
Album released: 02 Sep 2016
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: Power Electronics, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Record Label: Chicken Coop Recordings
Duration:     53:51
01 The Edge Of Wonder     3:58
02 Missin You     3:43
03 Colors     4:23
04 Nothing Matters (Backing Vocals — Lydia Winn LeVert)     4:35
05 The Mist     5:33
06 Susie     3:59
07 Fractal Flow (Sampler [Samples] — Xian Hawkins)     4:27
08 Drifting     4:58
09 Charred Fragments     5:42
10 Concerto For Monkey And Oscillator     4:31
11 The Rain     4:17
12 The Edge Of Wonder (Demo Version)     3:51
≡♠≡   Simeon Coxe
Past members:
≡♠≡   Danny Taylor
≡♠≡   Xian Hawkins
≡♠≡   Michael Lerner
√   Recorded at — Magic Theatre Music
√   Design, Layout — Jesse Holborn
√   Music & Lyrics — Simeon Coxe
√   Performer — Silver Apples
√   Producer — Graham Sutton
√   Recorded, Engineer, Photography, Concept — Magic Theatre MusicDescription:
≡♠≡   SILVER APPLES new album, ‘Clinging to a Dream’, the first in 19 years, features 11 new songs and was recorded at the ChickenCoop studios in Fairhope, Alabama, USA and was produced by Graham Sutton in London, UK. These new songs carry on the tradition begun in 1967 by Silver Apples of merging pure, raw electronic sounds with melodic poetic content and represents 40 years of polishing and refining this experiment.
≡♠≡   The result, as usual, is surprisingly original. ChickenCoop Recordings is Silver Apples own imprint, the same name given to the backyard studio in Alabama by Simeon Coxe, founder and surviving member of Silver Apples.
≡♠≡   The new album release on ChickenCoop, is part of a larger worldwide deal with Cargo Records, which sees back catalogue titles, ‘The Garden’, ‘Beacon’ and ‘Decatur’ re–issued on all formats, with Beacon and Decatur for the first time ever available on vinyl and digital download.
≡♠≡   The Garden was the once legendary, ‘lost’, third album that luckily turned up in 1998 during the reunion of Simeon and Danny Taylor, who at the time hadn’t seen each other for 27 years! The story appears on the sleeve artwork.
≡♠≡   First released on the now defunct, ‘Whirlybird’, label in ‘98 (CD only) then on now defunct Canadian label, ‘Bully Records’, in 2006. Beacon was, the come back album in 1997 and was recorded with Steve Albini. It’s what Simeon now refers to as the ‘trio days’, as Simeon initially recruited Xian Hawkins (keyboards) and Michael Lerner (drums) for the reactivation of Silver Apples.
≡♠≡   Decatur was also released in 1998 on the back of Beacon and is, as the sleeve notes say, ‘A voyage of pure exploration beyond the broad established horizons of electronic music. It is an adventure into the perceptions of an unparallel universe all it’s own’.
Will Hodgkinson, September 2 2016, 12:01am, The Times / Score: ****
≡♠≡   Among hopeless music nerds, Silver Apples are a sacred entity. Made up of Simeon Coxe and Danny Taylor, these eccentric outsiders from New York were combining poetic lyrics with minimal, experimental electronics in the late Sixties. As is the way with such types, Fortuna’s wheel did not turn in Silver Apples’s favour. The albums sold poorly, and when the duo reunited for a tour in 1998 to take advantage of cult interest, their bus crashed and left singer Coxe with a broken neck. Then, in 2005, Taylor died.
≡♠≡   Now Coxe has returned Clinging to a Dream, using a self–built synthesiser…
≡♠≡   http://www.thetimes.co.uk/
By Sam Shepherd | 2 Sep 2016  | Score: ***½
≡♠≡   http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/silver-apples-clinging-dream
Website: http://www.silverapples.com/
Studio albums:
≡♠≡   Silver Apples (1968, Kapp Records) U.S. No. 193
≡♠≡   Contact (1969, Kapp)
≡♠≡   Beacon (1998, Whirlybird)
≡♠≡   The Garden (1998, Whirlybird)
≡♠≡   Decatur (1998, Whirlybird)
≡♠≡   Clinging To A Dream (2016, ChickenCoop Recordings)≡♠≡______________________________________________________≡♠≡

Silver Apples ‎— Clinging To A Dream (02 Sep 2016)


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