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In A Low Light

Skye — In A Low Light                                      Skye — In A Low LightSkye — In A Low Light≡»   “I wanted to write an album of songs that I could fall asleep to, but it ended up being so much more than a night time record,” says Skye. "I felt completely free with this record, I wasn’t trying to write songs for the radio, there’s not a single or radio track on it.”Birth name: Shirley Klaris Yonavieve Edwards
Also known as: Skye
Born: 27 May 1974, London, England, UK
Location: London, UK
Album release: 2015 
Record Label: Skyewards Records
Duration:     47:48
01. Give In      4:10
02. Here Is What Is      4:07
03. Said And Done      4:07
04. Dead And Buried      5:32
05. Storm      7:01
06. Cry      5:05
07. For The Day      3:49
08. In A World Unkind      5:42
09. Never Ending      8:13Description:
≡»   As the resident vocalist of trip–hop group Morcheeba, Skye Edwards' instantly
recognizable, smooth delivery was crucial to the band's success. But after its fourth album, the group decided to take a sabbatical, leaving Edwards with plenty of time to pursue a solo project. Retreating to Los Angeles, she began production and songwriting for a solo album and sketched out several tracks with the help of friends. With almost a full album in hand, she had a chance encounter with legendary producer Daniel Lanois, which resulted in several collaborations. After much refining and tweaking in Edwards' native London, Mind How You Go was released in the fall of 2006 under her now shortened moniker, Skye.Lyrics Storm
I hope a storm is on the way
I’m waiting for the rain
And the wind to hide the screams
Overloaded heart and veins
A road to the end
A lonely soul remains
In the night I saw your face
It wasn’t quite the same
A dream that slowly fades
If it’s true what they say
Then I’ll die with one regret
For the one that could not stay
Is it too late?
I’ll wait for the sky to clear
A ray of the light to appear
When you could have all my love
It’s true but it’s not enough
Close my eyes and count to ten
And start your life again
I love to play pretend
All the clouds will blow my way
Are you ready for the rain?
Hide and keep safe
Now it’s too late
I’m the storm that rages free
And I’ll paint it black
You’re the boat that’s lost at sea
And the waves are bad
Not a hope to save you now
You can’t make it back towards the shore
No way, no how
So find your place among the clouds
Website: http://www.skyeedwards.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/skyewards
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skyewardskye
≡»   Mind How You Go   (2006)
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≡»   In A Low Light   (2015)_____________________________________________________________

In A Low Light