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Sparks — Indiscreet [Japanese Edition] (1975/2009)

Sparks — Indiscreet [Japanese Edition] (1975/2009)

   Sparks — Indiscreet [Japanese Edition] (October 1975/2009)
Ξ   Brainchild of the Mael brothers, who produced experimental, often brilliant, danceable, and synth–driven music from the early ‘70s.Formed: 1970 in Los Angeles, CA 
Location: Los Angeles, California. U.S.
Album release: October 1975
Record Label: Island/Universal Music [UICY–94100]
Duration:     50:44
01. Hospitality On Parade
02. Happy Hunting Ground
03. Without Using Hands
04. Get In The Swing
05. Under The Table With Her
06. How Are You Getting Home
07. Pineapple
08. Tits
09. It Ain’t 1918
10. The Lady Is Lingering
11. In The Future
12. Looks Looks Looks
13. Miss The Start, Miss The End
14. Profile
15. The Wedding Of Jacqueline Kennedy To Russell Mael
16. Looks Looks Looks (live)
Ξ   Song “Pinneapple” written by Russell Mael
Ξ   All others written by Ron Mael.Awards:
Billboard Albums
Ξ   1976     Indiscreet      The Billboard 200     #169
Ξ   Russell Mael — vocals
Ξ   Ron Mael — keyboards
Ξ   Ian Hampton — bass
Ξ   Trevor White — guitar
Ξ   Norman “Dinky” Diamond — drums
Ξ   Mike Piggott – fiddle on “It Ain’t 1918”
Ξ   Tony Visconti – orchestral arrangements
Ξ   Richard Creamer Photography
Ξ   Norman “Dinky” Diamond Drums
Ξ   Ian Hampton Bass
Ξ   Ron Mael Composer, Keyboards, Vocals
Ξ   Russell Mael Composer, Vocals
Ξ   Tony Visconti Producer
Ξ   Trevor White GuitarRUSSELL MAEL
Birth name: Russell Craig Mael
Born: October 5, 1948, Los Angeles, California, United States
Ξ   Indiscreet is the fifth album of by the American rock band Sparks. It was released in 1975 and later re–released with three bonus tracks. The album was produced by Tony Visconti, with whom the group reunited in 1997 to produce several tracks for their retrospective album Plagiarism. The song “How Are You Getting Home?” was used in Leos Carax’s film Holy Motors.AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson;  Score: ****
Ξ   In the ‘70s and ‘80s, Sparks’ American fans couldn’t understand why the Mael Brothers weren’t as big in the United States as they were in England. “Why don’t more of our fellow Americans realize just how great these guys are?” was the question that Sparks addicts in the U.S. often found themselves asking. Whatever the reason, British audiences really connected with Sparks’ goofy, insanely clever lyrics — and the fact that Russell Mael sings like he could be an eccentric upper–class Englishman (although he was born and raised in Los Angeles) probably didn’t hurt. Indiscreet, which was the Mael Brothers’ third album for Island and their fifth album overall, is state–of–the–art Sparks. The power pop melodies are consistently infectious, and the lyrics are as humorous as one expects Sparks lyrics to be — nutty gems like “Pineapple,” “Happy Hunting Ground,” “Tits,” and “Get in the Swing” will easily appeal to those who like to think of Russell and Ron Mael as the pop/rock equivalent of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Like other Sparks releases of the ‘70s, Indiscreet did much better in England than it did on the North American side of the Atlantic. In the U.S., this 1975 LP appealed to a small but enthusiastic cult following — in Great Britain, Indiscreet was a big seller and appealed to a much larger and broader audience. Over the years, Sparks has experimented with everything from hard rock to Euro–disco. But power pop is the primary focus of Indiscreet, which went down in history as one of the band’s best ‘70s albums.
Ξ   http://www.allmusic.com/
Website: http://allsparks.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sparksofficial

Sparks — Indiscreet [Japanese Edition] (1975/2009)


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