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Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers

Sonic Youth — NYC Ghosts & Flowers (October 14, 2016)   Sonic Youth — NYC Ghosts & Flowers (October 14, 2016) Sonic Youth — NYC Ghosts & Flowers (October 14, 2016)♦•♣   Vojenská hodnost definuje postavení a pravomoci vojáka v hierarchii armády. Zde to neplatí. Sonic Youth bez vojenské hodnosti velí všem milujícím svobodu bez vojny.    An album of demos made for the 1987 film Made in U.S.A.    On this album, the influence of beat poetry on the band was strongly evident: The lyrics to most songs resembled the beat style; Lenny Bruce and D. A. Levy were name~checked; and the cover art was based on a painting by William S. Burroughs.   Now’s your chance to gleam the majesty of ‘A Thousand Leaves’ and ‘NYC Ghosts and Flowers’ anew...
Origin released: May 16, 2000
Recorded: August 1999 — February 2000 in New York City, United States

♣•♦   NYC Ghosts & Flowers is marked by the same yearning calm that defined its predecessor, A Thousand Leaves. ‘Free City Rhymes’ is another of their dreamy yet prickly guitarscapes; ‘Renegade Princess’ recalls the group’s early art–punk; and Kim Gordon’s ‘Side2Side’ and ‘Nevermind (What Was It Anyway)’ are sullenly sensual.                                                              
Formed: 1981 in New York, NY
Location: New York City, NY, U.S.
Genre: Noise Rock, Experimental Rock
Album release: October 14, 2016
Record Label: Geffen Records
Duration:     42:45
1 Free City Rhymes     7:36
2 Renegade Princess     5:52
3 Nevermind (What Was It Anyway)     5:39
4 Small Flowers Crack Concrete     5:15
5 Side2Side     3:35
6 StreamXsonik Subway     2:52
7 NYC Ghosts & Flowers     8:02
8 Lightnin’     3:54
■λ→   Thurston Moore — uncredited performing, production
■λ→   Kim Gordon — uncredited performing, sleeve illustration (Girl Drawing, 2000), production
■λ→   Lee Ranaldo — uncredited performing, production, sleeve photography (1998)
■λ→   Steve Shelley — uncredited performing, production
Additional personnel:
■λ→   Jim O’Rourke — bass guitar (“Free City Rhymes”, “Small Flowers Crack Concrete”), electronics (“Side2Side”), production, additional recording, additional mixing
■λ→   William Winant — percussion (“Side2Side”)
■λ→   Rafael Toral — Spacestatic guitar (“Renegade Princess”)                                          ■λ→   All tracks written by Sonic Youth (Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley).               Vocals:
1 Moore
2 Moore, Gordon, Ranaldo
3 Gordon
4 Moore, Gordon, Ranaldo
5 Gordon
6 Moore
7 Ranaldo
8 Gordon
1 Moore
2 Moore
3 Gordon
4 Moore
5 Gordon
6 Moore
7 Ranaldo
8 Gordon

■λ→   Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth, fashion icon, and role model for a generation of women, now tells her story — a memoir of life as an artist, of music, marriage, motherhood, independence, and as one of the first women of rock and roll, written with the lyricism and haunting beauty of Patti Smith’s Just Kids.
■λ→   Often described as aloof, Kim Gordon opens up as never before in Girl in a Band. Telling the story of her family, growing up in California in the ‘60s and ‘70s, her life in visual art, her move to New York City, the men in her life, her marriage, her relationship with her daughter, her music, and her band, Girl in a Band is a rich and beautifully written memoir.
■λ→   Gordon takes us back to the lost New York of the 1980s and ‘90s that gave rise to Sonic Youth, and the Alternative revolution in popular music. The band helped build a vocabulary of music — paving the way for Nirvana, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins and many other acts. But at its core, Girl in a Band examines the route from girl to woman in uncharted territory, music, art career, what partnership means — and what happens when that identity dissolves.
■λ→   Evocative and edgy, filled with the sights and sounds of a changing world and a transformative life, Girl in a Band is the fascinating chronicle of a remarkable journey and an extraordinary artist.
Store: http://sonicyouth.kungfustore.com/

Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers