Stephen Steinbrink
Arranged Waves

 Stephen Steinbrink — Arranged Waves [July 7th, 2014]

USA Flag Stephen Steinbrink — Arranged Waves

±•   Zpívá tiše, rytmicky a ve stylu, který přidává další vrstvu. Texty jsou silně osobní a jeho postupy jsou promyšleně tkané z akustické kytary, violoncella, kláves, perkusí a krátkých záblesků elektrické kytary. Brutální upřímnost pomocí pečlivě vybraných slov a krásné melodie. Muzikantství je unikátní směsí klasické kytary, ambientu, rocku, a tak není vázáno na jeden žánr. Dost záleží na typu obsazení: další sonics byla poskytnuta od jeho několika velmi významných přátel, zahrnující Eli Moore (basa), Ashely Erikson (bicí / zpěv / slide kytaru ) Jen Grady (violoncello), Andrew Dorsett (bicí / klávesy) a Tom Filardo (kytara). Zavedení nových hudebníků do procesu přidává novou esenc albu — tím předvádí pozoruhodnou schopnost Steinbrinka udržet laťku a rozšířit dále svůj sortiment. A tak Arranged Waves se rychle stává jedním z mých nejoblíbenějších alb roku. Vrchol: Synesthetic Ephemera.
Location: Olympia, WA
Album release: July 7th, 2014
Record Label: Melodic Records
Duration:     39:28
01. Now You See Everything      2:56
02. Animate Dust      3:27
03. Trust      4:02
04. A Simple Armature Of Your Ideal World      3:14
05. Synesthetic Ephemera      3:50
06. Brand New Manic Brain Holder      2:59
07. Tangerine      3:20
08. It’s So Pretty (What You Did For Me)      3:41
09. It Takes A Lot To Change A Mind      3:40
10. Sand Mandalas      3:30
11. Impress My Memory      3:29
12. Arranged Waves      1:20                                                                                             MUSICIANS:
♣••••♣ Stephen Steinbrink
♣••••♣ Andrew Dorsett
♣••••♣ Jen Grady
♣••••♣ Ashley Eriksson
♣••••♣ Eli Moore
♣••••♣ Tom Filardo.

by Mike Walmsley, 08 July 2014; Score: 7/10
±•  Too often we can dismiss any singer–songwriter simply because of their title as a ‘singer–songwriter’, or write off any whacky accompanying stories as gimmicky ploys to capture the neutral’s attention. I must admit, upon hearing that Stephen Steinbrink had travelled America in quiz teams and includes field recordings of church bells in his music, I was sceptical. However the reality is that he’s simply a prodigal, prolific musician from a sleepy part of Phoenix, Arizona making the most of an otherwise quite dreary upbringing.
±•  Not one to waste away in the banalities of a suburban life, at just 16 he was opening for the likes of the Dirty Projectors and Jason Molina and since then he’s recorded nine entire albums (some under the alias French Quarter). The latest of which, Arranged Waves, captured the attention of the UK’s Melodic Records and is arguably the most progressive and accessible of the bunch.
±•  Perhaps the first thing that stands out with Steinbrink is his high–pitched, effeminate vocal, which often just faintly pitter–patters over a wonderfully arranged psychedelic–folk ensemble. On tracks like ‘Now You See Everything’ and ‘Sand Mandalas’ which exhibit rich and diverse musical backdrops, this combination works delightfully as his ponderous whimsy is set deep into the song like another instrument. ±•  Indeed Steinbrink records every layer himself, a credit to his considerable talent and musicianship, often bringing contemporaries like Damien Jurado or Real Estate to mind.
±•  Elsewhere however, when the hearty rhythms take a back seat and his marmalade–twee vocal aesthetic becomes inescapable, it can feel a little sickly and almost insultingly gentle. As if Mac Demarco has become a kids T.V. presenter. ‘Trust’ for example could quite easily have an animated counterpart hitting somewhere between the Teletubbies and Moomins in playfulness meets eeriness.
±•  However, Stephen Steinbrink is at his best when experimenting with song structures, layering and effects, drawing from sixties rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelia through to eighties yacht–rock. ‘Synesthetic Ephemera’ is a distinctive highlight where gentle piano and guitars beautifully combine before the crescendo insights a blissful daze that could continue eternally. Two–parter ‘A Simply Armature...’ and ‘It Takes A Lot...’ showcase exactly how well the man can craft a pop song — which, if released 50 years ago, would probably be heralded as an anthem.
±•  Overall, Arranged Waves is quite a remarkable record, reflecting the ‘popular’ woozy slide guitars of the moment yet repackaging them with a more nostalgic, dreamy and creative approach. Much can be said of the poeticism in his lyrics, which is brilliant at times but at others just sounds like he’s saying assorted words that sound good together. Ultimately if you can get over (or enjoy!?) his distinctively corny delivery then you’re on to a winner because the rest is a scarcely trodden, rich playground of diverse and inspired musical adventure. (
By Joe Durantini
By Nat Lyon, Score: 8.5/10
An album like the soundtrack to our daydreams — full of twisted emotions and poppy superficiality.
In french:
±•  “Stephen Steinbrink est un auteur–compositeur et multi–instrumentiste autodidacte natif de l’Arizona : “C’est dire si je m’y connais en désert. De plus, j’ai grandi dans la banlieue excentrée et parfaitement lugubre de Phoenix, une ville peuplée par les fantômes de la récession.” Sa solution ? Prendre la route comme l’un des clochards célestes de Kerouac, sillonner l’Europe et les États–Unis guitare en bandouliere, incarnant le fameux Loner de Neil Young, chantant sa solitude et sa mélancolie en troubadour des temps modernes avec pour seul contrat un chapeau posé au sol. Les éclatantes premieres minutes de Now You See Everything donnent immédiatement la couleur générale d’Arranged Waves — ces magnifiques arpeges renvoyant a The Byrds et une voix de tete douce, caressante et pleine de bienveillance. Appuyé d’un quintette d’amis instrumentistes (dont trois membres de Lake, le guitariste Tom Filardo et la violoncelliste Jen Grady), l’Américain s’est employé a créer un environnement relativement classique — si ce n’est un zeste d’électronique.
±•  Mené par des basses moelleuses et une batterie discrete et souple mais capable de virer jazz a la façon de Steely Dan (Synesthetic Ephemera), l’ensemble est délicatement arrangé de lignes de pedal–steel, de violoncelle et d’harmonies vocales, faisant penser pele–mele a Little Feat, Batteaux voire Stephen Stills (Tangerine) ou Paul McCartney (It Takes A Lot To Change A Mind). En dépit de ces hautes références, le travail que produit Stephen Steinbrink n’a que tres peu de rapport avec le récent revival folk rock “qui traite de sujets qui n’intéressent que les générations passées. Je détesterais que l’on me mette dans le meme sac”. En effet, ce troubadour–la est connecté et les mélodies touchantes et ouvragées qui composent Arranged Waves sont portées par des textes poétiques a fleur de peau et parfaitement ancrés dans leur époque. Si l’on devait absolument se résoudre a comparer son travail avec un autre artiste, disons que la tendresse et la joyeuseté qui se dégagent des compositions les plus organiques de Bibio arrivent en tete.” (source: )
±•  Un album recommandé par l’ensemble de la presse spécialisée!
±•  Stephen Steinbrink (b. May 1st, 1988) is an experimental pop songwriter, multi–instrumentalist, and recording engineer born and raised in Arizona and currently residing in Olympia, Washington. Stephen began his career in the mid–2000’s, creating music with the band French Quarter.
±•  As a prolific and consistent songwriter committed to his art form, Stephen has recorded 6 full length albums, and a scattering of short run EPs and singles on a variety of formats. His newest collection of songs, Arranged Waves, will be released on July 14th, 2014 by the Manchester–based label Melodic Records.
±•  Frequently on tour, Stephen has performed in North America and Europe.
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•   2014 Arranged Waves
•   LP/CD released by Melodic Records, 2014
•   Japanese CD + bonus tack version by P–Vine Records, 2014
•   Cassette released by Holy Page, 2013
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•   LP released by Holy Page, 2013
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•   2011 Condensed Nothing Tape, Holy Page Records (OUT OF PRINT)
•   2011 Desert Wasn’t Welcome LP, Off Tempo Records (OUT OF PRINT)
•   2011 Yellow Canary Jumpsuit Tape
•   Cassette re–release, Lost Sound Tapes, 2011
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•   2011 Rennet EP CD, Gilgongo Records, Gilgongo Records (OUT OF PRINT)
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•   2010 Yellow Canary Jumpsuit Tape, Le Horror Tapes (OUT OF PRINT)
•   2010 Beggar EP 8”, Folktale Records (OUT OF PRINT)
•   2010 It’s Not Just Kissing LP, Gilgongo Records/Life’s Blood
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•   2009 Ugly Unknowns CD, Gilgongo Records
•   2008 Wedding CD, Self–released (OUT OF PRINT)
•   2007 French Quarter LP, Gilgongo Records (OUT OF PRINT)


Stephen Steinbrink
Arranged Waves