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Soft Science Maps (June 1st, 2018)

Soft Science — Maps (June 1st, 2018)

                             Soft Science — Maps (June 1st, 2018)Soft Science — Maps (June 1st, 2018)•••¦→       Všichni můžeme sledovat průvodce, ale jen málo z nás může s jistotou říci, že jsme se věnovali studiu všech dostupných map a jsme připraveni najít cestu vpřed, nebo dokonce být schopni připustit, že jsme se ztratili a tedy potřebujeme pomoc.
Location: Sacramento, CA
Album release: June 1st, 2018
Record Label: Test Pattern Records
Duration:     33:08
01. Undone     3:28 
02. Breaking     3:39 
03. Diverging     3:54 
04. There     3:11 
05. Apart     2:42 
06. Sooner     4:04 
07. Know     3:11 
08. Still     3:56 
09. Enough     3:39 
10. Slip     1:24
•     Katie Haley — Vocals
•     Matt Levine — Guita
•     Mason DeMusey — Bass
•     Ross Levine — Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
•     Tony Cale (English Singles) — on drums
Description / Press:
•••¦→       Soft Science are following their celebrated release, Detour, with a new album titled Maps. The quintet’s third full~length release is their most polished to date as it captures more of the band’s raw live energy while still engaging the listener with the dreamy atmospheric reverberations that have become a hallmark of the band’s sound. The album features whirling guitars, airy vocals, and captivating melodies that will ring in your head long after your first listen. Maps is a complete work of 10 well~crafted songs, featuring a re~recording of the earworm track Breaking, and the albums first two singles, Undone and Sooner, that showcase the dream~gaze collective’s signature sound.
•••¦→       Soft Science will be playing live to support the release with shows in the US and Europe, including performances at Kirkand Summerfest, presented by KEXP, and the Paris Popfest.
Review Quotes:
•••¦→       “Soft Science are continuing to produce some of the most exciting music out of the US West Coast with their unique take on shoegaze/dream pop.” — Backseat Mafia
•••¦→       “One of the best songs of 2018” — John Richards, KEXP
•••¦→       “A gorgeously fuzz~washed slice of post~gaze… full of spine~tingling flourishes and trance~like beauty, warping and waning into gaseous clusters of reverb” — Get Into This
•••¦→       “Alan McGee and Ivo Watts~Russell would’ve signed this band in a heartbeat, hearing the celestial guitars and booming rhythm section let alone Haley’s seductive, salubrious singing. Nothing soft about this science” — Big Takeover Magazine
•••¦→       “Swirling delights with sugary, delectable vocals... brilliant energy with shimmering guitars, perfectly executed bass and percussion, bendy synths, and Katie Haley delivering some of my fave dreampop vocals in recent memory” — Somewherecold
•••¦→       “Where the haze of shoegaze meets the pristine lines of pop… They join dots between that pre~Brit pop territory of early Lush or The Darling Buds and modern alternative pop fringes encapsulating the same pure pop heart wrapped in shimmering sonics, always reminding us that pop can be big and it can be clever” — Dancing About Architecture
Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating: * * * *
•••¦→       A resonance in Time is always something to look out for, to capture it takes proficiency and passion, and even to touch upon it is a calling that few can master without finding themselves being driven down the cul~de~sac of bitter recriminations and self~doubt; we can all use the abundant instruments to make the way clear, hopefully we can all follow a guide, but so few of us can say with certainty that we have dedicated ourselves to studying all the Maps available and are ready to find the way forward, or even be prepared to admit that we are lost and need help.
•••¦→       California’s Soft Science resonates the arc of positive belief in their new album, Maps, an album that shows all the contours and places of interest along the way, which admits perhaps that it rightly it doesn’t have all the information but is so much more understanding of the concept it is in because of it.
•••¦→       The shoe gazing beauty is untarnished, it is the admiration arguably of a genre that sits comfortably between the desire of a pop and the preciousness of the seductive; a sense of belonging with Time, of holding nothing back but doing it a way that the sea that surrounds us all, crashes gently into the walls of sand on which we sit, and barely dislodges a single grain.
•••¦→       A grain though will eventually give way, a moment of recognition will take place and the map will become a three~dimensional love affair, every hill, peak and trough will be gone through and loved in equal measure, it is a series of Maps that join to make a global sound, one that is identifiable to all who seek a lyrical truth that comes with the strength and purpose of the ideal stream of consciousness employed.
•••¦→       In songs such as Breaking, Diverging, Apart, Sooner and Enough, this smooth and enlightening album relishes the soul of the place in which it comes from and allows the listener to see beyond a boundary, one perhaps of their own making, but one that opens up new possibilities to explore. The musical cartography is not just a single view, but that spans every chart and record. •••¦→       http://www.liverpoolsoundandvision.co.uk/
Bandcamp: https://testpatternrecords.bandcamp.com/album/maps
Twitter: https://twitter.com/softscienceband
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/softsciencemusic/

Soft Science Maps (June 1st, 2018)


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