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SINNOBER — Little Wars (June 10th, 2016)

SINNOBER — Little Wars (June 10th, 2016)

 SINNOBER — Little Wars (June 10th, 2016) SINNOBER — Little Wars (June 10th, 2016)•ð•  United Kingdom. Laurel Canyon layered dream~pop.
Location: Frome, Somerset, South West of England, via Denmark and Persia.
Album release: June 10th, 2016
Format: Digipak CD, only 50 available via Bandcamp.
Record Label: Sinnober
Duration:     28:47
1. Everything We Never Asked For     4:08
2. Maria     2:51
3. Go Back     3:47
4. Reality TV     3:38
5. Talk Me Down     3:41
6. Until It Rains     3:01
7. Have A Little Love     4:05
8. Zia     3:36
℗ 2016 Sinnober
•ð•  Vocals, guitars, bass — Sebastian Brice
•ð•  Vocals, bass, flute, piano — Natalie Brice
•ð•  Drums, backing vocals — Mike Griffiths
•ð•  1, 2, 4, 8 written by Natalie Brice & Sebastian Brice
•ð•  3, 5, 7 written by NB, SB, & Davey Ray Moor
•ð•  6 written by NB, SB & Stuart Anning
•ð•  Engineered by Sebastian Brice
•ð•  Produced by Sebastian & Natalie Brice
•ð•  Mastered by Stuart Bruce
•ð•  Artwork by Ed Merlin Murray
»•  Sinnober are a Danish/British band who create gorgeous melodies and harmonies in an Alternative Blues/Country/Pop sound.  The band consists of Sebastian Brice on vocals and guitar, Natalie Brice on vocals, bass and keys and Mike Griffiths on vocals, drums and percussion.
»•  The band’s debut CD “Sinnober” was released in January 2015 and are currently working on their second album.  I first saw the video to “Fool (To Be Your Lover)” and was instantly taken in by not only the brilliant performance but the vocals of Natalie and Sebastian compliment each other beautifully. There are several live performance videos of songs on YouTube and you can see what a tight trio of musicians they are.
»•  The album is a collection of songs of such variety that everyone who listens can pick up something new.  “Lucky 13” is an uptempo 70s fast Rock Blues track while the sweet “Never Is A Long Time” is reminiscent of The Everly Brothers.  The songs are well constructed and brilliantly executed showing the band’s depth.  There are elements of the 60s and 70s, with Pop, Folk, Rock, Blues, Americana, Country and Indie all covered.  Big things are coming for this band currently based in South West England.  The album was majorly recorded in their home studio.
»•  Currently touring, playing festivals and getting noticed by radio and critics alike, I would like to see more of this band as they are a very special trio indeed.
Website: http://www.sinnober.com/band/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sinnobermusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sinnobermusic

SINNOBER — Little Wars (June 10th, 2016)


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