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Slowdance — Slowdance (September 23, 2014)

USA FlagSlowdance — Slowdance

 Album is amazin. Slowdance — Slowdance was nominated for 8th Tais Awards 2015.
♠   Slowdance, a Brooklyn–based quintet, have a penchant for edgy indie–pop and for crafting songs in French. According to the band, their moody, keyboard–heavy stylings were influenced by Blondie and ’70s synth–wave, so it′s no wonder that here, they sound sultry and submerged in hypnotic, humming electronics. Frontwoman Quayar Quinn–Settel´ seemingly mysterious and secretive, curtained by thick bangs´ recalls a cross between Tennis´ laid back Alaina Moore and the dynamic Karen O. An intriguing vocalist and performer´beautifully delicate one moment, curiously detached the next ´ she is one of many reasons Slowdance is a band that´s hard to forget.
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Album release: September 23, 2014
Record Label:
01 Where Will You Be?     3:22
02 Gold and Green     2:55
03 Trio     3:08
04 Sylvia     4:26
05 Disco D’ete     4:24
06 Storm and Stress     4:19
07 Our Love is Strong     4:02
08 House in My Heart     3:48
09 Santiano     1:37
♠   All songs written by Slowdance, except "Santiano," by Jacques Plante and Dave Fisher.
♠   Quay Quinn–Settel singer
♠   Quay: Vocals & Keys (Casio)
♠   Rafa: Guitar
♠   Daniel: Drums
♠   Luke: Keys
♠   Tom: Bass
♠   Produced by Jeremy Jay
♠   Engineered by Tim Racecar 
♠   Recorded at Thump Studios in Brooklyn, NY.
♠   Mastered by Alfredo Pasquel 
♠   Album cover by Jesse Keating 
♠   Special thanks to Peter Agoston.
By Noisey Staff
♠   Do you remember last summer? The summer of 2012, not 2013! Yeah, back then. ♠   This was the summer we first heard Slowdance's single "Boyfriend." A dreamy, New Wave–y swoon backed by neat beats, it had French–American singer Quay Quinn–Settel coyly suggesting that selective amensia and/or make believe can recreate the flushed rush of first love. Let's just pretend we don't know one another so we can explore each other all over again! Sounds like a good plan. We were into it.
♠   Fast–foward to now and the Brooklyn–based trio are currently holed up in a studio with Jeremy Jay (who flew in from London just to work with them). No word on when we can get our hands on the fruits of their labor, but in the meantime here are two exclusive songs. First up, the synth–stoked "Sylvia" — whose gloriously airy chorus lingers long after the first listen — and perfectly expresses the bittersweet feeling of a friend moving on, and away from you, in pursuit of bigger and better things. On the flipside there's "Trio," which is sung in French, so we have no clue what that's about. ♠   But let's face it, everything sounds freakin' amazing in French. :: http://noisey.vice.com/
Live on WFMU
Engineered by Mike Sin
Dark Night of the Soul with Julie: Playlist from February 13, 2014:
WFMU: https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/54427
SOUNDCHECK: http://soundcheck.wnyc.org/story/294704-gig-alert-slowdance/
We Two–Step With Quay From Slowdance
♠   Let us introduce you to our favorite songstress of late, Quay Quinn–Settel, vocalist of local band Slowdance and all–around superstar. Quay told us all about her eccentric childhood and the story behind her name, plus the scoop on all the latest and greatest from the band. And, of course, she taught us a lesson or two about style; this is a girl who's struck that delicate balance between high–end trends and discerning vintage, perfectly mixed with a generous splash of her own personality. And, as per usual, a great wardrobe leads to a great place to keep it. Quay's Brooklyn apartment is loaded top–to–bottom with gifts from her many friends and antiques found in Paris and around the East Coast. Read on and swoon with us!
LEXI: You reference lots of French sounds in your music — do you find yourself dressing more Francophile than Brooklynite? 
QUAY: "Brooklynites are francophiles, no? I do love certain trends from the French 60's (stripes, scarves and trenches), but I will say that Brooklynites seem to take certain liberties most Parisians would not... and I fully support this. Bolder colors, bolder patterns." :: http://www.refinery29.com/quay-slowdance-band#slide
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slowdancewithus
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXvRwNJj3OA#t=113
Press: booking@slowdancewith.us
Agent: Peter Agoston // Inland Empire Touring // peter@inlandempiretouring.com
Website: http://slowdancewith.us/




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