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Steve Gadd Band — Gadditude (2013)

 Steve Gadd Band — Gadditude (2013)

Steve Gadd Band — Gadditude
Ξ   Steve Gadd is one of the most sought-after studio musicians, in the world. Regarded as the most influential drummer in contemporary music, Gadd can play anything, easily bridging different musical styles. His feel, technique, and musicality on such tunes as Paul Simon's "Fifty Ways", Steely Dan's "Aja", and Chick Corea's "Nite Sprite" were so awe-inspiring and his concepts so innovative that they instantly assured his special position in the history of the percussive arts.
Ξ   Gadd attended the Manhattan School of Music for two years, then finished at Eastman School of Music. Before that, he studied privately with Bill and Stanley Street and John Beck. He established himself with Chuck Mangione, then spent three years in the Army prior to coming to New York and doing studio work in 1971.
Location: Rochester, New York ~ Phoenix, Arizona
Album release: September 3, 2013
Record Label: BFM Jazz
Duration:     56:42
01. Africa     8:07
02. Ask Me     7:45
03. Country     5:57
04. Cavaliero     6:39
05. Green Foam     6:11
06. The Mountain     6:10
07. Who Knows Blues     5:54
08. The Windup     5:38
09. Scatterbrain     4:21
2013 BFM Jazz
◊  Steve Gadd: drums
◊  Walt Fowler: trumpet, flugelhorn
◊  Larry Goldings: keyboards
◊  Jimmy Johnson: bass
◊  Michael Landau: guitar(s)
◊  Arnold McCuller: vocals (3, 9)
◊  David Lasley: vocals (3, 9)
*Artwork by Maria Friske
◊  SD-255SG
◊  Steve Gadd Sig. Series
◊  BTT-1010J 10"x7.5" Tom
◊  BTT-1012J 12"x8" Tom
◊  BTT-1014 14"x12" Floor tom
◊  BTT-1016 16"x14" Floor tom
◊  MBD-1322J 22"x14" MAPLE Bass Drum
◊  CS-745 Cymbal stand (4x)
◊  DFP-9310 Double Foot Pedal
◊  DS-840 Drum Stool
◊  HS-1000 Hi-hat Stand
◊  SS-840 Snare Drum Stand
◊  TH-945 Double Tom Holder
◊  WS-904 Double Tom Stand
Ξ   "The happiest result of my moderate success is and has been the company of these, my musical brothers. To have them play my music is a great joy and an honor, no lie, and I thank my lucky stars. 'Gadditude' is consensus co-arrangement, as only true masters of the art can achieve it." James Taylor June 13, 2013
By DAN BILAWSKY, Published: August 28, 2013
Ξ   Drummer Steve Gadd, the man responsible for some of the most memorable grooves and explosive drum solos on record, is often looked at as a perpetual sideman and session giant. Over the past four decades he's laid down the rhythmic law for everybody from Steely Dan to James Taylor and Chick Corea to Paul Simon, but he's been making more time for himself of late; in a three year span, he's managed to deliver four albums that highlight his versatility and supreme musicality: The hard grooving Live At Voce (BFM Jazz, 2010), billed to "Steve Gadd And Friends," a pair of albums from The Gaddabouts, a roots-y outfit which puts Gadd behind vocalist Edie Brickell and some studio heavyweights, and this earthy instrumental session.
Ξ   Gadditude finds the man of the hour fronting/backing a band that's been backing Taylor for years. Together, without Taylor, they deliver a program that's alternately about fun, feel and depth. Gadd's partners on this journey — bassist Jimmy Johnson, trumpeter Walt Fowler , guitarist Michael Landau and keyboardist Larry Goldings — are all supremely gifted players with shared musical values, making them ideally suited for this project. They all know how to simply throw it down and have a good time ("The Windup"), but they're also capable of extreme sensitivity when the music calls for different-and-precise aural coloring ("Scatterbrain").
Ξ   Gadditude moves from spacy to grounded and airy to dense as the members of the Steve Gadd Band demonstrates why they're the first call guys for so many other musicians. As the album takes flight, the light textured fusion of Landau's "Africa" leads to the mellow and intriguing "Ask Me Now." Things become more reflective when Gadd and company explore Keith Jarrett's "Country," recast in three here, but that mood doesn't linger; Goldings' "Cavaliero," which comes next, has a bit more bite, thanks in large part to Landau's guitar work. As the album continues, Gadd and his companions tackle the blues ("Green Foam"), add a dash of old school American soul to pianist Abdullah Ibrahim's music ("The Mountain"), and have a party on their return visit to Jarrett territory ("The Windup").
Ξ   Gadd doesn't deliver any chops-heavy solos or eye-popping fills here, but he does what he does best: create grooves and rhythmic foundations that support the music and accentuate the core concepts of each song.
Fortaken: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/
Website: http://www.drstevegadd.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/drstevegadd
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrSteveGadd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drstevegadd
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/drstevegadd
Yamaha: http://www.yamaha.com/artists/stevegadd.html
Zildjian: http://zildjian.com/Artists/G/Steve-Gadd
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gadditude-feat.-walt-fowler/id687499014
Label: http://www.bfmjazz.com/index.php/artists/steve-gadd-band/gadditude/
Customer Ratings: ****½

Steve Gadd Band — Gadditude (2013)



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