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Slowdive — Slowdive (5th May 2017)

Slowdive — Slowdive (5 May 2017)

                     Slowdive — Slowdive (5th May 2017) Slowdive — Slowdive (5 May 2017)¤   First album in 22 years. Reunited English shoegazers to release their self~titled fourth LP in May.
Q:   Obviously, technology’s come a long way since then. Have you found any of your sounds from the old albums or EPs difficult to reproduce with today’s pedals and amps?
A:   “Neil and Christian’s pedal boards are ridiculous. They’ve got so many pedals! And they’re not using the old [Yamaha] FX500. They’ve got all kinds of new stuff to play with. I hope now, if anything, that the songs will sound better because of the better technology. I’m still using an old FX500. I hope it doesn’t explode on me, or something. Other than that, I’m just using a couple of pedals which are new, up~to~date ones. Lucky, because my partner owns his own small business selling guitar pedals. Boutique pedals. So, we’ve had a good opportunity to pick and choose stuff, because he’s a walking encyclopedia for pedals.”                                                             Location: Reading, England
Style: Indie Rock, Shoegaze
Album release: 5 May 2017
Record Label: Dead Oceans
Duration:     46:01
01 Slomo     6:53
02 Star Roving     5:39
03 Don’t Know Why     4:37
04 Sugar for the Pill     4:31
05 Everyone Knows     4:22
06 No Longer Making Time     5:48
07 Go Get It     6:10
08 Falling Ashes     8:01
♣   Nick Chaplin   bass
♣   Rachel Goswell   vocals, guitar (Fender Telecaster, Fender Precision Bass), tambourine
♣   Neil Halstead   vocals, guitar, keyboards
♣   Christian Savill   guitar
♣   Simon Scott   drums  
♣   Last night, Slowdive made their live return in Glasgow and proceeded to debut three tracks from their long~awaited new album. This morning, the reunited shoegaze outfit formally detailed the self~titled LP, which will hit shelves May 5th through Dead Oceans.
♣   The long~awaited follow~up to 1995’s Pygmalion was recorded at the band’s “talismanic Oxfordshire haunt, The Courtyard,” and was mixed at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles by Chris Coady (Beach House, Grizzly Bear). A press release describes this fourth full~length as the English shoegaze outfit’s “most direct material to date,” while also noting that it isn’t meant to be “a trip down memory lane.”
♣   Principal songwriter Neil Halstead says that their 2014 reunion tour had an impact on the making of the new album. “When you’re in a band and you do three records, there’s a continuous flow and a development,” he explains. “For us, that flow re~started with us playing live again and that has continued into the record.”
♣   In a previous interview about their studio sessions, drummer Simon Scott also emphasized the importance of their live recordings: “It’s Neil, who is the primary songwriter, but what has changed since the ‘90s, is that he asked me to manipulate some of the sounds we have recorded. It’s not that the album is going to sound electronically. We’ve played together for two years after the restoration, and Neil wanted to capture how well a live band, we are, in the studio. So in that way it’s a live record.”
♣   Along with the LP news, Slowdive have shared the music video for “Sugar for the Pill”, one of the songs which they debuted live last night. Produced by in/out, the clip takes its inspiration from the album artwork “which is itself a still from Harry Smith’s cult classic animation ‘Heaven and Earth Magic’ — the vast spiritual narrative that has influenced so many artists since it was originally released back in 1957.”   ♣   https://consequenceofsound.net/
Website: http://www.slowdiveofficial.com/
By Austin Trunick:   •   http://www.undertheradarmag.com/interviews/rachel_goswell_talks_slowdives_reunion_and_the_possibility_of_a_new_album1/
♣   Just for a Day (1991)
♣   Souvlaki (1993)
♣   Pygmalion (1995)
♣   Slowdive (2017)
Born: 7 October 1970, Reading, Berkshire, England
Genres: Alternative rock, indie rock, shoegazing, dream pop, folk
Occupation(s): Musician, singer~songwriter, record producer
Instruments: Vocals, guitar
Associated acts: Slowdive, Mojave 3, Black Hearted Brother

Slowdive — Slowdive (5 May 2017)


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