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Sticky Fingers — Westway (The Glitter And The Slums) (30 September 2016)

Sticky Fingers — Westway (The Glitter And The Slums) (30 September 2016)

 Sticky Fingers — Westway (The Glitter And The Slums)Sticky Fingers — Westway (The Glitter And The Slums) (30 September 2016)ψ   After a gruelling period of non~stop touring, the Sydney five~piece holed up in a beachside villa in Thailand to record album #3. Working with producer Dann Hume, the band approached the record with stronger musicianship, bigger and better solos, an arsenal of synths and high falsettos. Touching on rehab, breakups and loneliness, it covers darker territory than their previous albums — but is still steeped in their signature dub infused sound.
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Album release: 30 September 2016
Record Label: Sureshaker
Genre: Indie Rock, Reggae
Style: Psychedelic Rock
Duration:     39:43
01. One by One     3:54
02. Outcast At Last     2:32
03. Sad Songs     3:24
04. Angel     3:57
05. Our Town     3:15
06. Westway     3:26
07. Something Strange (feat. REMI)     3:40
08. Flight 101     3:49
09. Tongue & Cheek     3:29
10. Amillionite     3:26
11. No Divide     4:52
℗ 2016 Sureshaker. Distributed by ADA, a division of Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd
•••  Dylan Diz Frost — Vocals & Guitar
•••  Paddy Fingers Cornwall — Bass & Vocals
•••  Seamus (Hollywood) Coyle — Lead Guitar
•••  Freddy Crabs — Keys
•••  Beaker Best — Drums/Percussion
Written by:
ψ   Patrick Cornwall / Seamus Coyle / Dylan Frost / Eric Da Silva Gruener / Daniel Neurath     1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 11
ψ   Paddy Cornwall / Seamus Coyle / Dylan Frost / Eric Da Silva Gruener / Dann Hume / Daniel Neurath     5, 6, 8
ψ   Patrick Cornwall / Seamus Coyle / Dylan Frost / Eric Da Silva Gruener / Taras Hruby J~Piper / Remi Kolawole / Daniel Neurath     7, 10
by Jaymz Clements | September 30th, 2016 2:07:PM EST / SCORE: ***½
ψ   Sticky Fingers’ 2014 album, Land of Pleasure, was an entrancing meld of psyche, reggae and indie weirdness, managing the usually immensely difficult aspect of incorporating dub and reggae into indie rock with an air of heady irreverence. (Though, considering their offstage behaviour, perhaps it was simply blissful ignorance.) Westway is a more focused entry into their application to be Australia’s premier procurers of summer jams, as they pull back on the experimentation and pare down the production.
ψ   There’s plenty to like: the echo–chamber chanting of “Sad Songs” mixes a woozily melodic hook and a deft psyche swell to hit a euphoric endpoint, easing into the gentle, piano–led “Angel”. There are moments that lack impact — “No Divide” takes a worrying Chili Pepper turn, while “One By One” and “Amillionite” are loose and toothless — but in moments like the tightly unhinged “Outcast at Last” and “Tongue & Cheek” their scattershot spark returns.
ψ   Interestingly, in “Angel”, the rolling “Our Town”, the sparkling dub of the title–track and the meandering “Something Strange”, Westway finds its feet. Each is more chill than a penguin in an esky, and considering that in previous outings Sticky Fingers have been at their best when at their most raucous, it’s an unexpected development. Still, Westway is the comedown after the party; full of introspection, regret and rumination, and a worthy companion to Land of Pleasure.
ψ   http://rollingstoneaus.com/reviews/post/sticky–fingers–westway/4890
James Tait, September 30, 2016
ψ   http://howlandechoes.com/2016/09/review-sticky-fingers-westway-the-glitter-and-the-slums/
Website: http://www.stickyfingerstheband.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sti_fi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stickyfingersmusic

Sticky Fingers — Westway (The Glitter And The Slums) (30 September 2016)


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