Sofia Rei — „Umbral“ (June 4, 2021)

Argentina flag                                                                       Sofia Rei — „Umbral“ (June 4, 2021)
∫  „Threshold“ popisuje cestu ženy hledající své místo ve světě. Sofía Rei se vydala na procházku po chilských horách s batohem naloženým nahrávacím zařízením a hlavou zavalenou složitostí moderního života. Z tohoto výletu se zrodily písně, které spojují folklorní tradici Jižní Ameriky s digitální budoucností a vytvářejí řadu intimních autoportrétů, útržků příběhů a myšlenek, zachycení introspekce tady a teď a útěku zároveň.
∫  “Sofia Rei, an Argentine singer now based in New York, conjured a wildly eclectic, near hallucinatory international mix from her living room with her band: Andean, Asian, jazz, funk, electronics. True to Globalfest’s boundary~scrambling mission, she sang about living under ‘Un Mismo Cielo’: ‘The Same Sky.’” — Jon Pareles, The New York Times
∫  “It’s a fascinating exploration of her own creative process, as well as a capsule history of musical traditions from the southern~most tip of the Americas.” — Felix Contreras, NPR “Alt.Latino”
∫  “...award~winning Argentine vocalist and songwriter Sofia Rei provides a concert that blends South American folk traditions with experimental pop and electronic music. That mix of tradition and modernity extends to her surroundings, which features traditional iconography, robotic ‘saints,’ exuberant plants and looping pedals.” — Bob Boilen, NPR “Tiny Desk Concert”Sofía Rei
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ New York, NY
Album release: June 4, 2021
Record Label: Cascabelera Records
Duration:     27:06
1. Un Mismo Cielo  3:34
2. La Otra  3:39
3. Escarabajo Digital  3:10
4. Helvética 12  3:47
5. La Caída  5:26
6. La Quinta Pata  3:18
7. Negro Sobre Blanco  4:12
 Sofía Rei: Lead Vocals, Back up vocals, Vocal loops, Charango
 JC Maillard: Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Ukelele, Electric bass, Charango, Back Up Vocals
•  Jorge Glem: Cuatro (La Caída and Negro Sobre Blanco)
•  Jorge Roeder: Upright bass (Helvetica 12 and La Quinta Pata)
•  Leo Genovese: Synths and piano (Helvetica 12 and Un Mismo Cielo)
•  Franco Pinna: Drums and percussion (Negro Sobre Blanco)
•  Tupac Mantilla: Drums, percussion and body percussion (La Quinta Pata)
•  Martin Vejarano: Colombian gaita (Un Mismo Cielo and Escarabajo Digital)
•  Produced by JC Maillard
•  Mixed by Fabrice Dupont
•  Mastered by Bob Power
Recorded at:
•  Shhh! Studio, NYC. Engineer: JC Maillard
•  Flux Studios, NYC. Engineer: Daniel Sanint
•  Clive Davis Institute Recording Studios, NYC. Engineer: JC Maillard
•  Photo by Shervin Lainez
•  Hair and Make Up by Laura Mitchell
•  Styling by Dani Morales
•  Album Artwork and Design by Caro Nino
•  This project received a Café Royal Cultural Foundation Music Production Grant in 2019.
•  La Orden Franciscana de Chile autoriza el uso de la obra de Gabriela Mistral. Lo equivalente a los derechos de autoría son entregados a la Orden para los niños de Montegrande y de Chile de conformidad a la voluntad de la escritora.

Author: Dan Hobson ⌊November/2021⌋ Score: ★★★★★
∫  Sofia Rei is an Argentinian singer, songwriter and producer whose fearless experimentation takes you to untold musical heights. Her 5th album, Umbral, is a masterclass in how to combine folkloric tradition with digital futurism. The album has an enchanting authenticity derived from Rei allowing her unique personality to be revealed in music.
∫  Umbral (Threshold) was conceived in the mountains of the Elqui Valley, Chile. Rei completed a solo trek across the rugged terrain with two backpacks of recording gear. The resulting sound can broadly be described as Latin folk infused with spacey loops, samples, synths and digi~wizardry. There’s a big jazz vibe, notes of hip~hop and some pleasing womp. Rei’s (classically~trained) singing voice is the top line, though.
∫  Not only does it soar with sonic beauty, it chirps, clicks, whistles, speaks and resonates wonderfully. Stand out tracks are ‘Un Mismo Cielo’, which neatly summarises the album’s sound; ‘Helvética’, which has echoes of Ana Tijoux; and opener, ‘La Otra’, which leaps from glitch to Andes, synth to plucked strings, soprano singing to unusual phrasing. Not a record for folk purists or easy listeners, Umbral is a raw expression of curious creativity and brave experimentation.