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Sophie Zelmani

Sophie Zelmani — Everywhere [September 24th, 2014]

Sweden Sophie Zelmani — Everywhere

 EXCELLENT ALBUM Sophie Zelmani — Everywhere   NOMINATED
Birth name: Sophie Edkvist
Born: 12 February 1972    
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Album release: September 24th, 2014
Record Label: Oh Dear Recordings
Duration:     40:51
01. By Your Side      3:42
02. Waiting Room      2:21
03. Everywhere      4:53
04. Charlotte By The Shore      3:48
05. When You Remember      3:14
06. Got To Go With Love      3:23
07. I Pray      3:39
08. Should I Tell You      3:32
09. The Lord      3:40
10. My Dear      2:03
11. Do You Think It Could Wait      5:01
12. Forgiveness      1:35
Everywhere Tour 2014
≡Φ  I september släpper Sophie Zelmani sitt tionde studioalbum ”Everywhere”. Albumet, som är ett av hennes starkaste hittills, består av 12 nyskrivna klassiker. Sophie beger sig under hösten ut på sin första landsomfattande turné på tio år. Med sig har hon ett helt fantastiskt band under ledning av den geniale gitarristen Lars Halapi. Sophie Zelmani släppte tidigare i år skivan "Going Home". En sorts samlingsskiva och bokslut med nyinspelningar av klassiker från hela hennes karriär. ≡Φ  Under vinter medverkade Sophie också i TV–programmet "En resa för livet" där man fick följa hennes resa till Filippinerna och möten med barns verklighet i Manila.
På scen:
≡Φ Sophie Zelmani — sång
≡Φ Lars Halapi — gitarrer
≡Φ Rickard Nilsson — keyboards
≡Φ Peter Korhonen — trummor
≡Φ Thomas Axelsson — bas
Website: http://www.sophie-zelmani.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/zelmani
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sophiezelmani
Agent: info@headstomp.com

SWE / BEL (Vl) /  BEL ((Wa) / FR / GER / SWI
1995 Sophie Zelmani   #4   #27   #27   #48 — —
1998 Precious Burden   #11 — — — — —
1999 Time to Kill   #11 — — — — —
2002 Sing and Dance   #3 — — — —   #88
2003 Love Affair   #2 — — — —   #33
2005 A Decade of Dreams 1995–2005   #2 — — — —   #65
2007 Memory Loves You   #2 — — —   #90   #9
2008 The Ocean and Me   #1 — — — —   #13
2010 I'm the Rain   #3 — — — —   #21
2011 Soul   #1  #2 — — — —   #69
2014 Going Home   #13 — — — — —
2014 Everywhere   #12 — — — — —
Artist Biography by Lars Lovén
≡Φ With no musical background and without ever having performed in public, Zelmani rose to the top of the charts with her debut album. In spite of being known as very shy, she soon reached an audience all over Europe and Asia with her tender singer/songwriter country. Zelmani got her first guitar at the age of 14 and was taught some chords by her father. She learned to write songs, and almost ten years later, sent a few tapes to various record companies. Sony replied first and brought her together with producer and guitarist Lars Halapi, known for having worked with Ulf Lundell and Bo Kaspers Orkester. But the very close collaboration with Zelmani, where Halapi had total control over the arrangements, was perhaps his most successful. He gave her self-titled debut a flavor of early Van Morrison, but it was Zelmani who had written all the songs and whose clear and fragile voice gave them an air of honesty. ≡Φ The album entered the charts at number four in the winter of 1995 and soon it had gone gold in Sweden and Japan. Zelmani made a big promotional tour throughout Europe and then went to promote the album in the U.S., where similar female singer/songwriters, like Jewel, were successful. Precious Burden was released in 1998, and if it wasn't the same immediate success as the debut, it got very good reviews. ≡Φ Trying to keep the touring at a minimum, the shy star was not able to avoid fame totally and learned to cope with it more and more. The previous two albums had very much been studio products with Halapi producing and playing many of the instruments, but for the next album, Zelmani formed a real band. Halapi still produced and arranged, and also wrote one track for 1999's Time to Kill LP.

Sophie Zelmani